Desire x Pleasure x System
14 Meth True Feeling
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Desire x Pleasure x System
Author :MeianAneko
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14 Meth True Feeling

=== Meth POV ===

I stopped crying and mom just continue her works. I just stay silent for a while thinking a way apologise to him. Argh, why I did that. Mom had told me many time to not my emotion so sudden at the wrong place. What I did is totally made Aosar scare me now. When recall the expression Aosar make scared face my heart hurt. I just shook my head and continued my routine daily life.

As always me and Ririel always doing magic training together. I asked her if she already told her parents about she wanted to following us coming out of this village to journey around the world. She just shook her head doesn't have a will yet to tell her parents. Everytime she wanted to talk about this topic it stuck on her throat. I can feel there complicated feeling on her but I said good luck and if anything happened she just should follow Aosar guide. I want to her follow us but I also cannot tell this too.

After that I call Aosar. I can see there awkwardness in his action. This my effect in the morning I show scary face to him.

" There anything you need? " ( Aosar)

" Yes, ummm... in the morning... I really sorry for my actions! There something make me angry but I release it to you. I'm really sorry ! " ( Meth )

I now down and don't know what Aosar face make but from the glance he seem panic for sudden apologise from me.

" Ummm.... sister Meth. I don't know what you angry but please, I already forgive you. It really scary but sometime it also make me thing if there any mistake I'm make. I'm really sorry too. " ( Aosar )

I look up surprised by his statement. The face he showing me totally weird. Just smile wryly and said there might a fault he made too. I just cry thinking how bad am I. Aosar panicked and try to calm me down. Wipe my tear. I cannot hold anymore and hugged him and continued crying.

Aosar just keep caressing my head until I'm calm down. I feel ashamed to show my face right now and my face become hot.

" Sister Meth, why you suddenly crying? " (Aosar )

His voice contained confuse why I'm crying. I just hugged him and open my mouth.

" You see, last week I saw you doing a " thing " with Mom. I feel this is so wrong so in the end accidentally angry to you. After talk with Mom she told me what I didn't know. The forbidden love is acceptable. I just listened and think carefully. After that my heart keep hurt thinking everyone will be separated! " ( Meth)

Yes, this is what I'm thinking after the talk with Mom. Each time I imagine to strongly stop both of them there were scene when the time comes we will go with our own path. I do not want that.

" I understand you feeling. I agree with your stand that forbidden love is wrong but in this world it is acceptable why not take a chance from it. Also, I don't think this thing will happen many time so I will refrain doing this thing. " ( Aosar )

Aosar is really good guy. He does not refute with statement I made but agree with it. He also knew that mom and Aosar already crossed the line. I look up and hold his face with my hand. I decided this part of my decision will not make me regret. I just closed my eye and our lips meet each other. My heart feel warm. In the end our tongue playing with each other. My body keep getting hot until our face separated with a single rope transparent still connected.

=== Aosar POV ===

It's already night and Meth called me. She suddenly apologise to me, I forgive her. After that, it really make me so shocked because Meh suddenly crying until she told me the reason behind the scenes between the talk with Daphia. It cannot be helped and I just agree her word. He next action make mind blank. She kissed me and my habit took over and we had a hot kisses.

Now her arousal at the peak. I pull her hand and bring to Daphia room. She seem afraid but I insisted just follow me. Daphia already prepared and just smile. Her hugged Meth and said a few words to her. Her just smile and nodded. I and Daphia began taking off our clothes while Meth hesitantly because she so embarrassed to show her body. Well, for the first time they had something block them from do it. Daphia slowly go behind her and her hand place to her breast. Meth wanted to protest but Daphia just pinch her nipple make her moan. I already use Sweet Pheromone to smooth it out. Slowly Meth body naked. I cannot believe her body nearly same like Daphia make me amazed by the sight her naked body. She just closed her breast and private part with her hand. I just chuckle and bring her to the bed.

We kissed each other for a while to calm her down. Her body trembling when my dick touching her. For the woman first time experience is important for them.

" I go in right now. " ( Aosar )

Meth nodded and hold Daphia hand. Daphia keep playing her breast so the pleasure can reduce her pain. I slowly put in it. Her inside is so tight even already wet. If not control it I might cumming first.

" Kuh.....urgh.... " ( Meth )

She close her eye feel a pain my dick opening her private part. Slowly until I meet the hymen which need a force little bit until my dick fully inside her.

" Agah!!!! Auuuu..... " ( Meth )

Her tear flowing down holding the pain from hymen broking down. Plus he private part is tight so it make more painful for her. Me and Daphia keep pleasuring her until the pain calm down. After that I pull out and thrust in slowly.

" Ahn...uhm...ahn....the pain gone...this good. " ( Meth )

The pace keep increasing and her orgasm meter increase rapidly but I hold it when the bar reaching 100%

" Ahn! Ahn! What is this!? This so goooooood !!! " ( Meth )

I keep going overload her bar until my orgasm coming. At the same time release her orgasm making her body move upward forming an arch. I cumming inside her and her body twitching.

" Aaaaaaahhhhh!!! " ( Meth )

She passed out with overload orgasm. I pull out and continue with Daphia for 7 time. During our activity, Meth waking up and I do it with her about 4 more time until all of us exhausted and fall asleep. Before I fall asleep Meth take this chance said to me.

" Aosar, I love you so much. Please call me Meth when we alone together. " ( Meth )

I just smiled and nodded then fall asleep. I too tired to look at notification so I told system to put it on hold and will check in the morning. Guh. Zzzzzzzzzzz.


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