GOT: Breaking the throne
3 First test and the Maester trade
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GOT: Breaking the throne
Author :Below_Average
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3 First test and the Maester trade

Empyrion, Em for short, had just finished his morning physical training and daily weapons practice session which was the first part of his daily schedule for the past three years and today was his fourth birthday today he would be receiving his system in a few hours.

as he continued along down the corridor he currently was walking through on his way to his study where one of his personal tutors was likely waiting for his arrival.

he continued to fantasize about what he could do with his system, while he had made a few plans depending on what kind of system it was and how it worked.

He was interrupted from his thoughts when he came to the door where his studies where held as he opened it his eyes landed on someone he rarely but enjoyed seeing.

His 'father' Tywin Lannister, it seems has replaced his old retired Maester tutor for the day.

As Em entered the room he broke his attention from Tywin and scanned the familiar room for changes, he knew this room as his study and was one of HIS three main abodes in Casterly rock.

As his gaze steadily traversed the room he noticed some differences from the last time he had studied ,which was yesterday, Instead of a simple table accompanied by two padded chairs a large embellished desk with golden swirling lions being carved and inlayed by what it seems was pure gold and sitting behind the intricate desk was a large high backed chair with a carving of a lions head that was accented by gold facing the front and it seemed the sigil of a lion, House Lannisters, was draped over the shoulders and back of the chair by silk, frankly it looked like what a king would sit in.

The rest of the room was mostly clear except a few full bookshelves of history and study material to the left and right of the desk with a few spare meters to each side.

Bringing his attention back to Tywin he observed he was behind the large seat resting his hands on the frame observing him speculatively with an ever so slightly raised eyebrow.

Bowing respectfully Empyrion said "Father, what may I thank for this surprise visit?"

Tywin responded haughtily but with a small smile on his face, seeing the way Em carried himself and only at the age of three "I can visit my son when ever I wish to, and do not bow you are a lord of the highest standing, you shall only bow to the king."

straightening his childish frame of a whopping four and three quarters feet he smiled and said "You did not answer the question, and I was bowing to a king, the king of gold." as he finished his statement his smile grew in a child like fashion which would have suited any one else his age but just looked out of place on his own

A frown now on his face Tywin responded "I am no king, kings die and they die young, Don't think I cant see the ambition in your eyes you should destroy that while you are still young and have a chance to make mistakes"

Continuing he said "I am here to give you your first test, you shall be given three million gold dragons and I shall observe what you do with them"

In a great swoosh all the air had left Empryions lungs leaving only his mouth agape trying to comprehend what he just heard.

after a few moments he had regained his composure and looked at his father who held a knowing smirk as evidence he had seen the small seizure of surprise that his son had.

"what is this test for" Empyrion asked curiously although he already had a good idea.

"You shall be my heir to the head of house Lannister and the fief Casterly rock, of course that is if you pass the tests I have set forth" Frankly Tywin did not need to give his step son these tests he had eyes and ears all throughout the Casterly Rock and he knew Em was a child genius, He was already more cunning and intelligent then Tyrion, More ruthless then Cercei, and more naturally skilled in battle than Jamie is of , and frankly he might even grow to be stronger than Gregor Clegane the strongest man he knew of, as long as he didn't inherit the others weaknesses he would be worthy of house Lannister and all of Westeros would be his in time.

"well if you insist, I can do what ever I want to with the gold?"

"Yes this gold is yours to spend and use as you will, just write down what you've done with you're money and how much you've used on a sheet I will come personally to collect it every week or so, Don't think of hiding anything from me not even if you whore with it I will be able to tell if you do not write down what you have paid and you will automatically fail my test and therefore your inheritance"

smiling convivially Em said "I shall see to it gladly, but when shall the other tests start?"

"When I determine you have passed your current test" said Tywin with slight irritation at his sons impatience.

"Father, will I still have my studies?"

"They are no longer mandatory, but you may continue them if you wish"

Tywin promptly exited the room and presumably headed towards his own personal study to take care of the families personal finances.

Em sat down in his new throne like chair with a sigh, why did that old geaser have to make a simple conversation have so many undertones, this is why he hated politics.

"well, I guess it's time to get to work"

he began making notes for his expenditures



A few hours later Empyrion called in one of his many manservant bodyguards.

"Mi' lord" the man servant said in heavily accented common tongue this man was from the sunset isles and was trained in quite a few weapon styles but had a talent for the spear.

Em believed his name was something along the lines of Gyralt

"Gyralt, would you kindly go and fetch Quintus" Em said wanting to speak to his former tutor.

Gyralt nodded respectfully in response and hurriedly walked through the door, all of Empyrions guards not only respected him for being the son of the richest known man in westeros but for being more intelligent than them and they had begun to notice he was catching up to them in height and skill, this concerned them because they had formal teachers that took them years to achieve their level of mastery while he took one to two hours of his day to beat on a practice dummy, of course they gave him tips and he was still years away from their level his growth if he continues like he is but it was still frightening.

A few minutes went by and the door opened to reveal Gyralt and after after Gyralt had entered a stooped old man that was just barely hanging on to the last strands of hairs on his head, in the mans age his eyes had gone milky white and where surrounded by many numerous wrinkles but still held the wisdom of ages, yet it did not seem that in his age he had become senile but more quick witted with the strange glint one could perceive if they observed him for enough.

"Quintus, how long until you get your contacts in the citadel to smuggle out the steel?"

"It depends my lord, how much of the steel do you want"

"All of it"

"... well then I don't know my lord it could take a few days or a few years"

"I don't have a few years I need it before the weeks end"

"I cannot promise success but I shall try my lord"

"I hope you do, I don't recommend failing it would not be good for the health of your pockets nor body. Now go return to me when you have contacted your people in the citadel and inform me of where and when I shall meet them."

After a few moments the former maester left.

Turning his attention to Gyralt Empyrion said "Take this..." and handed him a sheet of paper with his signature and a few paragraphs "go to the treasury hand this to one of the guards and gather a hundred and fifty gold dragons and hire a small mercenary company to escort the old man, he is a valuable asset that I don't wish to lose just yet. you are dismissed"

after writing down his new transaction he walked out of the room and headed for his training room the system had finally introduced itself it seems he will be conquering the world sooner than he had expected


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