Desire x Pleasure x System
4 Farming and Watching
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Desire x Pleasure x System
Author :MeianAneko
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4 Farming and Watching

Hmmm... this is weird. Why my SP had been double from the usual point I gain? Yesterday reward is 100 SP plus 3 more point where I do a breastfeeding as usual. However there even more point on it

[ Answer. There no baby can make their mother orgasm during breastfeeding. So the system decide give an extra 3 point each time your mother orgasm from it. Beside, you also try and error with Hand of Pleasure skill which speed up the rate of orgasm. ]

Ah.... no wonder. I immediately try the skill which remain me. Yesterday each time feeding me, I saw she always trembling and her face a beet red. Yeah, as system said there no a baby can make their mother orgasm which I'm the first cheat individual make my mother climax from breastfeeding. Somehow I feel proud of it.

{ Name : Aoras }

{ Age : 9 months }

{ Passive skill : Orgasm Parameter, Map }

{ Active skill : Hand of Pleasure Lv1 }

{ Sexual point (SP) : 142 }

{ Reserve SP : 23 }

{ Shop }

It's hard to gain Sweet pheromone skill. 250 SP needed. For teenager or adult age we can saw it quite simple to farm the point. As a baby I can only suck Daphia breast only. Why I'm so rushing to get that skill? As you know, It's more easier to conquer the women as soon as possible. From there I can laid out the plan more easily in the future. Obviously I want to have sex as much as I can. Thanks to system information once my age reach 5 years old I can have sex many time. It weird right but system make it possible. Ahem, haha there other advantage for me too while rushing to gain it. There were combat skill such as martial arts, sword, magic and others where I can train at young age. As you can see why I choose Basic body strengthening skill. I need to train my body to survive in this. Obviously knowledge also important with too much conspiracy in this world.

Okay, end of topic. Right now I will farm the point until I can buy the Sweet Pheromone skill. Using the Hand of Pleasure make me earn more point from it. My farming starting now. Each time my feeding come, I'm doing the best to gain more SP. She knew what I want and just let me do it. I can see she can hold her moaning but her body trembled. Her face red showing that she feel it. This action keep going for 3 weeks. I saw a few changes in her attitude. Everytime when feeding time came she always look to her surrounding before lower her cloth to feed me. I noticed she always caress me and her face showing how much she love it. Her breathe become rougher which there were difficulty suck her breast. However she notice it and make some counter measure for it. From there I knew she had been addicted to it.

At night in the crib where I been place. Usually baby will fall asleep but there a voice which wake me up again.

"Honey, tomorrow I need to go work again." said Jake. Daphia seem quite surprised by this statement but she calmly asked " Is there anything wrong? " Jake knew there a hidden meaning behind those words. He smile " I'm not soloing anymore so it's hard to let only them be while here am I relaxing with my family." He paused little bit and caress his wife hair. " It's not I do not like it but the responsibility one of the party member which make me feel bad." Daphia close her eye and just nodded. She knew adventure cannot escape from soloing or with party except for certain reason they can do what they want. Jake live as adventure is to provide support for his family.

He willing to go and back home even this village is far from here. It's 2 weeks travel with carriage and 1 week if by fast horse. He also think how he end up team up with them which simple question but now he stuck on it. He don't know what to do but luckily his teammates quite reasonable to let him go back home to witness and support Daphia during the birth of Aoras. A month have pass so he need to go back continue his job as adventure.

Suddenly he kiss Daphia make her surprised by the sudden attack from Jake. For few seconds she close back her eye and they hugs each other. After that they had a long deep kiss with each other while taking off their clothes. They didn't realize Aoras saw it all. His mother precious treasure already in front of his eye. They stopped kissing and Jake mount on top of her. Without warning he thrust inside her "Ah!? rough..." He start thrusting in and out face pace and harder. Daphia cannot helped but moaning with his thrust and pounding in her. Jake kiss her again to avoid waking up the baby but the person itself already wake up and saw it from the start. After 10 minutes both of them climax. Jake release his semen inside of her and just keep his manly thing for s while.

After that they continue about 3 hours. Both of them become exhausted. " Thank you..." said Daphia and fell asleep. Jake take it out and just smiled "You're welcome." and he put blanket on her and go to sleep too.

[ Congratulations completing the Hidden Mission "Watch any couple having a sex". Reward 100 SP and free skill ticket ]

Huh!? I'm quite surprise both of them so aggressive during intercourse but man...doing same position is boring. However I admit Jake stamina quite a lot and Daphia climax many time which I already knew she quite sensitive. Just I wonder did man size quite small? I know when buying Basic Enlargement Penis for 13 cm when erect still small. Let's put that topic aside. What surprised me is Hidden Mission. That mean if I meet the requirements there were rewards waiting for me. Just this mission quite funny for me. If people saw they might said this is peeping haha. Anyway I will spend my SP tomorrow because my eye already heavy. Zzzzzzzzzzz.


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