Female Star Student Is Awesome
58 Auntie Xiao, You“re Really Desperate!
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Female Star Student Is Awesome
Author :Drunken Azure Lake
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58 Auntie Xiao, You“re Really Desperate!

Yun Hua was a little hesitant at this point.

Should she reveal that she's underaged?

As a minor, they would ask for her family registry when signing the contract, which would result in them knowing her age…

Thirteen was way too young.

She signed the contract that way in her previous life because she was afraid that her username would be taken over. However, since her mother and Yun Congjun were getting divorced, she did not have to worry about that any longer…

Yun Hua thought about it and decided to use her mother's identity to sign the contract.

Otherwise, a thirteen-year-old with such a mature writing style and theme would seem a little suspicious.

After talking to Tang Tang, she promised to print and send out the contract tomorrow and shut down the computer. Otherwise her mother might be worried, even if she didn't verbalize it.


The Ministry of Civil Affairs started work at eight a.m.

But before that, they had to do other things. They had to change the house's owner and put the stipulated 500,000 yuan into the contract!

They dealt with the legal contracts first. Yun Congjun probably wanted to get everything over and done with quickly, so he pulled some strings to prioritize his case.

After that, they went to the real estate board and changed the house owner to Jiang Huanqing.

Yun Congjun had probably pulled a lot of strings. Everything was prepared, and the processes were a breeze.

It was like they were rushing for a flight. Even so, it was already eleven a.m. when they arrived at the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The workers were about to knock off!

Since both sides had come to an agreement, the divorce went through smoothly.

The entire process only lasted slightly more than ten minutes before the green divorce papers were in their hands.

"The two of you are on your own now!" It was as if Yun Congjun had gotten rid of a heavy burden.

Yun Hua curled her lips. "Dad, I hope that your company prospers and that you and Auntie Xiao last long!"

Yun Congjun looked at Yun Hua warily. "Hua Hua, if you want to stick with me…"

"No thanks, I'm better off with mom." Yun Hua smiled. "You, Auntie Xiao, and Xiao Ruyue are the true family of three. I'll stay out of your way."

Yun Congjun pursed his lips. "Yue Yue is your sister after all…"

Yun Hua shrugged and left while hugging her mother's arm.

Yun Congjun stood in his original spot without moving.

Yun Hua narrowed her eyes. Just as she expected, a taxi stopped just as she walked out the door with her mother. Xiao Qiuci and Yun Ruyue alighted from it, dressed to the nines.

The two of them froze a little when they saw Yun Hua and her mother.

Yun Hua scoffed. "Auntie Xiao, you're really desperate. My dad just got divorced, yet you're hurrying over to get married… Tsk tsk, congratulations. I wish you a happy marriage with my dad."

With that, Yun Hua left with her mother without waiting for Xiao Qiuci's reaction.

Her mother did not say anything on the way.

"Mom, congratulations on breaking free from scum. We should celebrate. Mom, I want to eat hotpot! The really expensive one!"

Jiang Huanqing nodded helplessly. "Okay."

After a nice meal, the mother-daughter duo was in a much better mood.

It was difficult for them not to be in a good mood when they held onto the property deed and the card with 500,000 yuan inside it! However, when the two of them reached home, they saw someone standing at the door.

The other party turned around with a beaming smile when he heard the footsteps.

"Auntie, you and Hua Hua have finally returned. Hua Hua, we agreed that I would come over to tutor you. It's not good that you're not punctual! You can't get lazy with your education!"

Yun Hua was stunned.

What was Bo Siqing doing here!

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    《Female Star Student Is Awesome》