From anxiety to heavenly arts
2 2 - The choice
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From anxiety to heavenly arts
Author :ZenAuthor
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2 2 - The choice

Eric was a brave kid once. He lived in Thaom city together with his parents until the tragic accident 4 years ago where both of his parents died. That left Eric in despair, blaming himself for the accident. They were late for the plane because Eric was not ready in time.

Eric lives with his uncle now who's almost never home because of work so Eric spends his free days just reading and playing games. But today was a very different kind of day, because Eric didn't yet know what fate had planned for him.

The old guy in the window smiles at Eric and repeats himself. " This is white heavenly piercer. And it has chosen you as his master boy ".

Eric nods his head in confusion and falls to his knees from the sheer terror of aura emanating from this old man. " What is this fear i feel emanating from him. This old geezer is dangerous "!

" Wh... Who are you, what is this, s...some kind of t...trick "??? Aaron barely manages to ask but the old man pays no attention to him but starts chanting a mantra.

" This is the school g...grounds!! You are n...not permitted to be "! Says Mark but immediately shuts up and freezes.

Eric finds this weird so he starts looking around and notices that no one is moving an inch.

" I have made us a restriction dimension, here time doesn't apply. Now boy, let me tell you why I'm here. You see, this sword ran away from our temple on its own searching for its master. I guess it found him, but I wonder if that's really the case. You are anxious, you lack courage, determination and resolve that is necessary for you to wield it and yet somehow it chose you. I don't believe this, a chicken getting chosen by one of the five great heavenly piercers... I think there's been a mistake so I must ask you now to have a duel with me to confirm if you are really worthy of wielding it". The old man vanishes and appears behind Eric. Eric couldn't believe the speed that this old man has, he couldn't move an inch as the old man taps him on the shoulder and says: " Relax boy and listen to me. I probably won't kill you, we will just duel. So grab the handle of the sword and let us get started ".

Eric looks at the the swords blade. It was giving off a reflection of his own face and he notices that the sword is showing him a very strong and scary person that looks exactly like him but then again he's is nothing like him. This reflection made him gain a little courage for the first time in his life and he stands back up, takes the blade and says to the old man. " Okay, i have nothing to lose anymore, i don't know anything about this whole situation or whatever, but no matter how much I'm scared, right now I feel like I don't want to lose "!

" That's the spirit boy, now we're getting somewhere "!!! The old man smirks and reveals his sword under his yellow robes. The sword had a light blue color, as deep as the sky, it was pulling Eric in, as he admired the beauty of it. " This is the blue heavenly piercer, i named it Sora, after the sky. Are you ready boy? But do not worry, as a sign of gratitude towards rookies, i will only use this stick i found from a tree beside the window ".

Eric nods his head and takes the stance, but he clearly sees that the old man has no openings.

Eric starts sweating too much, then the old man speaks again: " Why are you so nervous boy? Are you maybe afraid to attack? Okay, okay, I will allow you to attack first. Are you satisfied? Now come at me, i am too tired of waiting! Hurry before i change my mind you coward "!

" I am not a coward "!!! Eric shouts, then starts running towards the old man and swings the sword with all his might.

To be continued...


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