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15 Plan Change
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Desire x Pleasure x System
Author :MeianAneko
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15 Plan Change

Whew.....that was tired but my stamina keep increasing when I use it to the limit. Meth asked the same question like Daphia to impregnate her make me speechless. I said the same sentence when Daphia asked my this too. Both of them pout dissatisfied cannot get my seed. Urgh, somehow my common sense on previous world and here is clash. I need to change my plan little bit if they asked me to impregnate them.

There were a few item I can buy via SP to ensure our safety while we still weak. I can hire adventure or buy a slave to protect us. By hiring the adventure, there a problem with this. Trust and capability. Some of them really care about money which can lead to betrayal if enemy had more money than us. Adventure mist have an ability to protect us. What I knew is a high ranking adventure will not doing this job without proper reason and most importantly is they might interest on other quest in the guild.

This option can be choose if the adventure is reliable and trustworthy but have a high risk. So in the end buying a slave. Slave exist in this world. Illegal and legal trading. It hard to know which slave merchant doing illegal trade but that topic need to put it aside. The most advantage option for us. We have a lot money. Slave can be trained and they cannot disobey the owner. Most good thing for us, slave can become adventure if owner gave their permission. This really useful for us.

My first step is buy becoming merchant. As I said before my age prevent me from doing what I want so Daphia is the one I need to rely on. Meth can help me but it not the right place for my plan. We need established a shop in the town where near to our village. The thing need to note is where that Bordin is. If I knew where their base we will choose another town.

By the way I gain some more SP and completed hidden mission

[ Hidden Mission : Doing a threesome with any people completed. Gain 300 SP and a skill. ]

[ Celestial Penis Lv 1 : An enchantment of penis. There were few benefit given to the user and their partner. The higher the level can increase the benefit on this skill

1. Increase quantity or quality of semen.

2. Increase the size and length of penis. The user can change their size and length of penis when the skill level up.

3. When the liquid is given to female can increase their hormone to increase the development of body and make them more beautiful.

4. The heirs of partner will be healthful. Hard to get sick.

5. Increase the pleasure of their partner

6. Increase fertility of user and his partner

7. Can be use as aphrodisiac. This option can enable of disable during activity. ]

What the heck... aren't this skill too overpowered!? I'm thankful for the benefit on number 1 until 5 but for number 6 and 7 totally make me mad. If I do not buy impregnation tool this will make my plan mess little bit. Well, to be honest number 7 is useful for me to conquer the women. I can use this to mix of just put on the woman to increase their arousal. For number comment. As you know it make your partner pregnant rel quick. I men increase the percentage getting pregnant. Daphia will so happy if she heard this skill. I need to check my status.

{ Name : Aoras }

{ Age : 5 years old }

{STR : 39 }

{ VIT : 57 }

{ WIS : 57 }

{ INT : 57 }

{ Passive skill : Orgasm Parameter, Map, Advanced Appraisal, Basic Body Strengthening, Basic Penis Enlargement, Sword Mastery, Katana Mastery, Fast Learner, Impregnation Tool, Mana Sense, Celestial Penis Lv 1 }

{ Active skill : Hand of Pleasure Lv 3, Sweet Pheromone Lv 3, All attribute, Death attribute, Multiple Thought, Tongue of Aphrodisiac }

{ Sexual point (SP) : 6515 }

{ Reserve SP : 22,771 }

{ Shop }

{ Inventory : Dome of Silence }

Thanks for yesterday night my task had been increase so my VIT also increase. I had spend my SP buying wool for the carriage so some of my point had been remove. With constantly using magic my stat on magic increasing in fast pace. For now I lack of experience in life battle. How I react when kill monster. Did that thing will make me sick? Especially when you kill human being. This is turning point of some one life. I'm not said it's good when you kill them. The other benefit which will not let any hesitant to kill when to protect yourself, family, friends and others. I will put that aside and think about it in the future.

My thought cut off when I feel the movement on both side. I look right Daphia just smiling and we started kiss each other. After that I feel a smooth hand circling around my waist. I stopped and kiss Meth. We both keep exchanged kiss each other. Both of them have disorder breath after long kiss sesion.

" How it is? " ( Aosar)

"'s good even it hurt. The pleasure I feel is more than the pain when my first time with you." ( Meth )

Daphia giggle and I jut smiled. Meth face become beet red when I asked this question. She knew what I asked. True, the pleasure is more than pain thanks to Sweet Pheromone and I overload her orgasm. I go to sit position and look at them seriously. Both of them saw my face and just sit.

" I want to tell our plan for next year. As you know, we will go to town which little bit far away from the the place where Dad always go doing his worked. There a reason for it. Daphia, I hope you can tell Meth about it since we as family must support each other. " ( Aosar )

Daphia just nodded and tell to Meth what exactly like she told to me. I had already discussed with her about this topic. At first she denied because it can lead to dangerous situation for us. I give her a reason and will back her up and she accept it. After few minutes, Meth face keep changing. Happy, anger and sad. I hug her and caress her head.

" It's okay. Don't be hasty to decide what you will do in the future. I told Daphia to said this because this is part of my plan in the future. " ( Aosar )

Meth just nodded and I can feel her tear fall down to my shoulder and hear her sobbing.

" From this will be started. Once we arrived on that town. We will register to Merchant Guild. I guess you know what I planned. Daphia, with your sewing skill. We can make a new under garment and clothes. You can teach other so we can produce more product. I will provide the design. Other than that, we can sold other item. I had so many to sell but for this we just sold a few new item. This to reduce any attention of people and noble. I don't care if they want to sell the same thing. If some one came to us asked how to do it. Feel free to give or charge them for our lesson. Like I said there many new item I want to make and sell it. Plus, as you know our main objective is to travel around the world. " ( Aosar )

Daphia just put her hand on chin and think. Meth stop crying after I'm done talking. There were few item already on the list which one need to sell when we establish shop. Why I don't want to monopoly the market? Like I said to reduce the danger we will face and there so many item that still not exist in this world. I just need to search what this world do not have and have it.

" I see... so what step we need to take once we establish our shop? " ( Daphia )

" Yeah... if we do not want to attract them how we need to protect ourselves? " ( Meth )

I just laughed and this make both of them confuse. I like both of them because of how thoughtful to saw it.

" Sorry, there were 2 option for us. Adventure or slave to protect us. The adventure is easy as long as we pain their money. The risk is for their betrayal and ability to protect us. Slave we just need train them and they cannot disobey us. " ( Aosar )

They both nooded and look "" No male slave! Choose female only!! "" ( Daphia & Meth )

I jumped a bit shocked by their statement but quickly calm down

" Aosar is a good man. So I want you to buy female slave to help them. For male .... Aosar already enough for me except there an exception you need to buy male slave. " ( Daphia )

" I want a lot of friends and build harem for Aosar ! " ( Meth )

What the heck... I just smile wryly. Daphia reason is good but some of it is questionable for me. Meth have ambition to build a harem for me. This make my head had a headache. Are this normal or not for this family. For a while I want to tell Daphia and Meth about buying only female slave except if there situation force me to buy a male slave. However they already a few a step head from me. I just shook my head and both of them just giggle. Few seconds later I saw Daphia agitated.

" Ummm... Aosar, I know you already told me this but... please imprenate me. I want the baby so much. I know this but this might increase our motivation to improve more faster. " ( Daphia )

" Ah !!! Not fair !!! Me too, make me pregnant with mom!!! " ( Meth )

What the....argh!!! How many time they needed to make me surprise so much in the earlier morning. I told them the same like Daphia. However they keep insist me to impregnate both of them. True, it will give a boost to me but this too fast. With their adorable and tearing eye. My will crumble and check if there skill I can buy that benefit for my children. I upgrade impregnation tool to Custom absolute impregnation tool skill.

[ Custom Absolute Impregnation Tool < 5000 SP > : This skill will make the woman pregnant immediately Either in ovulation phase or not it will make their partner pregnant except in menstrual phase. The user can set for heir on hair, face, gender and hormone for their body development during growth. Simple put the user can imagine to look like their mother or father or can mix it together. System will adjust and edit it. ]

This is most expensive skill I had spend SP on it. My penis already hard and throbbing when imagine it. I asked both of them how their baby want to look like. They want their child have mix characteristic on me and them. Blond hair and their gender is female. Whey they want daughter but I just put that question aside. I also set my daughter hormone high to avoid any future problem. After that the beast inside up awaken and keep doing the activity 22 time. 11 time for each of them until our breakfast time arrived which both of us exhausted. I saw in their status they already pregnant. Looks like the plan is changed. I need to change little bit and wonder how Ririel progress. She still don't tell her parent which I can guess she still hesitate. Well, I will handle it in the future. We still have a time but I cannot let my guard down.

[ Hidden Mission Completed : Impregnate your woman in earlier age before 13 years old. Gain 20 000 SP and House of time and space ]



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