Female Star Student Is Awesome
59 The Wolf in Rabbit“s Clothing!
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Female Star Student Is Awesome
Author :Drunken Azure Lake
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59 The Wolf in Rabbit“s Clothing!

Bo Siqing smiled at Yun Hua before she could say anything.

"Auntie, I'm a finance student at Jiangsu University. This is my student pass. I scored full marks for math, English, and all three sciences for my university entrance exams. Hua Hua's math is a little weak, so I have to tutor her."

"Please have a look at my result slip. I'm working as a tutor outside of class time. I'll tutor Hua Hua for an hour a day for 20 yuan. I'll put in my best effort when tutoring Hua Hua!"

"I will not take a single cent if Hua Hua's exam score slips next time. Is that okay?"

Bo Siqing was wearing a clean white shirt and black pants. With his beaming smile completing the look, he gave off really positive vibes!

His hair was a little curled, which only softened his aura.

On top of that, his results slip and student pass…

Everything instantly increased his credibility in Jiang Huanqing's eyes!

She let down her guard almost immediately. "Hua Hua didn't even tell me. I was just saying that she should get a tutor because her grades have slipped. I didn't expect her to find one herself. At least she's putting in the effort. Hurry on in!" Jiang Huanqing opened the door with a smile.

"Thank you, Auntie."

"Hua Hua's math is definitely on the weaker side. She also has to learn physics in eighth grade. I'm quite afraid she won't be able to keep up. Boys are just better at math and science, how nice!" Jiang Huanqing lamented.

"Hua Hua is really smart too. It's just that she's not learning it the right way. She'll be able to adjust soon, don't worry!" said Bo Siqing meekly.

Yun Hua was stunned as she watched her mother bring a certain ungrateful big bad wolf into the house.

What was going on?

Bo Siqing managed to get into the house with a few words…?

Yun Hua gritted her teeth. This man is too good at pretenses!

Nobody would regard him as a threat after seeing his good looks, clean aura, and bright smile!

Yun Hua really wanted to grab and shake her mother. Mom, this is a wolf, not a rabbit! Is it really okay to bring him into our home casually?

That aside, Yun Hua was confused as to what the man was up to.

Pretending to be her home tutor?

Also, was his student pass real?

Perhaps this was his actual identity on the surface? A regular university student?

"Come, have some fruits. Hua Hua, hurry up and bring your reference books. Ask brother any questions that you're not sure of." Jiang Huanqing glared at Yun Hua.

Yun Hua felt the corners of her mouth twitch and went to the study room to pick up the books.

D*mn it. I don't want his help; I know all the questions. Tutor me my foot!

When Yun Hua returned, Jiang Huanqing was already chatting happily with Bo Siqing.

"Xiao Si, don't reject it. Your studies are important, so you should not be working this much. Besides, you deserve it. With your results, your tutoring services will definitely be worth more than 20 yuan an hour, no matter where you go. Have dinner here tonight. Auntie will go get some groceries after I tidy up. From now on, you're staying for dinner every time you come over to tutor Hua Hua!"

Jiang Huanqing made the snap decision.

Yun Hua widened her eyes speechlessly.

She could not help but glare at Bo Siqing. This person… What kind of nonsense did he fill her mother's head with?

Judging from her mother's behavior, she was clearly treating Bo Siqing like a poor, struggling student!

He was too good at pretending.

"Okay, Hua Hua, don't waste time. Sit next to me; we can go over the questions in the living room." Bo Siqing had a really sincere smile.

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    《Female Star Student Is Awesome》