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13 Mother and Daughter Discussion
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Desire x Pleasure x System
Author :MeianAneko
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13 Mother and Daughter Discussion

I woke up in the morning after doing night activity. Daphia said why she not pregnant but I give her an explanation this is not a right time. She really want it so in the end Daphia is the first one I need to impregnate her. I have told it time to get Meth and she so excited make me smile wryly. Yesterday night our plan begin. Not using Dome of Silence and open the door slightly. Since my Sweet Pheromone range increase can fill the whole room. Meth will having an effect from it. This plan actually low success because the target is sleeping and we need to make them wake up. Luckily she wake up because of whatever reason go to toilet. I saw it in the map and she fall to the trap we already set up. This situation really lucky for me.

My body so exhausted because Daphia so aggressive maybe got turned on her daughter watch her. I also got effected by her. In the morning breakfast I saw Meth become restless when she saw me. I just said good morning to her but she stutter little bit. Her face become red but I just ignore it. We already knew about Meth peeping us. This is my plan however Daphia said let her come to me. I wonder why and there an answer from her. Meth hate incest. This is my term so it easy to understand. She seem knew something that marriage between parent to child or sibling to sibling is totally wrong. That her stand. So the situation make it hard. She like me as a sibling not as a person. Even by force there might a backlash to it.

So in the end my part is already done. Now it time for Daphia part. She said Meth might doing something or Daphia herself take an action to her. Our daily life as usual, exercises, magic training and doing our own works. Meth especially showing too much her change make me wonder do you want to expose yourself or what. This thing repeatt for a weeks. Every night Meth peeping us and then she exploded.

" Mom, can we talk alone? Aosar you go play with Noar and don't ever come until we call you. " ( Meth )

" O-okay. " ( Aosar )

" Right, please wait. My worked near finish it. " ( Daphia )

Daphia not see what I saw earlier. Her face become dark and scary which make me hurry run to Noar. Damn, she quite scary like Daphia. I don't know what they talking about while playing. I gave her Dome of Silence to respect their private discussion.

=== Daphia POV ===

I appreciate my son give this item to me so we can discuss peacefully. He still had a lot secret. The weird exercises, new new way in magic training we didn't know and others. His thinking like a person already live too long and his knowledge is vast enough. I can predict a few factor why that happened but I will wait until he told his secret. My intuition told me it not too long to wait. I look at Meth and just shook my head. She doesn't need to mad at Aosar.

" Meth, don't think I do not notice your changed. Please if you mad or others please do not released it to others. That action will make you regret forever. " ( Daphia )

" Sorry, I will try not do it, mom " ( Meth )

I know Aosar ran away so fast because of her. I nodded and we sit on the chair face to face. I put the device on the table and activate it. Meth confuse what I did but just ignore it.

" I'm glad you notice it. So, what you want to talk or I can said discuss something with me? " ( Daphia )

Meth take a few breath and her eye become serious. She look at me and open her mouth.

" Mom, I know there some mistake on my side but your relationship between you and Aosar is wrong. " ( Meth )

" Oh? What is wrong part in our relationship? " (Daphia )

I knew Meth peeping us and she the most hate family relationship cross the line that we should never do. Her face become red but she so serious make me want to laugh.

" I saw you doing man and woman activity and that totally cross the line! " ( Meth )

" Meth, I remind you many time please respect your parent and don't ever increase your voice. " ( Daphia )

" Don't change subject. I... " ( Meth )

" Meth, did I need to said it one more time. " ( Daphia )

Her emotion clash each other. This is totally bad for her especially she lack experience of life. I look into her eye and she looked down afraid.

" If you want to talk. We can talk. You know how am I. Why you need to be so emotional. Let me answer your question why I did this. No, why I accept him. It's Aosar make a move on me. Also, I will tell you how in this world marriage between parent and child or sibling to sibling is allowed even the case happening is uncommon but most people accepted it. " (Daphia )

She quite surprised by what I'm said and just nodded.

" I know you already learn the marriage thing so I do not need to explain on that part. On the part of forbidden love. This happened a long time ago. Two empire wage war each other. Both side suffer a lot this includes citizens. Many cannot hold it so some of them ran away. As you know in this world there a monster so the runaway keep decreasing until a few family left. Some of it just marry their son and daughter each other but some do not. " ( Daphia )

I pour some tea for both of us and drink it to make it more relax.

" With the people who doesn't want to marry other they took drastic decision. Marry to their parents, children or sibling. The reason is because they having a life and death together which end up sow the seed of forbidden love and the people who run away from their empire scared that their bloodline gone forever or I can said their action will be useless. As you know the First king of Lunaviria who established his kingdom marry his mother and sister at that time. Many new kingdom do that too. People want to protest but knowing how the kingdom established and history back there they allowed this thing happened. Actually I think we do not need to do this. " ( Daphia )

I also wonder why suddenly love Aosar and crossed the line. I just shook my head and Meth just look at me. She seem think something on what I said.

" Even if allowed that a long time ago so each king on new kingdom doesn't recommend to do it even people accepted it. Since population increase and there many family out there. Like I said this happened on rare occasion so if that happened people accepted it. For who really want to do this forbidden love they must at least have one or two wife from different family so it not make overboard from their objective. " ( Daphia )

" What!? To make it ridiculous. " ( Meth )

" Right? However this case happening is rare so it doesn't matter to people and I know in the future Aosar will not have one but more in the future. " ( Daphia )

Meth open and close her mouth but her words never come out.

" Don't worry. Meth if that what you want and doesn't like the forbidden love. I'm okay with it. Also, please respect people stance even you hate it. At least you can give advice that it all you can do it. The rest is for others to decide it. Also I don't like our family relationship to broke because of this reason. " (Daphia )

" Sorry Mom. My feeling, my heart is really painful. My understanding on this thing clash to each other. It make me pain mom. After I saw what you guys did. " ( Meth )

I stand up and walk to Meth. Hugged her to calm her down

" I will not force you. However I will give an advice for you. If you love Aosar as a man. Please go to him and apologise what you did to him. You need to apologise anyway. If you like as sibling please just ignore our relationship and acknowledge it. Your decision is yours alone. Also like I said this world allow this forbidden love. Aosar like you as a woman not as a sibling. So please think carefully his feelings. " ( Daphia )

Meth just nodded and cry in my arm. Look like it burden her so much. I really like Aosar take her but as a parent I do not want to ruin her life like what my father did. I never make the same mistake what he did before. This decision I will let Meth decide it. I will need to tell Aosar about this and hope he does not force into it


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