From anxiety to heavenly arts
3 3 - The battle
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From anxiety to heavenly arts
Author :ZenAuthor
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3 3 - The battle

Eric is running towards the old man with the sword. It seems heavy but Eric manages to swing it with both his hands towards the old man. He expects for the old man to dodge a direct attack but instead of dodging the sword, old man doesn't move from his spot and the sword hits his forehead, making the old man fall to the ground, rolling down there in pain.

" Is this some kind of joke?" Eric asks while looking very annoyed.

" What joke boy, I said I was going to let you land a first attack and that hurt, ow!" Old man whines as he continues rolling on the ground with both of his hands covering the bump that was made on the forehead.

Eric clearly doesn't believe the old man was this weak so he asks again: " Old geezer... you!? ... Are you sure you are being serious? I thought you would block it with 1 finger or with the stick or something else, what the hell were you thinking? I could've cut your head off!"

" Not with that level of attack boy... Don't be naive, even though i haven't blocked it, I still hardened my skin a little with a special technique. Although I forgot to neutralize the pain..." Old man says as he's getting back up. " Alright lets have a little fun boy, don't disappoint me now hah!"

Eric pouts and starts swinging at the old man again. " You asked for it old geezer!" Eric is swinging with all his might but something seems different, even though his attacks are directed towards the old man, they seem to be going trough him rather than hitting him. " The old man isn't even taking a stance but just standing there with his arms down, how??" Eric thinks.

" Whats the matter boy? Can't hit me?" The old man makes fun of Eric.

" How are you doing that old geezer?" Eric starts getting tired after swinging so much. Eric then thinks of an idea. " Hm, how can I get past this trick, i guess I'll try this!" Eric hurls a table at the old man, creating a blind spot for his next move.

" This kid is smart, he managed to make a diversion with a table and now he will try to hit me! Hah, good luck trying kid!" The old man thinks to himself and finally takes a defensive stance.

Eric thought of something entirely else of what was the old man expecting. Eric hurled a chair after the table so the chair would probably land a hit if the table fails, and even if that fails he is prepared to swing the sword towards the place the old man dodged to.

The old man cuts the table in two with the stick, revealing a chair flying towards him. The old man jumps and manages to avoid it but he meets up with Eric's next attack.

As Eric was about to hit him, in this slight moment he heard the old man say: " Very well. I shall give you my name. I am Daizo, one of the great heavenly arts masters, and you boy earned my respect for the way you thought of this attack, but unfortunately this is the end of the road for you... KAIHOU!!!"

Eric gets knocked back by the old mans huge release of aura. He crashes into the window, making the glass break and he starts falling down. In the midst of falling, Eric is sinking deeply into his subconsciousness, thinking...

" Am I going to die now, is this really the end... Please someone, something, please anyone, help..."

Suddenly Eric hears a deep echoing voice in his head. " Child, you have shown me your resolve but you lost the battle and now you are about to lose your life... Foolishness has brought you to this situation, so accept it..."

" Who are you..." Eric asks in confusion but then realizes what this voice told him, so he manages to use every last ounce of energy to shout: " There is not way I will accept this, no way! I don't want to die, I want to live, I want power, I want to get stronger!!!"

The voice then answers to him: " You don't recognize my voice? I am your sword. I have been speaking to you ever since you took me in your hands, and you only managed to hear me now? Very well, since you managed to hear me at least, and shown me your resolve, I will save your life... But don't expect me to hand you any of my power. Not until you are strong enough and ready for it..."

A girl with beautiful long white hair appears from the blade and catches Eric. Eric barely manages to say "thank you" and then passes out.

The girl puts Eric down and disappears as the sword remains in Eric's hand.

" Even after taking such a blow from my kaihou, this boy never let go of his sword. And then he managed to invoke the swords spirit after only a few minutes of battle. He shows huge potential." Daizo thinks to himself, watching Eric from the broken window.

To be continued...


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