Desire x Pleasure x System
8 Mother“s “love“
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Desire x Pleasure x System
Author :MeianAneko
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8 Mother“s “love“

A month had passed and right now I'm training my magic. Luckily I had a way to train in because there already a knowledge in my head. First you need to know and feel a mana. After that try to cast any basic spell attribute you can use. I can use all of it so there no problem. With both knowledge I had, it become easy and obtain a chantless skill. As I thought we can obtain a skill by training however it took a time unless you have Fast Learner skill, talent or hard work to get it. I prefer get the skill first then trial and error how they work. After that train on it to make your body adept to the skill you own. There were something make me curious how this era gain their skill and others. Based on the memory I got they really more advanced than us. I really lucky at that time one of the villager use basic magic spell but their chant invocation take a few seconds too complete.

You might think few seconds is too short and still good. Actually it's really bad. There enemy who can move or attack a few time for 1 seconds will decide the battle. Right now if my prediction is correct the mage position at the rear of party. Even it hard to get to them but once the mage down the party can easily fall if they depend on it only. Haaaa..... I need to get out of the village to see how much develop on this world. My mana have increase a lot because I always spend it all which make me tired and fall asleep. Luckily it not make me fainted if not Daphia will get angry a lot. I remember during take care of Noar. I accidentally trip my leg when lift some heavy thing and crash on the book shelf. All of the book fall from it but luckily it not fall toward me. Daphia surprised by the sound something fall and hurry to the sound where it came. I just laughed but in the end she got mad and lecture me. The face she show really scary me. Well, I know she really care about me so in the end just short lecture and we clean it up and for a day she hold me up until I got free at night for the sleep.

" Aosar, it's time for you to take a bath now. " Daphia call me out. I'm the last person enter the bathroom. Usually after exercise Daphia and Meth will go in first. They already knew I can use magic and promise them to teach magic later on. Even though I'm just 5 years old it just make me weird like it normal for them or this village already weird. I don't know which one. Daphia also take a chance to bath Noar that why I'm always the last. The best moment is lately she always helping me wash my body. At the same time use Sweet Pheromone on her. Since the skill already level up she seem cannot hold it too much. I will take it slowly for her to get conquered.

As usual taking towel and go to bathroom. There no tub or shower but luckily there a barrel full of water and the floor is solid which Jake might modified little bit. Few seconds later a door open with a creak sound. My eye open wide amaze by her body. Why? Because right now she naked! She usually wrap her towel around the body. Her height about 150 cm with her smooth and white skin. Her body become more curve on certain part after doing the exercises I'm told to her. I quickly turn away. Damn it, my first time saw naked women body.

" Hehehe, surprised? Let was your body then. " there a little bit red on her face and I know where she glanced little bit. As usual she scope the water using basin and wash my head. There no soap here. When I asked she asked only noble can have it. Tub also have it because the cost to built it is expensive. Somehow I started hate noble. In my previous world some may not afford it but majority can buy it especially the soap. There a high and low quality with different price. In the end it still soap which all of it can use it. I will make sure to make it when there enough material.

My thought suddenly cut when something touch my lower part. The view quickly spin make me dizzy little bit. I feel warm and soft on my penis. When look down Daphia already do it on it.

[ You gain 100 SP for the first time having a blowjob from Daphia. Any women who first time doing the action they never did. You will gain more points. ]

Quite generous aren't you? Giving point too much which make me doubt little bit.

[ No, this system calculate and decided to give you more point. In the future you might encounter any danger beyond what you imagine. So this is preparation for you. ]

I agree what you said then. Daphia keep her head move up and down while keep looking at me. Even this is her first time doing it. This feel so good that I hold her head " Mom, something coming! " Pushing my hips forward and then climax. Daphia little bit surprised but she swallow it. I groan still cumming for few minutes. Isn't this too long!?

" Puwah, oh my quite a lot come out. " she smile which make me hard again. She just giggle and clean me up again and wash her mouth. She wrap the towel around me and then go out the bathroom. We walk to Daphia bedroom. Once we in I quickly pull out the Dome of Silence to keep sound coming to outside of this room. Putting device to drawers. I saw Daphia already at the bed.

" Sorry for the sudden thing I made to you. I don't know why but my heart beating hard and my feeling grown stronger. " She pause and look up. " Jake passed away and I'm so lonely. He asked me to take care all of it. Suddenly when you 5 years old everything change. No when you have been born. You teach some exercise to us where never one did it. Your magic too make me amaze. Like you already a mature person, Aosar. "

I just nodded. She quite a sharp person. Her observation in at top notch unless some one higher than her make she hard to read people. I walk to help and jump to the bed. " Many things I want to tell you it's not time yet. " I stand up and pull her head toward my face. She try to hold her crying but fail. She hugged meand started crying. 10 minutes later she calm down and suddenly she kissing me.

" I love you, Aosar. I know this wrong but my feeling told me to do this if not I will regret it forever." she try to smile but seem there something conflict inside her heart. I just smile " Love as a mother or women. I don't care as long as you agree to be with me. " Uwah, what the heck I'm saying. Trust me this sentence suddenly got out of my mouth.

We kiss each other for few seconds until there a sound of slurping. Right now we in deep kissing. My hand start to peel her tower and massage her breast while playing with her nipple too. She started to moan and she fall down lay in the bed. We break the kiss and she started looking away but I saw her face is red. Slowly open her leg showing me a secret garden. There no pubic hair however it already wet so there no need to prepare. My weapon already hard. I approach slowly and she stare at my weapon.

" For a child to have a big size than normal. I wonder it will grow bigger and longer than normal adult man" She amaze wit my weapon and I smirk " It will. " She realise I heard it. Her face become red but do not move her eye from it. My weapon already touch her entrance which make her body shiver. Without any warning I pull back and shove into her until there a slapping sound.

"Ahhhh!?" with Sweet Pheromone on her arousal keep increasing making her more sensitive and.

[ Congratulations for losing your virginity. You gain 100 SP and an option have been added to Orgasm Parameter. You can now have a free control on your partner orgasm. Pause the bar to let the individual pleasure never increase until you release it. Overload the orgasm than the parameter set will let the individual have extreme pleasure until the user release it too. ]

Oh, nice. I want to try it on then. " Mom, I will....."

" Daphia, please call me Daphia during we doing it each other, Aosar. "

I just nodded " Daphia, I will move now." She smile and I started move in and out. She try to hold her moan but failed and just let her moan. Her bar increase in fast pace while I still half of it. Wait, why I can see my bar too!?

[ System decide to help user match the timing so both of you can climax together. ]

Oh pretty good since I upgraded this system. Darn people will be jealous haha. Her bar near to 100% so I started to overload her pleasure. "Uh, ahn...ah..ahh what is this. I feel so good!!!"

I increase my pace and pounded her secret garden until I reach my limit too. " Argh, I'm coming!" At the same time I release it at the same time I do not forget to turn off the Impregnation tool so she doesn't get pregnant. "Yes, yes!!! Together coming with me! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! " Both of us having a climax at the same time. Her inside had been filled however it flooded out because I coming inside her too much for few minute. Again why it take so much! Daphia face like ahegao. Her body twitching. eye rolled up and tongue already out of the mouth. Yeah, she a pervert and fainted too. The pleasure seem too much. Phew, it took a toll on my body for kid. I laid down beside her and fell asleep.


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