Desire x Pleasure x System
3 First Mission
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Desire x Pleasure x System
Author :MeianAneko
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3 First Mission

It's been a 3 weeks I live. A few thing had been discovered how the system work. Each action... I mean a sexual action such as sucking breast gain a SP. About 3 SP each time I sucking the breast. The system said I gain each person per action. Meaning it not per suck but it only count on first session until other session begin to gain more points. There no need to worry about it because the system will always announced it. Plus I always hungry so about 7 time Daphia breastfeeding me. So 3 week's total gain is 73 including the first time rewards sucking the breast. Luckily my mother milk produce quickly. Otherworld really different from my previous world haha. Ah, I forget to tell something. This world time is same like previous world. 24 hours, a week equal to 7 days. The only different is 367 days per year. There not much different.

In the end, I spend some SP on the Map skill. 50 SP need to spend and there will be 23 SP left however I put it on Reserve SP because I can gain more SP later for other skill had been plan to buy.

{ Name : Aoras }

{ Age : 9 months }

{ Passive skill : Orgasm Parameter, Map }

{ Active skill : - }

{ Sexual point (SP) : 0 }

{ Reserve SP : 23 }

{ Shop }

From the map, I can saw some blue dot mark. This showing that person is my ally. I still cannot move and lying on the cradle bed so it hard to understand how this map work but I can know this house is small. It can fill around 5 people. There 2 blue dot outside of the house. I guess my parent doing something outside of the house. Another blue dot is in the house. This must Meth in her room.Useful skill and a cheated one.

There were few new information I get from the talk of my parent. Jake is an adventure, not from this village but he go to the near town to gain money and supply for our family. Usually he out for few month however because of my birth near and he already collected enough supply. He came back home to see Daphia. No wonder his skin been tan and there a scar around the body when he half naked. The little bit information on this part of adventure but what I know they hunt monster or doing miscellaneous job on the town. My father rank seem to be low but he got more money from selling monster part not needed in the quest at Merchant Guild. He also not willing to be apart from Daphia so no wonder he can go and back to home for few weeks or months.

Bad information for me is this village have about 200 population when Map skill enable. I wonder why but this thing must be investigate in the future. During free time my parent doing a farm work. There were few food supply for family to survive. The map showed there nothing in the surrounding but I can saw there too much resources can be used or did the inhabitants doesn't know it? If not no wonder this village look so poor. The reason is must of monster live in this deep of Forrest where near to our village located. There too much thing that make me curious but let wait in the future. From that I will lay out the plan.

[ Mission : Make your mother, Daphia had an orgasm from breastfeeding you. Reward : 100 SP and Hand of Pleasure Lv 1 skill. Fail in this mission you will not get the reward. ]

There you are. Quite impossible mission for me but it want me to see how Daphia orgasm via breastfeeding. I already knew she quite sensitive and pervert too. The reward also quite profitable for me too. Let's see with my current state the only I can do is such, lick and use my hand to massage a breast. Beside that I'm quite glutton too so it possible to increase the bar easily.

Soon my time for meal is coming. How Daphia knew I'm hungry if not crying? Easy, just make a sound and she will came check either I need for feeding or change my diaper. Daphia already know the timing when need to feed me. Soon she came in to the room and pick me up. She slowly lowered her cloth showing her a pair of big breast. She bring me near to her nipple for me to suck. After that I immediately put my hand on them and started playing her nipple with my mouth.

"Oh, someone quite aggressive today aren't you?" said Daphia

Sadly I couldn't bite her nipple since there no teeth grown yet so the action I can do is sucking and playing it with my tongue. My hand also massage her breast. From there I saw the bar increasing at fast speed reaching 30%. Unlike during previous breastfeeding. She quite sensitive person. Her face already flushed red but she seem holding back from moaning. I keep doing the same action until her milk no longer coming out. Her bar of orgasm showing it already reach 50%. She hold it huh. Then I look at the other breast. Daphia immediately saw what I wanted and just giggled. She slowly bring me to it and I do the same action.


I swear heard a moaning from her mouth but just ignore it. Because of her moaning the bar increase quite fast. Again she pervert isn't it? Her body started tremble and her hand tighten little bit on my body. When the bar reach 100 %...

" Mmmmmmmm!!!! "

[ Congratulations, you successfully make your mother, Daphia orgasm by breastfeeding. You gain 100 SP and Hand of Pleasure Lv 1 ]

[ Hand of Pleasure Lv1 : This is an active skill. By activating this skill you can make the individual feel a pleasure from your hand. This skill can be level up by your using this skill. The more you use this skill the more experience gain. ]

*sigh* Looks like I did it. The skill I got quite useful for me since there no need to spend SP to upgrade it. I keep drinking until my stomach full and stopped Daphia seem a bit dazed from her orgasm and her breathe kinda disorder. She put me into the crib. Pick up and new clothes and hurried go out from the room. I saw her face quite red. She got turned on easily. It will be more easier to conquer her in the future. Sorry father if I stole you wife huhu. My stomach already full and this is make me sleepy. I fell asleep immediately after checking the status.


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