Desire x Pleasure x System
5 5 Years Old
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Desire x Pleasure x System
Author :MeianAneko
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5 5 Years Old

Today, Jake will leave go back continue his job as adventure. It's depend on what quest their team party take and the rewards they got after finishing it. The food supply Jake provide to us last long for few month but for worse he always come back a few time per 2 month. Our family cannot eat all the food he buy but it's for other family that live in this village. I just know this village had never merchant visit here so the villager cannot buy anything. Only Jake can help them little bit. This situation is more dire than I thought. I cannot guess why but there must a reason behind this thing happened to the village.

I also heard some youngster leave this village which make it very the situation become more worse. I can see many potential to improve the life style. They just lack of knowledge, technology and the people to work on it. Haaaa.... nothing can do since I'm still a baby. Daphia keep holding me while looking at Jake preparing his equipment. After that he kiss Daphia on the lip and then kiss me on the cheek. "Take care of our family while I'm away." said Jake. Daphia nodded and smile "Yes, you too be careful out there." We go out of the house and this is my first time too step out from my house. Well that because Daphia holding me. There a horse and carriage which I guess that for bring food supply and other thing between the village and the town. He rode the horse and Daphia wave her hand slowly until Jake gone from our sight.

From there my mother talked with her neighbor at the same time they also caressing and watch my cute baby face. It's annoy me but for the sake Daphia I'm endure this torture as baby. I also got known who is our village chief and his family. They only have 1 daughter named Ririel, 11 years old. Long brown hair to the back. Brown and sharp eye but with her beautiful white skin make her not scary. Lastly her slender body with D-cup size and small butt. Her face show me that she not scary because right now playing with my hand where I grab her finger. One more thing I wonder why their growths so different which make me diszy. Puberty is one of the reason which logical in any world however based one Great Sage memory this because of the existence of mana effect to our bodies. Village chief name is Doland. His body really big like a bear with his muscle and brown sharp eye really make me shocked. Daphia just giggle because she saw my body and face showed it. However Doland just smiled wryly and scratch.his heard. His wife is Nana her look is Ririel adult version. Both of them already old. Around 40 years old maybe so I wonder how they got child. Maybe last minute where they successfully bear the child and then stopped. That not my matter anyway.

For now, Daphia, Meth and Ririel will be my rltarget to become my women. Meth and Ririel is an easy target for me. When I grown up from there I will start playing with them and try using Sweet Pheromone skill. Daphia is quite hard. It not the part where I conquer her. Just when Jake still alive it make the situation hard to hide. Any change I do to her Jake might notice it. It's all depends on time when I can start with her. 3 weeks ago and yesterday make me gain total 368 points. Now I can buy the other skill had been postponed until now. Sweet Pheromone, Appraisal, Basic Body Strengthening and Basic Penis Enlargement. Now my point already had been reduce to 18 points. There a good item I found which useful for me. The Dome of Silence.

[ Dome of Silence <10> : Creating invisible barrier to prevent any of sound go out of the barrier. Limit of range is 50m. This barrier change their range base on the room where device put in it. The barrier can be setting up depend on it user will. ]

Super cool and advance technologies. You can prevent any secret conversation from leaking to the outside of barrier. This device also can help you spy on enemy to gain the information from them. The disadvantage of this device is people can enter and exit easily. If there a group of people and some of it suddenly cannot heard their call or conversation between them it will rise their suspicion. Lastly the device really small but can easily make this item drop if we careless not handle it properly. Alright, for the 8 more points I decided to put it on reserve slot.

{ Name : Aoras }

{ Age : 10 months }

{ Passive skill : Orgasm Parameter, Map, Appraisal, Basic Body Strengthening, Basic Penis Enlargement }

{ Active skill : Hand of Pleasure Lv 1, Sweet Pheromone Lv 1 }

{ Sexual point (SP) : 0 }

{ Reserve SP : 31 }

{ Shop }

{ Inventory : Dome of Silence }

Oh, so there an inventory had been provided. Interesting, I wonder this can be used to store other item. Did ot work or living to or not. Cannot wait to try it out later on. Nor much change happened on my life. For 3 years I had breastfeeding from Daphia. Six months I keep drinking and after that for the rest of the time she started provided me some solid food litte by little which decrease my breastfeeding time about 2 time per day. In other words I can farm SP only 5 time per day only. Luckily, I already spent some SP to provide my first growth when reach 5 years old. During this 2 years ago which before 1 years my breastfeeding end. Daphia pregnant again. Sometime Jake come back home 2 or 3 month for few times bring back supply for our family and villager. Sometime his party member follow him along however there a enemy among them. How I know? Map skill showing one of Jake teammates showing a red dot. A man plus just average appearance. It hostile to my family which is why the map show that person as red dot. Damn already had enemy in my life.

Daphia and Jake also happy when I can start crawling, speak and walk little by little. Jake pick me up and throw me into the air which end up I'm crying. Seriously I'm crying because his strength so strong which make me feel so scared. Daphia scold him at that time which make me laughed watching it. Daphia reaction is unbelievable for me. She crying and kiss me many time. Pardon me, kiss on the my cheek okay?.The most unforgettable moment is when I call her Mama. She froze for few minutes before start crying.

Daphia also giving birth to a baby girl named as Noar. That time I'm already 3 years old. My family having happy moment in their life got another family member. However 2 years later,during at that time duration a bad news arrived to our family. Jake got injured during his escort quest. An enemy their caravan but successfully counter it. There no nothing we saw it but he told us it a unknown poison and he doesn't know what it is. I know what it is based on Appraisal but it's too late to save him.

Daphia and Meth feel so sad crying his time is not long to live and at that night Jake told one shocking news. Actually one of his teammates who did it during the fight with enemy bandit. He know who it is so he decided to quit the party quietly so they not notice it. Daphia open her eye widely and then cry. Jake manage to calm her down when he remind of their son and daughters which I can saw her face showed determination to take care of us. He just smiled and all of it had been prepared where money can last for 10 years. He also told village chief to take care of his family and select a new villager to buy food supply in the future. Few months later he passed away. Meth crying and Daphia holding herself and promise to take care of us. I knew that person is our enemy. From he start he came to this village I can guess there something behind the scene and reason he hostile to us. Jake and Daphia might knew this.

I'm growing up and always play with Meth and Ririel to build our relationship so I can conquer them easily. I also help Daphia take care of Noar when she need to feed or change diaper or anything else that need for Daphia to take care. Daphia also teach me read, write and arithmetic. The character of this world really hard which take a time to learn however when come to arithmetic it takes for few weeks. Daphia really surprised on this part. Thanks to Great Sage memories I gain quite a lot which my abilities learning is fast. Now 5 years old is my age where some of my skill take effect and my planning to conquer the target begin. There a new objective in my life. Revenge for Jake or maybe prevent any danger come to my family. I must eliminate that person however I don't know what side effect when kill a person. It's my first time but that will need to worry in the future.


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