Desire x Pleasure x System
12 Build Carriage, Storage and Meth Feelimg
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Desire x Pleasure x System
Author :MeianAneko
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12 Build Carriage, Storage and Meth Feelimg

Evening u asked Daphia to bring some material needed to the backyard. Wooden plank, iron bar, nail and hammer. I can use "modelling", a non - attribute magic where the user need imagination to change the item shape. I want to make a carriage with a spring on their suspension wheel. It make the carriage less shake. I also buy a wool from a shop and gave to Daphia to make a couch. I respect Jake provide a pot of material in his basement storage. This all of the material he buy is for the village but for now I will use first. Any sudden development can attract a lot of people especially for the evil greedy people. I know this place connect to 5 nation so I need to be careful.

For now I will make the wheel first. There no rubber here so I check on the basement storage and there it is. What the..... many time I want to know where the heck money he got. Ah, I remember that he a low rank in adventure or there something else that make him can earn a lot of money. Last thing I can predict he is a high rank one where they gain a lot of money. Well, let put that aside. There were a rubber which help me a lot. I cannot make the same exact Tire in modern word. So I decided to use a lot of rubber to make a circle of rubber Tire where we can put it on wooden wheel. I don't how it worked but need to trials and error. Luckily I can modelling the tire as many time because this item is not yet broken. Only broken item cannot be used because it will make more worse.

Make a small part and install it to make a wooden wheel. After that I repeat the same step on other 3 wheel. Daphia also helped me here because right now my body still small and it too dangerous. We make a simple carriage and try to sit or put heavy item on it then move it to see if there a problem or not. The wheel it okay however for the tire rubber when the heavy item put on it. I notice it will become bloated on the bottom of tire. I forgot the rubber substance can make this happened. We need to to think about the heat too which make me rubbing my forehead.

" There a problem isn't it. It seem you want to make a new wheel but this look not too well. Why not find a suitable material or combine with it. We can change the design too. " ( Daphia )

" Now mom mentioned about it. There were some item needed to make a wheel like this. I get the idea now. Thanks Mom. " ( Aosar )

I forgot that this world have magic which I end up following the logic of modern world. I make a new wooden wheel by change the design and make it look like a rim wheel in model world. It just little big but they can hold the tire. I lack a knowledge on this path so there a need trial and error. Only a few material I knew they can mix it but not too perfect or safe. After a few try I successfully put it on wooden wheel and try it out. It safe for a long journey. The problem is we need a material to make it if there a broken part on it later.

Daphia make a couch with the design I showed to her. Meth and Ririel come to see what we doing and join in. Making a body of carriage. Not too hard since I just follow the basic design fantasy type carriage on my memory not in this world. We use magic to lift and install it. We also do not forget a place where horse need to pull the carriage too. There no glass so I end up make a sliding window wood. This is important part thanks to my all attribute set I can install an array digram on this carriage. I want to make the inside of it is big enough. Maybe about 7 feet by 10 feet is enough for us. The array design is complicated but not too big no too small. Thanks Great Sage for your knowledge. After finished and activated the array it exactly the size I want. By walking out of the carriage I saw Meth and Ririel mouth open wide. I just laughed.

" Whoa.... Aosar how you did it? " ( Meth )

" The outside look small but inside is so wide and big enough.... " ( Ririel )

" Sorry, Meth neechan it still secret. " ( Meth )

" Mumumumu tell me !!!! " ( Meth )

I ran away from her and she chased after me around the backyard. Ririel and Daphia just giggle fun to watch our action. They lack of knowledge so it make me save a lot of time to explain it. Even I explained, they might don't understand what I said. After that I make a simple storage by using non - attribute " storage ". I should just buy space and time attribute but they way too expensive so I just need to rely on non - attribute. I happy to make this storage until I realized that I forgot to check the capacity inside it. When I check on array I draw it make just smile wryly. 30 square meter. Isn't quite big. Well it good and bad but I guess it cannot be helped. After that I build some furniture that can put inside of carriage and Daphia also finished her worked. Our carriage finished and ready to go.

" Ummm, Aunt Daphia. Why make a carriage. Is he planning something ? " ( Ririel )

" I don't know the details but what he want to do is to travel around the wall with me and Meth. " ( Daphia )

"" Eh !? "" ( Meth & Ririel )

It's seem Ririel curious about why I did this and both of them surprised. A few second silent between them and I saw a sad feeling appear on Meth and Ririel.

" So , when you guys want to leave? " ( Ririel )

Daphia looked at me since she doesn't know the detail of my plan.

" I want to leave fast if possible. Maybe next year. If there something ahead the plan will be delayed maybe for 2 or 3 years. Sorry, for now I will not tell what my plan it is. If you wanted to follow us. How about tell your parents. If they wanted to know more details just tell them to call me and Mom. " ( Aosar )

I saw her eye glitter for a while but hesitantly to do it or not. Meth seem hope her best friend can join us too. Daphia just smiled and shook her head cannot do anything on this matter. After I give some suggestions to Ririel she decided to take a time since we do not in rush. However I remind her if the situation changed I will tell Meth to send a message to her. After that we continue our routine daily life.

== Meth POV ==

My name is Meth. The eldest daughter in out family. I have little brother Aosar and little sister Noar. There were a change in my life. Aosar my little brother. When he born it not like other baby. He not always crying. When there need to change his diaper or time for food. He always make a sound. You can said a signal from him. It really weird, he the most abnormal baby in this village. Then he grew up, I always take care of him when Mom away doing her works. There not so much hardships handling him. Most my friends had a trouble when they take care of their little sibling but this totally weird. Most recently change is father passed away.

Mom doesn't explain the detail why he passed away but she did told me he got an injuries from his adventure which hard to cure it. I know something mom hide. I cry a lot but Aosar seem doesn't care which make me want to mad at him. However what face he showed is make me shocked. His face reveal angry and frustration. His eye look at father grave and to this sky which make me feel he swore to father. I don't know what it is but his action show clearly in front of my eye. He not a young kid inside of him but an adult.

He reach 5 years old and now many thing happened to us. He doing a weird exercise move that we never saw but the result really great. He know magic and teaching us which we knew magic is really hard to practice. We even can short the chanting spell and slowly towards chantless that Aosar talking about. Latest he make his the carriage and storage. It make me ask one question to myself. " How he can make all of this? " This situation clearly abnormal with the thing shrouded in the darkness with many secret in him.

Mom seem sad and lonely after father passed away however it changed a few weeks ago. She become energetic and close too Aosar. Something happened behind the scene. Noar too like him too. Even she spoiled kid, Noar still listen to him. Of course she still good on mom and me but clearly her attitude had been shaped by Aosar himself. Lately I always spying him. There nothing new I can find and it hard to approach him especially with many thing he keep secret. He always told us " The time will come. " It make me so curious about him.

At late night, I woke up go to toilet. After done my deeds I pass through mom room. However this time the door open slightly. I heard a voice. Mom voice which make me curious. I not heard when I go to toilet maybe because too sleepy but clearly I heard mom voice inside of her room. I slowly walked to the door and peeked in the room. My eye open wide surprise with the scene appear in front of me. Mom and Aosar is kissing each other. Both of them naked and what draw my eye is Aosar penis. It's too big for 5 years old kid! I knew about this because me and Ririel my best friends had been talking about this. The adult activity and the relationship we can have in this world.

Family relationship have 2 type. Normal family relationship and Family lover relationship. Normal family relationship as you know parent and child relationship. The opposite for second type of family relationship is the parent and child can marry each other. Even sibling can do it too. It make me wonder and mad why need to do this. However in this world they accepted it. It uncommon thing to happened but if there is. They still okay with it. Why we knew this? Thanks to my best friends always slip to library of his father and we found some naughty book which end up we knew about this thing and adult activity earlier.

My thought cut when I heard a moan from Mom mouth. Aosar massage her breast and sucking one of nipple. Mom hand also move toward my little brother thing that already hard. She move her hand up and down after few minutes there a liquid coming out and the room smell something weird make me arouse. My hand slowly moved to nether regions. 10 minutes passed, all of us climax. I hold my voice down to avoid them notice me. I notice there were different liquid coming out from my little brother on mom's hand. Quite a lot and the room have a more weird smell. My hand doesn't stopped and I keep rubbing it. I also play my breast while looking they doing the deeds.

I saw mom lying down on her back and Aosar thing slowly go towards the nether region. He slowly push inside and both of them connected. I saw in my first time that how man and woman doing sex. Aosar pull out and push in making mom moaning. She hugged him and he play her breast at the same time moving his hip. His pace keep increasing until both of them groan and I saw some white liquid leaking from Mom. Isn't it dangerous because I knew that liquid can make woman pregnant!? Wait, how long this had been happening? I saw mom change a month ago. She become more energetic and happy. She and Aosar relationship become more close until people can mistaken Mom is doting to her son. Again my thought cut off.

I saw they keep continue in different position. Everytime they climax, I also had it too. I already in sit position watching them. The weird thing is I'm counting how much they do it. 11 time they doing it and the bed become mess and they fall asleep. My body become tire and I realize that the floor had been weed. My clothes and underwear also wet. I surprised and my face become hot. Slowly close the door, I going back to room and clean up the mess I made. I go to bathroom and clean my body too and change to new clothes. Fall to the bed and my eye become heavy then fell asleep. Next day in the morning my feeling become so complex. Sad angry, happy, and jealous. I do not know but my heart feel so pain.


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