Godly Creations
1 : Dean Zabuza
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Godly Creations
Author :InfernoCo
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1 : Dean Zabuza

"State your name, age, race and where you are going?" The flight planner asked. "My name is Dean Zabuza. I'm 20 years old and I am human. I'm heading to San Francisco." Dean said plainly "How long are you gonna be there?" The flight planner asked again "I'll be there for about 3 weeks." Dean said in the same plain voice "Your on the first flight tomorrow, have a nice day."

-Next Day-

As Dean boarded the plane he thought to himself "It's a wonderful world we live in today. I can't believe before this all humans were like me. No powers, only life. Now a human having powers like telekinesis or being able to control a certain element is the norm." As he got comfortable in his seat, the flight attendant announced to buckle in. Dean then laid back in his seat beginning to drift off into dream.

-Dean's Dream-

Dean's body jerked awake. As he groggily wiped his eyes, he then saw before him a burnt down church. As he walked in he heard a young woman's voice. As he turned back around an elderly lady bearing long claws and fangs jumped at him.

-On the plane-
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Dean jerked awake again but this time he was on the plane he boarded. It had landed and the flight attendant was trying to wake him up. "Um, sir this flight has ended may you kindly please leave or I will have to remove you." She said in a kind but threatening voice. "Alright I'm leaving." Dean said as he made his way to the bridge to leave the plane. He muttered "Angel scum" under his breath as he left to claim his baggage.

-Off the plane-

"What do you mean you 'lost' my baggage!" Dean yelled at the demoness behind the baggage counter. "It says here you dropped it off in the Canadian Airlines, when we got the set of baggage yours was not there. I'm sorry sir, but there is nothing I can do to help you." The demoness tiredly said. Dean then stormed out of the airport and hailed for a taxi. "What is your name, driver?" Dean said, still a bit angry. "The name's Riley Angel." The driver said confidently.


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