Desire x Pleasure x System
18 First Experience
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Desire x Pleasure x System
Author :MeianAneko
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18 First Experience

Our ride is smooth for a few days. The horse can pull our carriage smooth thanks to spring and weight reduce even there a few furniture on it. Simple, I'm using magic to reduce the weight. Luckily all of us learned how to handle the horse. So each of us will exchange place and will do our own activity. We also not rushing go towards Ostrana Empire. Make sure horse have enough food and water. Rest them when reach near maximum their limit. I can use magic but for journey I wanted to enjoy it.

Our stat had increase a lot thanks to item House of Time and Space. Totally overpowered but we need to find a monster or any target we can find do test our power. In other words we need to control our power.

{Name : Aoras }

{ Age : 6 years old }

{STR : 100 }

{ VIT : 500 }

{ WIS : 700 }

{ INT : 700 }

{ Passive skill : Orgasm Parameter, Map, Advanced Appraisal, Basic Body Strengthening, Basic Penis Enlargement, Sword Mastery, Katana Mastery, Fast Learner, Custom Absolute Impregnation Tool, Mana Sense, Celestial Penis Lv 5 }

{ Active skill : Hand of Pleasure Lv 7, Sweet Pheromone Lv 7, All attribute, Death attribute, Multiple Thought, Tongue of Aphrodisiac }

{ Sexual point (SP) : 0 }

{ Reserve SP : 3677696 }

{ Shop }

{ Inventory : Dome of Silence, House of Time and Space }

{ Name : Daphia }

{ Age : 28 }

{ STR : 470 }

{ VIT : 470 }

{ WIS : 670 }

{ INT : 670 }

{ Passive skill : Mana Sense, Advance Sexual Intercourse }

{ Active skill : Fire attribute, Water attribute, Sewing, Cooking }

{ Name : Meth }

{ Age : 14 }

{ STR : 430 }

{ VIT : 430 }

{ WIS : 650 }

{ INT : 670 }

{ Passive skill : Mana Sense, Advance Sexual Intercourse }

{ Active skill : Water attribute, Fire attribute, Light attribute, Sewing, Cooking }

{ Name : Ririel }

{ Age : 18 }

{ STR : 429 }

{ VIT : 429 }

{ WIS : 650 }

{ INT : 670 }

{ Passive skill : Mana Sense, Advance Sexual Intercourse }

{ Active skill : Wind attribute, Earth attribute, Sewing, Cooking }

{ Name : Noar }

{ Age : 3 }

{ STR : 70 }

{ VIT : 170 }

{ WIS : 450 }

{ INT : 470 }

{ Passive skill : Mana Sense, Fast Learner }

{ Active skill : Wind attribute, Earth attribute, Water Attribute }

Don't ask me why the Advance Sexual Intercourse is there. You guys know already so I don't need to tell it. This skill obtained by having a lot of activity. The skill make each other feel more pleasure and more importantly is increase the fertility of woman who had this skill. Urgh, I really want to erase that skill. Our training inside of House of Time and Space increase our state a lot. Daphia, Meth and Ririel stat increase as usual while my stat had been limited with age restriction. Only on magic part I'm the strongest in our team. I tried it however make a small crater during our travel. In the end we start practicing how to control our power.

For Noar, I don't expect she can talk which call Daphia as Mama. Her reaction same as usual during my first time. This is my first time saw Fast Learner skill. I can conclude it become her talent where she can talk as normal kid at young age with us. During our training she also tried and accidentally fired towards me make me surprised and hurry defense by using magic too. Daphia happy however she reprimanded Noar for doing without telling us. She crying but Daphia keep continue and she tell "What happened if your big brother late to self defense himself? ".She realise her mistake. After that she promise to prevent that happened. I check her attribute and teach her about magic. I also teach about exercises too.

Dalia, Delia, Metia and Riri had growing up and reach 1 years old this year. There no problem and healthy.

" Big Brother, I'm so boring. " ( Noar )

My thought had been cut off by Noar complaint. I just smile wryly. To prevent us from being bored I make a chess and wooden stacking block. I write a few stories from my previous world but.... Noar finish all the book before I had time to write it more. She the champion in the game I made when I handle the reign.

" Why not just sit beside me and train your magic? " ( Aosar )

She pout but just sit and start train. At least this thing can less her boring level. Afternoon, we stopped and give horse food and water. Daphia start preparing our lunch. Meth help Daphia and Ririel take care of our children. So far we do not meet anyone and right now we in the forest even though there a road which not maintenance. I need to use my magic to repair the road. During our fun talking and other activities we heard a lot of rustle in the forest. Our horse become scary that something is coming. The blood lust make us tense.

" Everyone, get in to carriage right now! " ( Aosar)

Thanks to our training a year ago. Our speed increase and we run faster towards carriage. Daphia handle and try to calm down the horse. Meth go into the carriage. I quickly using earth magic to create a few pitfall around the carriage. What coming out in the forest is wolves. It bog as me and length about 3 meters. This is not normal wolves and I knew this is monster. It a pack attacking us right now. Around 10 wolves and each of us can take down 3 each. The left is who can get it. Meth and Ririel become scary.

" It's okay. Remember our training and start fire our magic. Pick up any weapon we can use when it come to melee ! " ( Aosar )

"""" Yes! """" ( Daphia, Meth & Ririel )

I passed the weapon to them. Daphia doesn't suit with melee so she use bow and dagger if it come to melee. Meth using one handed sword while Ririel use two one handed sword on both hand. It dual wielder and she like it. The leader of pack star howling and other run forward. 3 of them fall to the pit and die because I put a spike on it by using magic too. I start using wind blade to cut kill one wolf who the fastest and died. The blood spill make me sick but try to hold it out. Daphia, Meth and Ririel face become pale after the kill 3 other wolves.

Meth and Ririel stopped and hold their mouth try not throw out. Looking at Daphia, her face pale but still firing the magic. The last 3 wolves I can said they is elite among the pack of wolves. The leader is the most angry and I can feel more strong blood lust towards us. Daphia saw me looking her and nodded her head. This as a body language. She understands we need to finish as fast as possible with our current situation. I start using lightning to paralyzed them including the leader. Use earth spear and fire towards their head and then die.

"" Uweh ~ "" ( Meth & Ririel )

They thrown out. It seem this gore thing really make us feel sick. Luckily I can hold it out.

" Daphia, for lunch make a soup with vegetables and herb in it and bread since our appetite decrease because of this thing. " ( Aosar )

" Yes, can you dismantle those wolves? I heard we can eat their meat and fur can be made for cloth during winter. " ( Daphia )

" Okay. Leave it to me. " ( Aosar )

I buried the pitfall and take out the 3 wolves inside of it. All of it by drain their blood and dismantle them. After skinning and cut here and there, I finish dismantle the wolves. Meth and Ririel had stabilize after drink some water.

" I don't expect this. Even we already training the magic with those for really make us sick." ( Meth )

" Yeah, I guess in the future we will always meet and need to do this to defense ourselves. " ( Ririel )

Daphia done prepare food for us and distribute it. She sat down with us join our conversation.

" This just beginning. Our journey for earlier maybe we just need to kill monster. However some bad guys will show up and that time we need to decide to kill for self defense. I know this ridiculous but if that relate to our life we do not need to hesitate to kill them. " ( Aosar )

They don't expect me saying this but realise that in the future we need to kill to protect our life.

" I guess even we had power, our mental is not strong. " ( Daphia )

" Yeah, we need to be strong enough. " ( Meth )

" Strong enough to support Aosar and less the burden on his shoulder. " ( Ririel )

All of their eye is resolute show the determination to become strong enough to protect each other. I just smiled and keep continue eating the lunch. After that we clear up and continue the travel.


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