Desire x Pleasure x System
7 Buy and Training
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Desire x Pleasure x System
Author :MeianAneko
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7 Buy and Training

It's already noon now. At last my feeling calm down and time to check my skill. Most of skill I had buy already taken it's effect. My status as you can see it high or not. After confirming with system with way higher than normal beginner adventure. Seriously this make me amaze too. The reason is Basic Body Strengthening increase my strength and vitality. For wisdom and intelligent because of I gain memories of Great Sage. Basic Penis Enlargement already activated which now if I feel arouse that thing will be hard and stand straight ready to aim its target . This morning I try Sweet Pheromone on Daphia. It's so effective only take 5 minutes before her face beet red and breathing starting to get rough. I saw she look at me and just smile to her. Then she goes to her room and I can hear a moan little bit. Looks like she doing it and now I know how this skill worked.

The Appraisal skill is little bit problem. This skill make me saw individual status but only the name, age and state they in right now. It happened during Jake incident too which is why I knew he had been poison. When I appraise Meth, Ririel and Daphia make me speechless.

{ Name : Meth }

{ Age : 13 }

{State : Like Aosar }

{ Name : Ririel }

{ Age : 17 }

{ State : Like Aosar }

{ Name : Daphia }

{ Age : 21 }

{ State : In love to Aosar }

Both Meth and Ririel development really fast. Their body looks their mother. Meth breast only reach to D - cup so I think she will reach to Daphia level in the future. Ririel stopped only at E - cup but she become more beautiful. Daphia, you can said woman who already had taste pleasure. You can saw the difference aura between virgin and non-virgin. Oh yeah, Noar healthy as usual. Her age different is one year young from me so sometime she always stick to me wherever I go. She can start talk call Daphia "Mama" which her reaction same like in the past too. What I do not expect she call me "Papa" which end up me slip the book fall on to my head. Daphia hurriedly help me out and correctly tell me is his brother. I saw a glimpse of sadness in her eye.

The problem right now is their state especially Daphia. Like to me I can guess because I always helping and playing with them. Whatever happened I will follow their instructions innocently because that time I'm boring there nothing can do. The problem is Daphia.

[ Answer. The main reason is she always got climax each time she breastfeeding you. She had feeling on you when your age reach 5 years old but she bury it too deep in her heart. However when using Sweet Pheromone in the morning her will crumble and that how her state showing how she feel toward you. ]

What!? I want to faint when hearing this. Her feeling as mother turn to loving me as a man. Quite dramatic change which impossible to happened in my previous world. It's rare moment! Well, this can speed up my progress anyway. Anyway, I had a lot point to spend. There were skill I need to take based on Great Sage memories to increase my rate of survival. Also a skill for sex especially to prevent my women pregnant. Don't misunderstand what I mean here. There no platform or foundation been build so making my women pregnant earlier without preparation really showed you stupid enough. Money and strength needed to protect your family. Too much step I can do with SP but needed a lot women too so you need considering many thing even it just a small case. Seriously, even my previous life women feelings cannot be underestimated. I'm had talent saw their inner feeling but women most complicated. I nearly dig a grave myself which is funny thing during my life luckily they understood how I am but why there no one like me? Simple, some one block it with their power which make me saw they afraid their own shadow How I die? Mumumumu... if I remember correctly there someone to save from danger but that happened too fast so it so hazy. Not truck-san okay.

Back to topic, the skill I want is All - attribute magic set. Fire, water, wind, earth, light, dark and non - attribute can help me a lot in combat other than melee. I can do both type combat to increase my survival. Non - attribute is most important to me. I can make many technologies from this magic alone but that not enough for me by the way. Rare attribute most I wanted is Death attribute where it's too useful. It make me wonder this skill exist in the shop. Why I know about this skill? I read a novel related to this skill where mc gain this rare skill but a few time misfortune to him until he got up again become more overpowered. This skill can help a lot on medical treatment and other thing. With this I can develop the area smoothly without worrying the negatives impact to us. Appraisal need to be upgraded so I can saw stat and penetrate their defence if they using some concealment item to hide their status if this thing exist. I need to check it in the future. I also take sword and katana mastery because it really my favorite. I know this is common thing but just don't care about it.

Furthermore, I'm taking Fast Learner skill. With my talent plus Fast Learner it can short the time duration taken during study or training. Multiple thought skill can reduce the thought processing during my work or in the battle. This is all skill I will buy is for my daily life which can make me lazy and a cheated player. For the sex skill I will take Impregnation tool. I already said the reason earlier so there no need to explain it again. Upgraded Sweet Pheromone to level 3. Tongue of aphrodisiac make me interesting so I will buy it. Too much skill so I don't know what to do.

[ Notice. You can upgrade the system with 10000 SP to unlock more option in the shop. The system also evolve to sentient being to help you manage or inform any important or danger to you. ]

Lucky, I quickly spend the SP which make me cry since it take a lot of point but the skill I will buy is still enough to spend from remaining point. It take few minute and there a huge change on shop. Spice, food, vehicle, herb, weapon and many other things I can spend point on it. Still it need sexual points. I do not know want to laugh or not. By the way this is list of the skill I want earlier and how much point needed.

[ Advanced Appraisal < 50 SP > More advanced than Appraisal skill. Showing more detail information on status individual. ]

[ All attribute set <140 SP > Contain fire, water, wind, earth, light, dark and non - attribute. Enable the uer have all attribute that exist in this world. ]

[ Death attribute < 250 SP > A rare attribute control the death. This attribute still do not exist in this world. ]

[ Sword mastery <100 SP > A mastery of any sword the user choose ]

[ Katana mastery <100 SP > A mastery focusing on katana ]

[ Fast Learner <250 SP > : Improve the learning of user and reduce time taken during study or training. ]

[ Multiple thought < 250 SP > : Increasing thought processing. ]

[ Tongue of Aphrodisiac <250 SP > : The user can secrete aphrodisiac from it's mouth. Increasing individual arousal. Doesn't effect on the user. ]

[ Impregnation Tool < 50SP > : This skill can on and off. When the skill on the user can impregnated his partner. The opposite effect for turning off the skill, the user still can release it's sperm. The effect only make woman not got pregnant whatever they do. ]

[ Sweet Pheromone Lv 3 <450 SP> : The user can target 2 person and the rate of effect of the skill is 9 meter. This skill can increase individual arousal. ]

The Sweet Pheromone is most expensive I had spend point into it. Each level up they increase 100 points. For example level 1 need to spend 250 SP and for the next level is 350 SP. So the total I spend on this skill is 800 SP. Even I have more than 20 thousand point it feel like I want to spend it more. After few minutes thinking at last I decided to put on Reserve spot.

{ Name : Aoras }

{ Age : 5 years old }

{STR : 27 }

{ VIT : 27 }

{ WIS : 27 }

{ INT : 27 }

{ Passive skill : Orgasm Parameter, Map, Advanced Appraisal, Basic Body Strengthening, Basic Penis Enlargement, Sword Mastery, Katana Mastery, Fast Learner, Impregnation Tool }

{ Active skill : Hand of Pleasure Lv 3, Sweet Pheromone Lv 3, All attribute, Death attribute, Multiple Thought, Tongue of Aphrodisiac }

{ Sexual point (SP) : 0 }

{ Reserve SP : 22,771 }

{ Shop }

{ Inventory : Dome of Silence }

The next day in the morning I'm started doing exercises based on my previous world. Meth and Ririel interested what I am doing so they want to join in. Women and men have different physic so the exercise routine will be different too. Women physic are more suitable on flexibility and dexterity where's men are suitable for agility, strength and defense. I show and teach them some exercise move that suitable for them. After that we start training ourselves in the morning and evening. Daphia also interested in exercise what her daughter do so she join in too. I also remind them wear a clothes that easy to move in. Look like the clothes in this world is far behind than my world or in the future too. Their breast keep bouncing really attract me like magnet but for now I will endure it.

1 weeks later the result showed up. My body not change to much since I limit myself not to gain muscle earlier for personal reason. Daphia, Meth and Ririel become stronger and flexible without gaining a single muscle not to mention they had broader curves on the right place. The other villager saw this changed and ask them in the end the boomerang come hit me back so I need to explain it again for men and women. After 3 weeks, the man villager become slim and fit and the same thing happened to women like Daphia, Meth and Ririel. Farmer can do their work longer than before and had more efficient. Hunter gain more food for their family and share to other too. Guards become more stronger keeping any monster coming near to the village. We keep doing this training to maintain our body. There so many I can suggest to them however it's not a good timing.


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