9 Friedrich“s Grievance
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Author :SodomaFlames
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9 Friedrich“s Grievance

Friedrich was daydreaming in front of a cross at the church, reminiscing about his past life on the Edelfelt family.

[ It was a sunny day ten years ago, Friedrich was feeling happy, he had finally found his place, throughout his youth he had always been segregated, the Edelfelt family had a trait that was called 'Ore Scales' this made every generation heir being twin girls, they both shared talent and ruled the family together, however Friedrich was born a male, at first no one treated him badly, however as time passed, it became evident the talent of both twins were concentrated on his sister, she became the golden girl, while he became the black sheep of the family, during his youth, he sought trouble at every oportunity, mainly with his sister, driving a wedge between them. One day the matriarchs were travelling to the Clock Towerfor a meeting with the lords, on this day Friedrich preached about the rules of the church, he had been taught by the priests some time ago, he wished to share the way he found, even force the family to believe, although his gandr was nowhere close to his twin Luvia, he managed to merge the magic with the combat from the church, making him strong enough to force the others, as he preached on and on he started to realize that his relatives were staring at him with fear, the guards had already tried to stop him, and he simply killed those blocking the way to God, then why was everyone so scared? Luvia was called to solve the "problem", even with the wedge amid the twins Luvia still cared about his brother, but now, he had killed his own kin, hurt the family, it was unforgivable, let alone that he was not regretful, she realized she couldn't recognize that brother of hers. ]

Friedrich regreted, he was so naive, he believed his family would understand him, but they were all brainwashed, being controled by the leaders, he bore no grudge for the bullying he suffered, they were being controled, but not her sister, she was the one controling them, back at the time, the twins fought he utilized his newly gained power, the innovative magic, against the tradition of the family the strongest gandr in the world, in the end, he lost, both were hurt and he managed to escape, retreating to the church he reflected on his mistakes, he should have gathered enough power, killed the leaders and freed his family, bringing them to the light.

He was ordered to bring the chalice to the church, however he had other plans, he would use the grail to gain power, enough strengh to triumph over his sister, enough power to kill the matriarchs, however, the plann changed, through his bloodline he could feel her sister in the town, he could feel that she was close, there was no need to wait until he obtained the chalice, he could simply order his servant to kill her sister, it doesn't matter how powerful she became, she couldn't possibly be stronger than a Heroic Spirit.

While the Berserker was running amok, he used the opportunity to track her down, he went through the forest together with caster, hoping to scout her, he made no sounds, while caster was one with the woods, but he couldn't predict that the lancer was also a nature-based Spirit, suddenly Lancer appeared from the ground behind them both, it stood there calmly, looking at the trespassers.

(Caster) "I see, you are the forest itself, it is all part of you, Master retreat, only outside the woods can you be safe, I will tie him down for a bit."

(Lancer) "I can sense some kind of familiar energy from you. By the size of your mana, I suppose you are the Caster, It seems you are also not human, I hope you can bring me some enjoyment"

As he finished talking Lancer pressed both of his hands on the ground, imediately a dozen swords appeared from the ground, from each sword there was a chain tied, as the swords launched towards Caster, he unsheathed his sword Glamdring and brandished his staff, the swords were deflected by some telekinetic ability and Caster drew closer to the Lancer his sword suddenly ignited in flames, he skashed the flaming sword toward the chest of Lancer, who stood there unfazed, the sword cut Lancer in half, the upper half fell to the earth and became clay as the lower half grew again forming the smiling figure of the servant, Caster could see that it was drawing mana from nature.

(Lancer) "Hahaaha! You have strong flames, Let's go one gear higher."

Once again swords appeared from the ground, however, this time there were dozens of blades, each and everyone tied to a golden chain, the swords flew at and past Caster as its goal was to both pierce and snare the sorcerer, Caster's eyes suddenly glew blue and he simply dodged the swords nimbly, an odd sight coupled with his old body, as he dodged the sabers he danced closer and closer to Lancer who was still laughing in joy, getting in strike range Caster once again cut its body, however this time while the flaming Glamdring slashed the clay doll he swung his staff launching a 3 feet diameter fireball aimed at the servant's feet, the sword once again split its body, and the fireball scorched the earth, creating a small crater and blowing its connection to the earth.

(Lancer) "Let's see how many weapons can you endure."

The voice resounded through the woods, however this time the voice came from everywhere, the blades one more time emerged from the soil, this time hundreds, some with chains, some without, swords, lances, glaives, axes, hammers, cutlasses, scimitars, all kinds of weapons of various forms, the blades shot at the mage, but this time it wasn't one volley, the y kept comming and comming, continuously, the white bearded sorcerer kept dodging and dodging, however as soon as he blinked one dagger suddenly changed directions, when he opened his eyes he quickly perceived the change, however, there was no time to dodge, rotating his body the blade only grazed his arm and blood gushed out of the wound.

(Lancer) "So you do bleed after all"

(Caster) "Well then, see you later clay spearman, I've done my job."

(Lancer) "Hhahaha! Got carried by the flow again, next time I'll go all out!"

Caster whistled and a huge eagle flew by to give him a ride, while Saber got absorbed by the soil, and so ended the second skirmish of the Holy Grail War.

(Caster) "Master, I don't know your reasons to go to that wood, but I can sense your connection with one of the mages of that forest, I will give you an advice, we should wait, they are definitely the strongest party out there."

(Friedrich) "Even so we shouldn't retreat, I saw you fighting against that servant, you could win, its impossible that she can revive forever."

(Caster) "You don't understand, neither of us showed our true powers, however, we were outnumbered, they have at least two masters, two servants, and other three mages, talking solely of mana any one of those mages could beat you, I couldn't spot their second servant and I can sense all the servants in this town, which means the Assassin is the other servant, we would never be able to kill Lancer before the Assassin attacked, Lancer can draw mana from the whole forest, sorry not only the forest, but all nature nearby, plus those weapons she it used are not cheap things, each one could be called a Noble Phantasm on its own, for exemple , the dagger that cut me was coated by a powerful poison, normal beings would be long dead. You are still a kid, from now on I will call the shots"

Friedrich was stupefied by the plethora of information, and as he processed what caster told him he couldn't help but agree, he let the emotions take the best of him, just like ten years ago.


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