Desire x Pleasure x System
16 Doland and Aosar
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Desire x Pleasure x System
Author :MeianAneko
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16 Doland and Aosar

=== Third POV ===

Doland was selected as village chief about 20 years ago. It's not he is a son of village chief or married to the daughter of village chief too. There a secret anyone doesn't know to late Jake. He got elected as village chief because of his leadership which improve little bit on this village. Jake as a back up behind the scene support him. Until everything change that child, Aosar been born. For the first time Daphia bring the baby to him, he saw this baby not normal. At first he thought he just imagination about this.

It change drastically when Aosar teaching a weird and good exercise move for male and female. This improve villager strength to farming. Hunter become more faster to kill their pray. Guards become strong counter back monster who came to this village. The most amaze him is Ririel can use magic. She told him the only one who can use for now is Aosar, Daphia, Meth and her. She already told Aosar to teach villager however he told this will greatly give disadvantage to us. She confuse but Doland knew why he didn't teach the magic.

Based on Ririel story and Doland knowledge regarding mage is different. Totally different. Aosar team learning magic is way too fast than other. This also including their talent and understanding magic knowledge. This really make Doland more interesting and want to talk with him. Until to this day he saw Ririel behavior become strange. Sometime her face showing hesitation, sad, happy and others. His wife notice also notice her daughter behavior.

Breakfast time, both of them eating and no one talking. This make Ririel feel strange.

" Ririel, I don't want to talk long. A quick question, you seem happy but suddenly there too much emotion showed in your face. Is there something wrong? " ( Doland )

" Yes, I as a mother saw you and don't show that face ' how do you knew it '. We as a parent know our child much more than yourself. " ( Nana )

Ririel become shocked her father knew something wrong and ashamed by her behavior. It cannot be helped because Aosar planning to go out of village make her surprised. Beside that her feeling lately conflict each other. She feel sad to leave her parent but also wanted to go journey with them. One thing Ririel doesn't know that Aosar hate non - attribute " Gate " where the user can open the portal to go a place had been to.

After few seconds, Ririel just sighing and told everything about it. Also using some advice Aosar told her " If you want to know more details feel free to call or come to my home discuss about this thing. ". Ririel only understand vaguely except both her parent understood what the meaning of his sentence. Aosar want to go out and journey around the world is just a cover. However in the depth of it, he had a big plan for this village but Doland need to confirm it.

Doland and Nana also give their permission for Ririel to go with them. She happy but still reluctant to leave her parent which make both of them annoyed. They told Ririel don't make the decision which made you regret forever. Ririel cannot refute about this statement and nodded. Doland told her he will meet Aosar personally. He wanted to see himself what Aosar planned.

=== Aosar POV ===

I really wanted to retort about this thing. Impregnate your woman at young age. I gain way too much SP on it. House of time and space. This can be useful in the future. However..... the heck with this!? This mission exist in the system? It took me a few minutes to calm down which by asking Daphia and Meth blowjob for me. Meth for first time doing it gain me 10 SP make feel weird when received huge SP. I can imagine many unexpected and craziest mission in the future. You know if we follow the logic of our world. A 5 years old cannot make woman pregnant. It make my head hurt when saw " Pregnant " state on their status. No reaction given so I guess just let them be and told them to lessen doing exercises and focus on magic training.

Haaaaaa.... become a father at 5 years old. My problem had pile up so sudden and Daphia cannot wait Noar become mine too. Nex time I conquer Ririel she will asked it. 100 % confirm she will asked it. We had a breakfast with all our family. Noar notice Daphia and Meth change. She said they become more beautiful. Luckily we had a mirror. A clear mirror which Jake pain stacking his money on it. They both amaze but their body and face. I saw it change for few second or minutes which my semen had been absorbed by them and gain benefit from Celestial Penis. Their aura become different too. A woman who already experience a depth of lust, maybe.

We go to backyard to continue our daily routine but I stunt when saw Doland, a chief of this village with Ririel came here. I can predict a few thing what happened. Ririel cannot talk about this a few weeks ago which her parent must saw their daughter behavior and asked her. Daphia bring Ririel and Meth to other place thanks to this backyard little big so we can talk alone. I glance at Ririel and she notice something different on Daphia and Meth. I just smile inside.

" Nice to meet you. We already meet a few time. Doland is my name and as you know I a chief of this village. " ( Doland )

" Yup. Nice to meet you too. " ( Aosar )

We both sit on the chair that already put outside of this house. He look at the carriage and knew something. I cannot predict it but he knew something that it all.

" I will cut this short. I know Ririel wanted to follow you and already give permission to her. What I want to know why you want to go out so earlier and with your age right now? " ( Doland )

" Hmmmm, why not ask Daphia because I follow her. " ( Aosar )

" Buhahahahahaha, don't play any trick kid. I already saw there so much abnormal in you for 5 years old kid. Just to let you know. Me and Jake is best friend or more specifically sworn brother. I knew who kill him. For now I will not tell our story but this can make you trust me right? " ( Doland )

Why so far I meet people with sharp observation and good judgement? Well, I will just give a vague on myself.

" *sigh* Well, I will give a vague answer on myself first then since you did that too. I receive something and this might bring danger to everyone. That why I do not do too much on this village and decide to go out. I have a main objective is to journey around the world and Improve this village that it all. I wanted collect information as much as I can and who know our village can improve and we can establish our own kingdom. ( Aosar )

There a few second silent. Both of us just look in the sky.

" Buhahahahahaha, I knew it. You not normal kid. That carriage design especially on the wheel. Weird exercise move and make my daughter learning magic easily. Most important is Daphia and Meth change so much make me confirm you not normal kid. " ( Doland )

" Oh, shut it! " ( Aosar )

Damn, I'm glad to talk normal with him but the last part make me ashamed so much.

" It not just establish a new nation. I saw a lot possibility will happen to you in the future. Anyway, you're planning to go out. Let's me tell you a 5 nation and each town of those that near to our village. Even it just basic information it still useful for you. Other than that you need to rely on library or any information you can get from there. " ( Doland )

I nodded, even the simple and pack information can help a lot. A little bit hint of the town can help me and I just need to experience and see with my own eyes.

" First at the North of our village there Lunaviria Kingdom. You must know Daphia had relation with this place. I recommend avoid this place. It's the nearest town from our village. Reorchy is the name of that town. A small town which stopped their development at there. Lunaviria Kingdom mostly inhabitants is human race. So you need to be aware of discrimination to other race. Reorchy town had sold many item available for daily life but for more item or other materials you needed is to go to capital or bigger town in Lunaviria Kingdom. " ( Doland )

Daphia come bring the drink for us. We sip the tea and sigh. Lunaviria Kingdom already out of option because the percentage meeting Bordin is high. In the end I need to go other place.

" In the north west of this village. Edrines Beast Kingdom. As you heard the name of this nation. Most population is beastman and they rule this nation. They neighbor with Lunaviria Kingdom. I heard the king of Lunaviria have a hard time to establish alliance with Edrines Beast Kingdom. The old noble is discriminate towards Demi - human and other than human. Most beastmen have different part of body. The same is they have human face, arm and leg except for certain race which have multiple leg and others. Their physical body is more strong than human too. The town nearest us is Alamand town. Their material and item sell on the town is weapon and rare herb. The land where many mines and rare herb can make then trade with other kingdom and empire. They still doing farming but some place not suitable for farming. " ( Doland )

" On the west the demon race ruling Fraunia Empire. Mostly of them is demon race. A hard place to live especially for human. This empire nearly destroyed when some kingdom accuse their empire wanted world domination. With the help previous Demon King collected information and spread out to the world and they take action destroyed those who cooperate and accuse the Fraunia Empire. The land been given to other 4 nation which near to us including Lunaviria Kingdom and Edrines Beast Kingdom. This showing as a warning to others and trust to the 4 nation they will never do a stupid action that bring their own destruction. Except if some one who stupid enough they cannot do anything and try to avoid that happening. There so much rare material from those land however I do not recommend to go that place. The monster is strong. Their culture and food is so different which human need to adept it. Mostly cannot survive and go other place. " ( Doland )

Still there no recommendation place which need to go. 2 place already out. Only 3 left to choose.

" Sheyle Kingdom, rule by high elves. There too much type of elves and their place have a good place and danger zone. What most important part is the World Tree. Many kingdom want the benefit of World Tree ended up their own nation destroyed. The town distance is far from those 3 nation I told you. You can go but there need a careful preparation. Elves as you know they have a good constitution on magic. They item they sold it crafting type and weapon and armor enchantment. There not so much but many people wanted to buy it even at the high price. " ( Doland )

" Lastly, Ostrana Empire from the west of village. The only nation cooperate each other. You can said there too many race live in that nation. Even discrimination still exist. The Emperor will take an action if he found it. Most people got heavy fine if someone hurt other race. However if kill the government take action to catch the criminal. They got hanged up as punishment. This is most suitable place for your first journey. I don't not remember the town name but like I said it have many benefit for you. " ( Doland )

When Doland recommend me this place I already saw many opportunities to take it. With our current strength only this option is suitable for us. If we take a high risk there might some scarifice will be made. I don't want that. At least for now I need to avoid as best as I can.

" Thanks for the information and recommendation where we need to go. Ostrana Empire will be our destination for first journey in the next year. " ( Aosar )

" Hahahahahaha, good ! I wish you luck and one more thing I need to request from you. Take my daughter and give her a child before you go start the journey so we can see our grandchildren. " ( Donald )

Doland stand up and laugh. Walking away from our backyard with his hand wave to us. This statement make my mind blank for few minutes. After Doland gone I look at Ririel with her face beet red look down shy to look at me. Daphia and Meth just giggle and happy Ririel join our family. I still try to adept this world but the shock is too much. I just shook my head and continue our daily routine. Ririel will sleep with us from today on.


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