Douluo Dalu : White God
52 The White Descend 1
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Douluo Dalu : White God
Author :Eat_pride
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52 The White Descend 1

On another side of the battlefield, the enraged Bune was fuming, vein protruded on his head. He shouted loudly, and his voice was boomed through the city.


Like a disaster that swept through the land, each of his punch ruptured the buildings around him. His scaly hands were like hammers of destruction that smashed the area. Meanwhile, Tie Leimang was busy handling the unknown assailant and got no free time to entertain this beast.

It was unknown if it's just his tendencies to destroy everything around him or because of his Archdevil state that his mind becomes clouded by anger, but he kept destroy every single thing that he saw while looking for any sign of Tie Leimang.



-Tie Leimang's POV-


Rushing in fast with a sword made of light on his hand, I slashed quickly while this Assailant continued to create distances between us. Although his weapon of choice was a dagger, this Assailant apparently doesn't have other choices but to keep a safe distance between him and me, it's all thanks to my handsomeness. Well, he was countering from time to time though.

His ultimate weapon, speed, was outclassed by the great me, thus as the time passed he loses more and more advantage. A smirk couldn't help but displayed on my impressive face. But I have to admit, he's very unpredictable.

Though my body was itching to end the fight quickly, I kept in mind that I had to fight cleverly. Deflecting his dagger away, I advanced. The most effective strategy right now definitely a straight forward one, I need to disrupt his rhythm in order to win, and he needed to catch me off-guard in order to achieve his victory. I won't let it through.

The oncoming daggers that slashed the air towards me were, in short, almost take my neck out of the game. The moment I blinked, those daggers almost separating my head and my body.

"D*mn it!" I couldn't help but curse under my breath, what? Do you think that an old man can't curse or swear? Well, F*ck you. And F*ck you, author, for the slow release.
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I can't believe me out of peoples could be caught off guard like this, his daggers slash definitely were not ordinary I told you. Even though I can't comprehend his attacks fully, but I can confidently say it was sneaky and blurry, blurry not because of its speed, but literally blurred. You won't be able to see his hand clearly even though he's standing still and not moving his hand at all.

I put my sword as close as possible to my neck and deflect his attack hastily, I reverse-grip my sword, there was no special meaning in doing so. However, by doing this, it was easier for me to block and to advance.

That being said, I kicked him with my right leg. Then quickly I followed by slashing my sword to him, although he managed to take a step back to avoid severe injuries from my slash, I managed to cut his robe completely and his front slightly. Fortunately, he lost his balance for a split second, but it was enough for me. I quickly rise my sword and stab him in the heart followed by twisting my sword to ensure to wound was fatal enough to kill him. Blood gurgled from his mouth, and his eyes dimmed. Finally...

"Now, how should I handle that thick-skinned reptile?"


*Third POV*

While Tie Leimang was holding on his own against the Emperor's Assailant, Grand Elder Lan was rushing to the battlefield in order to save the Emperor.

"That little devil was too reckless, how can he endanger his majesty's safety?"

Beads of sweats were trickling on his forehead, he was in a panic. Although he was almost sure that Mubai would be the next Emperor, the current Emperor was still his priority, it's even more so that the Emperor was still considered to be in his prime and won't pass his crown in the near future if nothing goes wrong.


'Oh great... really, a devil general is exactly what I need right now when I'm in a rush...' Elder Lan thought sarcastically. Without a shred of hesitation, Elder Lan struck Bune, the Devil General on his back.


A solid hit was landed near Bune's spine, which make Bune took a few steps forward to stabilized himself. Elder Lan was more inclined to a heavy hitter type than a speedster unlike his fellow Grand Elder, Tie Leimang, that favor hit and run tactic.

"Gehahahaha, I actually felt that one, you pack quite a punch, aren't you?" a maniac grin once again could be seen on Bune's face when he turned to face Elder Lan. From the punch he received before, Bune knew that this new foe of his won't be as slippery as that yellow guy. 'Finally, I can enjoy a true fight.' Bune thought

Elder Lan exhaling a heavy air, he wore a solemn expression on his face, and quickly his features changed. His tall body was expanded even more, from the back of his nape grew a black colored crystal fin, and his skin got thicker while turned into crystal-like substance. All in all, his whole features were highly resembling an orca, except for his crystal-like and slightly see-through body.

'This guy is tough, looks like it won't be finished quickly as I hoped it to be...'

"Spirit Skill, [Permafrost point]!"

"Spirit Skill, [Big Bang Impact]!"

Without any command, both Elder Lan and Bune rushed to each other, both of their fists was unmoved upon clash, and instead of retreat, they launched another attack. Soon, barrages of the attack were unleashed, destruction followed on its wake. On one side, there were many cracks on the ground with dark miasma seeping through it. While on the other, the ruins were frozen solid.


*Dai Mubai's POV*

When I stepped out, the first sight that greeted me was corpses, some of them were intact, while the others were not. Sounds of battles and war cry became the background music, while the soldiers and others were the backgrounds character. As for me? I'm the main lead, the hero that saves the day. You know the hero's trait, don't you? A hero always came late and stepped out last then face the enemy, clinch victory barely, and then marry the princess.

Why am I explaining this? Well, I already prepared the stage, the enemy, now I went out last. Next step, struggle for victory, or at least I was seen to be struggling for victory. I need to make my entrances as grand as possible, so... What's grander than the Legendary white sage return?

So, that's what I do, although I recently realized that I devoured that poor evil-eyed sage spirit, at least I inherit its connection to the temple. And my martial spirit, of course, superior to that so-called sage.

I close my eyes and let my spirit energy flow freely within me, I activated my martial spirit fully for the first time ever. I still haven't know my full capability yet, even though, I prepared many plans to cope with this x-factor.

"World, are you ready for me?"

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    《Douluo Dalu : White God》