Desire x Pleasure x System
17 Training, Training and Keep Training
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Desire x Pleasure x System
Author :MeianAneko
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17 Training, Training and Keep Training

I got another 100 SP when take Ririel virginity. With Celestial Penis, Sweet Pheromone and Hand of Pleasure make her pain lessen. She keep orgasm for her first time. Same like Daphia and Meth, she insisted to have a child. I just obligated gave what she wanted.

I cannot help but check House of Time and Space item description.

[ House of Time and Space : The user can set up the house in any place as long it safe. The barrier will activate separate the space between outside and inside of barrier. 1 hour inside barrier equal to 1 minute outside of barrier. The growth of people who in it will be stall until they come out. The people hunger and excretion is based on outside timing. Even a day not eating they still can survive. Timer will showing inside and outside of the barrier. Prevent any danger coming inside of barrier. ]

Cheat item. Your training time will greatly reduce. Especially for me, even the stat will slowly increase for physical body. It still bring me too much benefit for me. This is what I'm worry about since the stat increase will return normal until reach age 13 years old.

Next day in the morning, I use Dorm of Silent. Telling some of my secret. I'm not telling about my system to avoid any information leaked. I trust them but there a part you just need be quiet. By telling them I'm reincarnated and gain a Great Sage memories 7000 in the future make them surprised. I keep silent and look at them one by one until Daphia just hugged me. All of them just surprise by this statement but it not change that we're as family. They also said no wonder I knew a weird thing and have a bast knowledge.

Ririel inform me that there were reincarnated person and otherworldly. This happen a few hundred ago some kingdom established from reincarnate person and otherworldly got summoned by mage. For summoning otherworldly had been condemn by many nation. As a result that kingdom been destroyed along the knowledge summoning technique. From that the world make a rule. If they summon otherworldly without any solid reason will be destroyed. This showing how much hate the light and emperor of nation about summoning people. It's concept same you kidnapping people but this is a large scale.

They still cannot permanently destroy the summoning technique. The nation conclude someone behind the scene is so cunning making it hard to catching him. He alone but still escape like a rat. I know there will a chance to meet that person. If my strength is more than his I will kill him immediately. For incarnate person, we can see a weird building design, clothes, food and others. However it not so much. Some person lack of knowledge on certain part so it make the culture of their world mix with this world. Some become tyrant which resulted his demise. The researchers told to know a reincarnate person is when someone summoning otherworldly. The status of that person will show as "Reincarnated ' your name ' ". My face darkened. Somehow the status can be cruel to us huh. I wish to left my old name but....I guess some fate or destiny waiting ahead in the future. All of them surprised by my face reaction and hurried calm me down. I just told them my previous life is not good as now.

After that we doing our daily routine life. Noar also started join us with exercise and magic training. I use my House of Time and Space and told them this is the best way to train faster and reduce our time. They become happy. The amazing scene I saw is Daphia, Meth and Ririel motivation is higher than before making their stat increase fast. My physical stat as always slow but my magic increase steadily. I need to train hard to protect my family. Noar also motivated when heard she will get more friend to play with later and train together with us.

1 month later, Daphia, Meth and Ririel suddenly wanted to throw out. They hurried go to bathroom but nothing coming out. Ririel call her mother and after checking and confirmed with my magic. We knew 3 of them successfully pregnant. Doland and Nana happy her daughter had a child and cannot wait. It same with them too. I give some surprise news for Daphia. She got a twin baby in her belly. She so happy and hugged me around. Meth and Ririel pout jealous she got twin baby but that just temporary because they also happy for Daphia too. Exercise had been stopped to avoid give damage to baby so they just train the magic.

Month after month our strength increase and my woman belly become bigger and bigger. Noar happy cannot wait her sister or brother but to be honest it her niece. I have a weird feeling about this but let put that aside. 9 moth later 3 of them successfully giving birth by the help of Nana becoming as midwife. Daphia twin daughters name Dalia for elder and Delia for youngest. Meth daughter been name as Metia. Lastly for Ririel daughter name is Riri. They exhausted and fall asleep. We took care of them until next year.

My age already reach 6 years old. We took almost all material, food and item in the basement storage. I also give some money to Doland to support the village for a while. It just for few month but still enough for them. Our storage nearly full because of item and material we had. The destination is Ostrana Empire. Luckily I modify little bit on on carrier to make more comfortable for the baby. We decide to go out in earlier morning to avoid any villager saw we going out of the village. Before move, I give an enchantment item to Ririel's parent as box letter. Ririel have it too so they can communicate each other even far away. Both of them appreciate for it.

We can always visit anytime with my " Gate " however I refrain it for now. We will support this village behind the scene once we arrived at Ostrana Empire. All of us getting into carrier and move. Doland and Nana wave their hand to us until we do not see them. Our journey start now.


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