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Desire x Pleasure x System
Author :MeianAneko
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6 Thebarilia

Today Daphia teaching me history of Thebarilia. How this world is made of. There a good behind the scene make all of this happened. I believe that since all of it had a reason behind of it. Anyway back to topic. Daphia said there Human, elves, dwarves and beastmen in this world for what the inhabitants knew. Eventually they discovered more race living in this Thebarilia. It's just a rare moment of individual meet or saw them. Based on the report there were vampires, ghoul, centaur, on I and many other race where people nearly mistake them as monster. However majority kingdom and empire in this world decided to label them as "people". Each of new species they had conversations. They knew those also a "person" or "people". There some illegal activity and other which the government try to prevent it. But they cannot to cover it all.

Human is most populate in this world. The record saying during ancient era there were a high human but the scholar never found any clue how to turn into it. Huh, isn't that bad like for me? Actually I don't expect it but if there some hint I might search for it. Back to topic, human have high reproduction. Because of the short life span human diligently improve themselves.

During a few decade later, adventure found a ruins there were a marked of civilization. Much more advanced than what we had now but some knowledge gone which make them needed trial and error. This take a time for them to complete it. Next, Elves have a less reproduction. They strong on magic which make them have a lot mage, magic warrior and others. They not hard working like human but because of their knowledge is more vast than human. Most of elves live near world tree. There a few world tree in this world which make me confuse but I put that thought aside when I meet them later. Until now human cannot invade the elves nation because the report saying there a higher race than elves. A high elves which more powerful than elves however there were no other report rather than saw they only appear when elves in dire situation or some rare occasions.

Dwarves in this world which make me more weird. They short stature but most of them have a body like a human. The difference is their ear which sharp point like elves and their hair which really a lot and thick on the head. The female is quite ridiculous for me. Most of them have a big breast. If some of them have a small one their family might help their daughter buying some medicine to increase their hormones which develop their body. Some of them doesn't care and other care for it. Argh why there a topic in this book. Daphia realize what she read and just laughed dryly. Oh, they also have high tolerance of alcohol.

Lastly, beastmen. They have high reproduction. They had strong strength, agility and dexterity. It's also depend on what kin their born with. There too many kin such as rabbit, tiger, cat, wing and others in their nation. Their appearance is most of them have a human face and body. To define what kin their in is by ear, tail and other parts on their bodies. For an example a cat kin, they have a cat tail and ear. Have some fur on their back.

There were a demon race but the book mention it little bit. I asked Daphia why there no record on it. Daphia reply to me she wonder that too and she got some information leaked from some where most of human race thought they as monster. She doesn't know anything unless we meet them. Uwah, she just smile like it's not her problem. Ah, talking about monster. This creatures exist because of mana where they had been mutant with dense mana which changed their appearances and make them more aggressive which is why most of nation agreed to establish the adventure. Most of them worried about fund and the people they needed to hunt and protect the city, town and village. That's foundation of adventure coming from. There were exist a dungeon and tower which can provide more supply to support their economy nation. This really bring them many benefit from it. The tower is like a dungeon but the report said it depends on the inside. Some of them is labyrinths. Inside of it is like a maze and have a few type on each floor. The book doesn't tell more detail on it. How about dungeon? Each floor have one species only but they also depend on adventure rank to enter it. The logical different between them is easy. Tower have a last boss on last highest floor. When the part member successfully kill them. Monster stop appearing and there treasure room where the rewards had been provided for the team successfully conquer the tower. After 20 minutes the tower will be gone. The dungeon is by destroying dungeon core. Same with tower monster will stop appear and dungeon will collapse. The guild will rewarded to the team who succeeded.

There is a Merchant Guild is useful top. They buy and sell. Monster part, herb, medicine, spice, clothes and others thing related to trading. We can register on this guild if wanted to become a merchant as long as there money and merchandise we can sold to the people. I saw a lot potential on this part because there item we can make easily first and sell it. The things I can do is underwear and simple clothes where they can easily wear during training or at home. Man and woman is our potential customer but I know the woman most big impact to our business. Ahem....that will be in the future. Quite a lot thing need to do.

[ Congratulations, by learning little bit the history of Thebarilia. Your stat have been available. From now on you can start training and buy skill from the shop that suitable for you. ]

{ Name : Aoras }

{ Age : 5 years old }

{STR : 27 }

{ VIT : 27 }

{ WIS : 27 }

{ INT : 27 }

{ Passive skill : Orgasm Parameter, Map, Appraisal, Basic Body Strengthening, Basic Penis Enlargement }

{ Active skill : Hand of Pleasure Lv 3, Sweet Pheromone Lv 1 }

{ Sexual point (SP) : 34980 }

{ Reserve SP : 31 }

{ Shop }

{ Inventory : Dome of Silence }

Anyway...I work too hard which I end up collected SP too much. 34980 SP gain before I completely reach 3 years old. I work hard but this is too much make the Hand of Pleasure level up. I can cheat with many skill in the shop. This case had been confirmed with system the point I collected is not too much because there is more skill expensive in the shop. After checked it out, it make me totally speechless. Let's put that aside and for now I want to play. to keep this thing bothering me.


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