Desire x Pleasure x System
2 Born, drink and explore the system
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Desire x Pleasure x System
Author :MeianAneko
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2 Born, drink and explore the system

It's very dark however my consciousness already stable. For the time being I decided to browse this memory of the Great Sage. He seem very curious and hard working person also a pervert too. Based on his memory. Half of the continent had been read and learn many of knowledge in this world. Absorb like a sponge and become genius and gain Great Sage title on his young adult age.However there also a danger along the title but most of it he successful going through each obstacle in front of him.

There a regret in his memory. An ancient ruins which he wanted but never got in his hand. A floating island Babylon. There a scholar which more genius than him had made more advance technologies based on science and magic. The record said there a few more fragment of island which can be combine however about half of them fall on other hand. Most of them become greed about this discovery which lead more ruins being found. I think Babylon will be one of my objective. Some of other ruins can bring benefit to me based on what situation I in and the danger level on each ruins we will go but it will be in the future later on

A few plan already lay out. Checking where I'm born in normal family or noble family and etc. I need to learn where I live to decide how to move out. After that check my status to see what will be changed when I born. So far the status showing name, age, passive and active skill, SP (sexual point), Reserve SP, time and date. I can conclude era will be before 7000 years in the future which science is not implement, magic only improve little by little and most important is technology on this world. There a lot to do but I will just check how the surrounding condition. After that I need to collect SP via sex. *sigh* I wonder it will be smooth of not. Lastly explore my system during my time as baby.

I keep browse and learn various knowledge from Great Sage memory until the time has come the birth of me. I can feel being push little by little and the the light shine make my eye hurt. I heard my own voice crying and a hand which wash my body and wrapped a cloth around my body and bring it to my mother. This is make me so shock by my mother appearance. Blonde long hair until to her back. Round golden eye and thin eyebrow. White and smooth skin. More importantly is her F - cup breast. What? How can I know this thing!? Oh damn, that pervert sage. His memory totally into me. Anyway she really beautiful.

"Oh, he stopped crying." said mother. Suddenly there a man coming to mother. I bet this is must my father. "You okay?". Mother just nodded and caressing my face while looking to me. Both of talk to each other from there I know who they are. My father name is Jake who also had blonde hair with sharp golden eye. He have a muscle. His skin seem little bit tanned maybe too long directly expose to sun too long. Daphia is mother name. There also my older sister named Meth. I can only predict her age is around 6 or 7 years old. Her appearance look like during Daphia on young age. Round golden eye with blonde hair until to shoulder. White and smooth skin. She just awe watching me and happy got little brother.

"So, what's name our little boy name?" asked Daphia to Jake. He put his hand to chin while rubbing it. "Aosar, that a name you want if we got a boy. We already discussed this thing before." he smiled. Daphia little bit surprised but just smile " I see, your name now is Aosar."

[ Congratulations, you had been named. From now on you can check your status by saying "Status" in your mind. ]

Whoa!? That really make me surprise. Look like this system will be beside me entire my life. After that everyone talk little bit and both father and my older sister go out of the room. This room I can said they only use wood type. Ceiling,wall and door all of it using wood. This will be hard job when you having sex with someone. Your next room, neighbor or the surrounding our house might heard moaning sound during intercourse. My thought suddenly been cut when Daphia lower her clothes show up he F-cup breast with cute pink nipple. She slowly bring me to her nipple and I started sucking it. Oh my her milk so delicious.

[ You gain 10 SP for the first time sucking nipple. Enabling the shop so the user can use skill point. The SP you gained can be spend via shop. You can buy skill or item in the shop. To gain more SP please do sexual activity to gain Sexual Point. There will be mission where you get more SP and reward too. For the first time successfully sucking the nipple we reward you an Orgasm parameter skill ]

No comment, I already anticipate this will be related to sexual thing where you need gain more SP. Also what the point is this for Orgasm skill!?

[ Yes, the Orgasm Parameter skill will show you how long the individual to reach orgasm. This skill also show on both gender so you can plan when look on the Orgasm meter. ]

I see and please don't mention I can know orgasm from both gender. I will need only female only. Damn this skill really useful for me. I keep sucking the nipple while there a meter showing my mother orgasm level. It increase little by little. By the way, if my eye not make mistake saw what happened isn't it keep increasing? Oi, how can Daphia feel it. She is pervert? I keep drinking but it seems I'm still not full. After few minutes, the milk not coming out and my stomach already full. Daphia face showing she speechless how much I drink until one of her breast milk already emptied. " Oh my, quite glutton our son is." She said it but her face little bit red. Orgasm meter showed 30% which the cause me biting and suck to see how sensitive she is. Yep, she a pervert.

She put me down beside her since bed is big enough for 2 adult size and she lying down. It seem she tired after giving birth. I still not fall asleep but for now I want check the system. "Status"

{ Name : Aoras }

{ Age : 9 months }

{ Passive skill : Orgasm Parameter }

{ Active skill : - }

{ Sexual point (SP) : 10 }

{ Reserve SP : 0 }

{ Shop }

Oh! There a change on my status. Name, age and passive skill already been filled.There a shop button too. So orgasm parameter is passive type. My SP is just 10. Little bit depress when saw this. For now let check the shop. By selecting it there a few option on it. Skill, medicine, Clothes, Feature item for women and sex skill. Bet me, don't ask me why there are sex skill option on it. Most of it is for women however there advantage for me. Skill where I can learn without training. It very useful for me. Medicine is also important too but some of item to buy it via SP is make me hurt such as potion healing and mana potion.

Sex skill is specialist during sex intercourse. There also a clothes from my modern and this world too. What funny is there toy sex and item important for women too. No comment on this part. I keep scrolling search and mark a few skill that useful for me.

[ Map <50 SP> - Display information of the place where the user located ]

[ Basic body strengthening <30 SP> - Increase body strength and reduce time taken training the body ]

[ Basic penis enlargement <50 SP> - Activated when reach 5 years old. Penis length increase to 13 cm when erect. ]

[ Appraisal <20 SP> - Basic appraisal showing item name, condition of item and status. Cannot display skill of individual. Need to upgraded for more information. ]

[ Sweet pheromone Lv 1 <250 SP> - Targeted or area of effect skill. 2 meter range of effect from user. It release sweet aroma and increase the victim arousal. Effect will be less with strong will person. This skill can upgraded ]

Map, as you can see it useful for me to know where am I. This map also had useful effect. I can know where entire is by some dot mark where they colored as all, enemy or neutral. Basic body strengthening is most important for me where I can reduce time for training and risk in the future. Appraisal, it will make my life easier with it by looking on item, plant and other. More important is appraise the status of individual. From here it will influence my judgement on the future. Basic penis enlargement there no need to explain. Sweet pheromone skill as a support when I want to flirt the girl later on. I can make their heart waver with this skill. It make the progress easier but the strong will the less effect on it and might take time the skill to be effective on individual. Life is not easier so I will make some preparation to upgrade the skill later on.

After browse for so long my eye started heavy. Oh yeah, I'm still as a baby. It also make me excited live in this world. Zzzzzzzzzzz.


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