Desire x Pleasure x System
10 New Clothes and Teaching Magic
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Desire x Pleasure x System
Author :MeianAneko
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10 New Clothes and Teaching Magic Vitality increase thanks to yesterday activity huh. I gain 100 SP and another 5 SP doing sex. Oh 100 more for the blowjob. We wake up earlier and go to bath together. As usual in the morning I will training my body and magic. Daphia wash the blanket end up stain with our fluids. Yesterday night we change many positions where she learned it too. Sometime I lead sometime she lead. Both of us quite crazy at the night. Luckily I use Dome of Silence to prevent any sound come out.

Meth just waking up and when she saw what I am doing she hurried go to bath. When she done, Daphia as usual helping Noar bath her since she still small and learning. Today I promise them to teach magic. I learned from Daphia that only a noble can know what attribute they have and how to train it. They need to sense the mana on their surrounding but this will take a time for a person to feel the mana. After successfully sense the mana they need to feel the mana inside their body after that they need to learn a chant each of the attribute. if they successfully chant the basic spell that mean they suitable and can use that type of attribute magic. However some of people got a useless attribute. A non - attribute which have a low fire power and other. only a few spell useful but still not lift the reputation of non - attribute.

It's not wrong with this all explanation Daphia said however there a few thing is missing. After they can sense mana the other mage can use mana to flow into the body which helping them sense the mana in their body. Mana is like a blood circulation. By placing a hand at the center of body mana will flow and follow the vessel of mana inside of the body which shortening the time training. In the future there will be no chanting magic. Chant revocation and chantless will be more popular. The most important aspect is how you use your mental imagination to form a magic spell based on what spell you use. The strong your imagination the strong magic is. This is what science knowledge needed but I will omit it and use other way to teach them a magic.

Few minutes later, Meth, Ririel and Daphia with Noar who want to follow her mother come to our backyard. This place is suitable because our place had many blind spot and people rarely come to here which make my experiment or training in secret. " Aosar, don't forget to teach us magic. You promised it. " I just smile " Yes, I can teach you however there a few thing I need to check first. What attribute you guys have. Everyone have different attribute. Some can use it and others cannot." Meth just nodded understand what I mean. There no need item to check it. Just use Advanced Appraisal to check what their attribute. This upgraded skill can see more detail on individual status. It little bit complicated so I will just say what their attribute. Meth have water, light and fire attribute. Ririel can use wind and earth magic. Lastly, Daphia can use fire and water magic. Okay, this make me surprise and they too shocked when I told them this. Usually most people, common sense only have one attribute only. More than that will be a rare case.

They asked me how I did know but I keep secret which make Meth and Ririel pout while Daphia just giggle. "Okay, before I'm started teaching you magic. First you need sense a mana in the air. " Ririel ride her hand " How we did it? Even you told us to sense it. If I remember what Daphia said mana is hard to see or feel it." I nodded. Her questions is not wrong for beginners. Mana is a substance where it hard to see or feel. That why the first training so hard but with science knowledge there a way to do it. I can give many example the help them feel the mana. The most important is knowledge and imagination. " Haha true that why I will give some example that will help you sense mana. " I paused and then continue " It not simple but try to feel like how the wind blowing to your skin. The wind is not visible with our naked eye but can feel it when there a wind blowing. How we can tell it by just looking? We saw the left swaying left and right and we feel it touching our skin. It's the same for mana but the different is mana not like a wind. Just think like we are breathing for air and feel like wind touching our skin. This way might help you feel the mana. It hard to explain how it feel when you sense the mana but you will know it by yourself. "

They nodded and start to practice it. We can do it without close the eye but for who want more concentration it more prefer to do that way. I keep practice my magic until there no mana left. After that I need to wait mana to fill it up again. It depend on person itself. Sometime it take few hour and there a day to recover it. The reason why I train until my mana is exhausted is to increase my recovery and capacity of mana. 2 hour later, I'm playing wit Noar so she doesn't disturb Daphia to training. At first she seem interested in my lesson however now Daphia so eager to learning the magic. I don't know what she think but there were reason behind it. This must related to our conversation last night and she saw a chance to improve and protect her family. Well there no need hold her back and I already planning to teach them anyway. After that I heard an excited voice.

" I did it! I can feel the mana! " ( Meth )

" Amazing, I can feel it too. " ( Ririel )

" This is...mana. It hard to tell how we can feel and know this is mana. " ( Daphia )

Meth is so excited she can feel the mana. Ririel and Daphia amaze by how they feel and know the mana. It really good and it make me happy too. " Alright now let take another step. Feel the mana inside our body. I will help by flowing my mana into your body so you can feel how your mana flow in your body. This step only take few minutes but it depend on each individual too. " They nodded and Meth fidgeting like she want to learn magic but I reminded her to be more patient which make Ririel and Daphia laugh. Simple by putting my hand on their back with or without the clothes is the same since mana can flow through of the material not anti magic that it. By flow the mana they start to focus. I do on Meth and Ririel first by placing my hand on their back.

" " ( Meth )

" Ahn! " ( Ririel )

" Focus on sensing your mana inside the body. " Damn, I forgot to control the mana. Sometime it can hurt people but there a case if do it on women they will suddenly feel pleasure of you not control the flow of mana. Daphia just smile and giggle. Noar start to feel sleepy so Daphia pick her up and go inside of the house so that she can sleep. It took few minutes they can feel itand Daphia also coming back which I put both of my hand on her back and this time I control it. Daphia seem dissatisfied she cannot feel the pleasure but seriously I do not want Meth and Ririel misunderstand me and keep our secret for a while. After that Daphia also got feel it too.

" Alright, I will demonstrate the basic spell and I want to cast it without chanting the spell. " There no other way other than demonstrate the magic itself. I cannot use the other type of way since they lack of knowledge that needed in my explanation which it take a time for it. I can depend on their talent and skill to comprehend the magic.

" Why we do not use chant instead? " asked Daphia. She knew the magic because of the place where she live before coming here. I just shook my head which make Daphia confuse. " It true chanting can make you easy to cast a spell but it need use your imagination too how to form the magic itself. Why there no need to chant the spell is because in the battle 1 seconds is counted as important in our life. 1 seconds can make anything happen. That why I think by use spell without any chanting can make out battle and other thing more easier. Except for non - attribute which they need to said the name spell. " Daphia nodded understand what I mean. Like I said 1 second is meaningful to mage and others which lead the result of it. The non - attribute is the exception but they can activate fast enough once we speak the spell name.

After that I demonstrate basic magic spell for each attribute they have and give a tip how to imagine it. I also take some work stick and other item to make them understand how to activate the spell. With the support of item I give to them make the training process become smooth. For example stick is for fire that will burn it. O show the fire in my hand but that also took my mana so I decided this way of training. Luckily we have candle however I not using it because it too precious for us now. By teaching and explained based on their understanding, all of them can use basic spell of magic. After that I started to make their foundation more stronger so in the future their power keep grew stronger. I'm also tell them to keep using the magic until mana exhausted so they can get used to it and increase their recovery and capacity of mana. They also knew magic need always to keep training for a while since there no situation where you in life battle experience so only continuously training casting a magic can help them for a while.

After that we rest a bit and resume our training until noon. Ririel go back to her home Meth and Daphia feel exhausted... mental exhausted because they need to use their brain to image and think. Mana also the reason why they exhausted. For the beginner this what side effect for continuous exhaust their mana. In the end Daphia just cook a simple meal and all of them fall asleep except for me and Noar who just woke up. I just playing and teach her some word to write and speak it properly. I also use my free time to check the clothes in the shop. Most clothes Daphia and other use quite pity for me since the quality is low and design so lame. There underwear but no bra or panties. At the bottom part their underwear like a man underwear and I notice during menstruation Daphia use a loincloth to avoid any blood flow out and dirty other clothes. However with this type she cannot move too much.

That why I buy some a bra, panties and sanitary pad during menstruation. I go to Daphia who already woke up and doing house work. " Mom, can you sewing a cloth? " Daphia look at me feel weird why I asked it.

" Yes, I can. At least I can do it but not the like a merchant that sold the clothes. " ( Daphia )

" That plenty enough. I want you to make something based on this. " ( Aosar )

I already gave the bra and panties to her. She takes it a check it out. She amaze with the design of those underwear. Well you know the modern era have a sewing machine so the pattern of sewing more nice and cool.

" This thing is amazing. This underwear?" ( Daphia)

Sharp as usual. I nodded and explain why this underwear design is new to her. The bra as you can see hold the breast and force to fight the gravity. It also prevent the breast got saggy once they age increase. The panties I don't know but sanitary pad is good combination with it since the design and use can put on it. I also pull out the sanitary pad and told her if she had menstruation later this can be used later on. Can bury or just burn it.

" This is amazing. It help a lot with simple design. I can make it. " ( Daphia )

" Yeah, except sanitary pad. Please keep it secret for a while. To making it quite difficult and I getting it by using something secret hehe. Ah, that underwear is for you. " ( Aosar )

Daphia just nodded do not want to pry any further. After that I saw she had a few material for sewing. Even it quality not the same but the underwear she make is useful enough. She also make for Meth and Ririel except for the sanitary pad she does not share it to Ririel because we wanted to avoid any necessary problem. It not we do not trust her just the situation still not on our side. Meth and Ririel feel happy when get to wear it and they feel good once use it. We keep continue exercise and train on magic. I planning to go out of this village as fast as possible but I do not plan to abandoned this place anyway.


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