Desire x Pleasure x System
1 Reincanated, obtain a memory and getting the system
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Desire x Pleasure x System
Author :MeianAneko
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1 Reincanated, obtain a memory and getting the system

[ Welcome to the Thebarilia. Please select your race. ]


I remembered that last time is doing homework and choked some coffee drink after that it turn dark around myself. This thing appeared in front of my face or not. I cannot move my body nor feel it. Conclusion..I'm dead. There mix feelings on my heart but I reread the announcement many time until I calm down. *sigh*

There too much race I can choose but in the end human race was my choice. I know there other race have long life span, specialty on their race and etc but why I choose human?

[ Human - Most populate race in Thebarilia. Overall performance is average. Life span around 70 -80. Need to be more hard work to increase stat, skill and etc. This race can be evolve to High Human however there no discovery how to turn into it.]

This High Human really make me excited because no one yet had evolve into it. High risk high reward. Since I got second chance to live better live to the fullest. I select the Human race and then...

[ Race Human selected. Process to the next step. Transfer the memories of great sage around 7000 years to the future.]



What the... my so hurt. Memories of the great sage plus it from the future!?. The information keep flowing into my head. Knowledge about magic, science, politic, array and others. Also it I saw his life experience on this memory and what make me envious is he had a lot of woman. Damn it!! Argh!!!!

Hah....hah...hah...I don't know how long this process took but it hurt so much. It's seem this Thebarilia is not an easy life I think. There not much human rights in my previous life. Monster roaming around the world which needed soldier and adventure to clear it up. Even to open new place also needed fund and their technology more advanced later after 7000 years in the future.

According to the great sage memories. He conclude why overall race so much late to improve is their narrow minded. Most of them think it not bring benefit and always depends on magic. When some one bring new technologies or knowledge, they cannot accept it and try to destroy it too. This make most scholar, scientist and others hide it and create new kingdom on their own which lead to the war. This also the factor why it make hard to advance their civilization. Well, I will settle it when confront the situation later on. Now what next?

[ Transferring memories of the great sage completed. Please modify your own custom system]

{ Name : - }

{ Age : - }

{ Passive skill : - }

{ Active skill : - }

{ Sexual point (SP) : - }

Hmmmm? Hmmmm!?!? Hey, why all of it is blank and more importantly is there a sexual point!?

[ Because of the user inherit memory of ( pervert ) Great Sage. The system end up deciding to place a SP. This also more profitable to earn points via sex to buy skill, item and etc. There will be a shop on your system. About your stat is blank because you will born as baby.]

Oi, I saw " pervert " in the text and I know he is pervert after saw his memories!!! *sigh* Anyway no wonder my status is blank. Hmm... how about add Reserve SP in the status. I will decide later on how to distribute the point. This will make my job easier if there emergency where I need to spend the point immediately without doing sex. Plus the point I get might various depend on my sex activity.

[ Reserve SP had been added to your status. Is there anything you need to add? ]

Can you add time and date on my status?

[ Possible, do you want to add the time and date your status? ]


[ Time and date had been added. Anything else?]

The reason why I choose that option because it make me more easier to plan and there no need to look at the sun or somebody that had body clock where they can tell us it already evening and etc. Also, no there nothing else I want to add however can I know about this Thebarilia? More specific is how this world's worked?

[ There no problem. Thebarilia is the world of sword and magic as you know from the memories of Great Sage. There many race live in there and some of them already established their kingdom or empire on the continent. You can research more detail once grown up or buy a skill Map to have basic information on the world. However most of race still secluded themselves because of personal reasons, discrimination and others. That it all.]

I see, it hard to know what is personal reason is and hope it not troublesome one. The discrimination part never ceases on my world too. *sigh* Well, in my world there too much crazy thing reason when you heard it but if this world I can list a few things why discrimination happened on this world. War, supremacy, tradition, religious and others. Well, there nothing to modify my status. By selecting "confirm". My consciousness fade until it turn pitch black.

However I didn't know that my personality will be changed when born to this world because of the memories inherited from Great Sage and my existence will greatly change the world.


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