Desire x Pleasure x System
11 Preparation
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Desire x Pleasure x System
Author :MeianAneko
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11 Preparation

Time is ticking 2 weeks have passed . I cannot wait until I'm reach 13 years old. That age is indicating I can register as adventure. Most of the guild in this world need to be 13 years old and there were a test too. I knew this because Daphia told me if I had a plan in the future. This is so damn pain. I can enter school at 10 years old but we needed money. I have a few way to earn more money so there is a time left for me. I don't know what the school name but they located in the center of 5 nation. Other four nation name is unknown since Daphia family just rank up and she ran away earlier so our side is lack of information. I have many option can choose on it.

Like always I'm doing my exercises and magic training however my Strength and Vitality stat had been increase slowly. I mean the pace of speed increase have been reduce.

[ Answer, this is limit for body age 5 years old so you need to reach 12 years old to gain more strength steadily. ]

That what my system said. I knew it there a limitation on this body however magic does not have limit. So I have a back up if there any fight. I also develop my on way to use magic. Just edit little bit based on my future knowledge. By the way this is result of our training so far.

{ Name : Meth }

{ Age : 13 }

{ STR : 30 }

{ VIT : 30 }

{ WIS : 35 }

{ INT : 37 }

{ Passive skill : Mana Sense }

{ Active skill : Water attribute, Fire attribute, Light attribute }

{ Name : Ririel }

{ Age : 17 }

{ STR : 29 }

{ VIT : 29 }

{ WIS : 35 }

{ INT : 37 }

{ Passive skill : Mana Sense }

{ Active skill : Wind attribute, Earth attribute }

{ Name : Daphia }

{ Age : 21 }

{ STR : 37 }

{ VIT : 37 }

{ WIS : 43 }

{ INT : 43 }

{ Passive skill : Mana Sense }

{ Active skill : Fire attribute, Water attribute, Sewing, Cooking, }

Based on their stat, system said this equally to amature adventure. This is good enough for us to survive for earlier stage. We still need to training until we reach to the top or we can survive enough in this world but for me, we need to become strong. I still not believe or too trust in this world where anything can happened to us. Meth and Ririel physical body a little bit different even they train together. I saw Ririel body not suited for long term battle especially for melee. She can do it in short time but for a long duration she will collapse. However both of them have high on magic. With the increase of recovery and capacity of mana they can do a long time battle.

For Daphia, her stat is unexpected for me. I do not see her serious when doing training because I'm too busy training myself. With that stat I knew she serious. A mother and woman heart is hard to predict as always. She strong enough to beat 100 low class monster or adventure. As long as they weak there were no problem at all. I saw Daphia start teaching cooking and sewing to Meth and Ririel. Luckily Ririel parent give their permission.

{ Name : Aoras }

{ Age : 5 years old }

{STR : 35 }

{ VIT : 47 }

{ WIS : 57 }

{ INT : 57 }

{ Passive skill : Orgasm Parameter, Map, Advanced Appraisal, Basic Body Strengthening, Basic Penis Enlargement, Sword Mastery, Katana Mastery, Fast Learner, Impregnation Tool, Mana Sense }

{ Active skill : Hand of Pleasure Lv 3, Sweet Pheromone Lv 3, All attribute, Death attribute, Multiple Thought, Tongue of Aphrodisiac }

{ Sexual point (SP) : 390 }

{ Reserve SP : 22,771 }

{ Shop }

{ Inventory : Dome of Silence }

Like I said earlier the physical type made me stuck little bit because of age limitation and... the vitality thanks to Daphia during night activity. Ahem.... well for magic I use most basic thing from future knowledge that why I gain that state so high. If compare among all of us Daphia is the strongest because her stat is balance for melee, range and magic combat. It only that but as long there were stronger support from rear guard it will make it more easier

I asked Daphia to see if there anything item or material I can use for our journey. I'm shocked when Daphia bring me into the basement of house. Since when it exist but Daphia just giggle. She said Jake doing this to avoid getting stolen. I wonder why he need to make this basement. There many useless item said Daphia however there a few I can use and other we can bring with us later. I already learn and few non - attribute magic. There were a few thing need to build. A transportation and storage. Both of them can be build by using cheap material for short term. For long term will be later once we stabilize in town on city we in later. Daphia also said Jake put some money on here too. He said the money for emergency only. I do not know where he got this money but man. Total 700 gold coin. How I know? Thanks to the system said to me when I touch the pouch full of money.

She knew there so many coin in it but doesn't know how much of it. I better keep silent for a while. I wonder why Jake collect this money too much. Suddenly I saw a note fall down which I guess they slip between this pouch. Daphia pick it up and read it after few minutes she tear up which make me startled. She hugged me and I see what it said it the note.

" My family, this money is for you all. If one day you decided to leave this village use this money. I collected this money is for village to improve their life style. However I feel heavy to keep secret. When I saw Aosar, there were a light of mature in his eyes. I don't know what happened to him but for me this is a huge present for my family. My son, lead our family and if you wanted to help the village or not it all yours. I already saw my time is short. Have a good life and I hope you brave and patient on your life journey. Love you all from Jake. "

My hand trembling and after that I feel my cheek wet. I'm crying for the first time not as a baby but a son and leader of family. He do not explain the detail but the message is pack in it. Jake is sharp as well. He plan properly and do it alone however his wish does not granted so he passed to us. Both of us cried until we calm down and renew our determination. Our preparation for the journeys that laid on us.


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