Desire x Pleasure x System
9 A secret, Truth and Future Problem
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Desire x Pleasure x System
Author :MeianAneko
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9 A secret, Truth and Future Problem

About 30 minutes, I'm waking up and saw Daphia caressing my head. Look like she quite energetic. " Do you feel good? " She smiled and nodded " Yes, my sexual stress reduce little bit. " Eh, little bit.... she quite good at that part. No wonder Jake can hold it up. We just keep silent for a while and Daphia suddenly get up and sit.

" There something I want to tell you. This topic I want to tell you when you age reach teenager however when look at your attitude maybe I should tell you. My background story and how this lead Jake to passed away. " I just lay at the bed while waiting she to continue. As I thought her sharp sense quite good. I also predict something happened that time. What I heard and saw via Map skill. It's already enough for me to take action but for someone and this world who lack knowledge and technologies. It make to investigate and people can easily become a black lamb.

" I'm Daphia Xyroth. From Xyroth families second daughter. As you heard my name. For who have family name mostly of them for human race is a noble to certain nation. Our family serve to Lunaviria Kingdom which our village border with them. " I amaze she is a noble daughter however how she end up here. That's my question which may lead to now. I sit up to show I'm seriously on this topic.

" Our family just rise about 10 years ago. My father succeed open the land and gain a lot merit which end up our family rank up to Baron." She smile happy her family succeeded gain noble rank. It's hard to get because there many thing need to do it. " It's peaceful for our family until one of the Earl third son send and engagement letter to us. He doesn't check the background of that person and just accepted which it turn up me to become as his bride. " This is the turning event happened in Daphia life. Her face show how sad she is. Regret her father does not discuss with Daphia. " Mohter become so mad when she learned this and told everything what that person is. He is the worst human if you meet him. Womanizer but once something happened he abandon them. Use money and power and mistreating people. This already been known among commoner and before our family rise to noble rank. " I sit on her lap to calm her down. She hugged me.

" Father when knew it cannot sudden refuse because our rank is too different. My mother become so mad which nearly make our family fall. Luckily my elder sister, Diana calm the situation. She also hate what father did. You can said father is too rush which is not a good part of him Sometime it good but it can bring harm to you. Diana already married to another family. which quite good because he really care about her. " Look like both of them have a good relationship. Her mother is a good person too. Just Daphia's father which make me annoyed. Too rush which make me asked how can he successfully gain so much merit and open new land. Is it not weird.

" From the an absurd idea coming from Diana. She told me to run away. Because the Earl location is far from our place which took a few weeks via carrier. Father want to object it but because of the pressure from my mother and Diana. He just let us do what we want. I know father care about me but at least please discuss with our family first." I already know why her father want to object. Different noble rank and if some one lower than that if anything that lead to disrespect make the reputation fall. This way is good since the one did is Daphia herself.

" What happened next? " I asked since she suddenly become quiet. " I successfully escape from our territory with the help from both of them. I saw father quite mad but we think he also the one who make mistake too. Last letter I got from my family the engagement had been broken. I meet Jake who work as adventure during staying at the town." I see, so Jake and Daphia meet by coincidence. She not detail on part how she meet but who care about it.

" After we got married. Jake knew I as noble daughter who run away from the engagement so he decide us to live here. This village actually an abandoned project from one of the Lunaviria. They said this land will not bring profit. " The hell with that. I saw a bounty of resources here. Oh.... I forget about this era. Their knowledge is still shallow.

" Hehehe, I forgot to mention that person name because after this he was related to Jake death. His name is Bordin Zhorian. The Zhorian family is quite known with their dark side. Even royal family had a hard time to deal with them. Bordin is the third son I mention earlier. He really persistent which he become adventure to find me which lead to Jake. " Hoho this is coincidence or some information leaked? "Jake told me he doesn't know him at first and he also the same. Until his party coming to this village which I guess this totally coincidence for him. For Bordin even I'm just a piece of chest. I notice him but luckily I'm aft as I do not know him. Jake knew later when he got sneak attacked by him which I regret so much not told him earlier. "

There tear drop little by little on my head. "Daphia, sometime our action bring benefit and bad to us. However we must think it as positive to move forward. I know it's your fault. Let's make example situation. If Jake knew earlier how he reacts when he already in his teammates. Some of them might suspicious with Jake action. There too many situation and result coming out from our action but this time it lead to benefit for us. Jake take an action which until now there no one disturb our life." Daphia notice what I'm saying. It already take too long why that Bordin does not come here. She suddenly remembered. Yes, he also adventure and his party busy with their quest which led how to find a suitable time. However she worry how much time left. "There no need to worry about it. Our plan already begin. We just need to move earlier or not." Daphia surprised by Aosar statements. She remembers what he doing lately. Training and exercise. This may lead them to leave this village but she feel so bad to leave.

"About that I including it in my plan too. This village can prosper if we know how to do. " Daphia eye open wide surprise "Really? You knew quite a lot, huh." I just nodded. "Oh, there one more important thing I need to tell you. " I look up and my brow move up showing what it is. " If you worry about marriage between sibling or parent please do not worry about it. This is common thing in this continent. Not many do it but some of it yes So if you life Meth and Noar just go conquer them! "

"Bfft!? *cough* *cough* "

"Hey are you okay!?" Daphia flustered when I suddenly coughing. Why? Because this sudden change topic make me surprise and with that fact already make me gulp my saliva too fast which stuck on my throat. "No, nothing. I quite surprised the thing you said earlier. " She just giggle. Since there no other thing to talk we continue our activity about 6 round which make me exhausted and Daphia face shine satisfied her pent up already been release. Daphia background who as a noble daughter. Problem with that bastard, Zordin. Time ticking which make me think to move on now. However to willing offer her daughter to me make my common sense from previous world mess up. People will do " Police, catch this person!!! He guilty !!! " Haaaa I'm tired. My eye become heavy and then fell asleep....guh.


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