Dao of Money
1 Awaken, Golden Eye
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Dao of Money
Author :DaemonSoul
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1 Awaken, Golden Eye

In the Northern Country, near the edge of the boarder. Is a small road that connects the Northern Country with the Eastern Republic. On that road, is a small caravan, with a twenty year old boy laying in the back. Most people would not realize, that the owner of the caravan, is not the man driving the large beasts. But that boy named Daemon.


Daemon's Point of View: Five years ago

"aaaaaarggg!" I yell out as my father is swindled by one of our repeat customers. The man has been coming for three months to buy heart beets from us every two days. And today, he wanted to buy ten times the amount. when he says this, my father's eyes gleam and tells the man that it will be seventy copper coins. Now, this is a fair price. but the man goes on about a wife he does not have, and since he is a regular, my dad should give him a discount. My father, the current owner, is tricked! He tells the man that he can pay fifty today, since he is a regular, and has a large order.

The man, smiles, but it does not reach his ears. He then proceeded with the exchange and leaves with his beets before my father changes his mind.

After the man leaves, I walk up to my father. "Hey Dad, I'm going out. I wanna look at what the others have." I says nonchalantly. it is a custom of merchants to see what the competition had to offer. and if there are two with the same product, it is good to know what the other is offering.

"Alright, Dae. oh, I just made a good deal.." he starts off, making me cringe at the recent scam. ".. here is twenty copper. I know you have been looking at the Desolate shop a little bit down the road, if you find something to your liking, go ahead and buy it."

As he says this, in my mind, 'what‽ yes! I can almost forgive you!' I scream in my head as I hurriedly make my way down the road, occasionally waving at the other shop owners that are part of out caravan.

the man from Earlier is also part of the caravan, but a new addition. and only temporary. he is the third son of a city owner in the Eastern Republic. as he was visiting the Northern Country, he happened upon our SlightStone Caravan. and decided to travel with us towards a close by village in the Northern Country, called Drake's Tail.

As I make my way down the road towards the Desolate shop, I see something strange. in between the Desolate shop and the neighboring fur tradesman. is an old man wearing a hooded cloak. seeing the stranger, I make my way over. "sir....sir? I apologise, but may I know who you are?" I ask him curious. what surprised me, was that he jumped and spun towards me, almost upset. "Boy. how did you see me?" he asks, making my eyebrow raise. "um....I was walking and saw you standing here. how else?" I answer, not sure if I should help the man or walk off. as I go to step back, the man reaches out and grabs my arm. an aura of power drifting off his shoulders. 'oh crap! a cultivator!' I scream In my head as I tremble in the presence of the aura. "boy, I want the truth. what art did yo--" he stop mid sentence as he notices me trembling. "boy, how old are you?" he asks, now uncertain. "fi---fifteen..." I answer with a slight studder. "I see." the man says with a sigh and let's go of my arm. the release letting me step back out of his reach. but I know it wouldn't be worth it to run. the old man's grab earlier....I could not see it.

the man then look in my eyes, my hazel color in his green. "why have you not started cultivating? why do you stay in this caravan?" he asks, making me upset. "this is my home.... why would I cultivate?" I answer as if cultivating was the last thing I wished to do. The man then blinks rapidly. "what...what?" he asks. "you would gain great strength! you could rule a city or even this Northern Country!" he says with pride. "or, you could stay weak...and be stepped on all your life!" he says with a sneer. as if that would make me choose to cultivate. "no thanks." I say.

I then start walking away, but is stopped by his voice. "or, you could gain the power to see the true value in all things. to rise above other trademen and merchants." he says, making my feet stop. I don't even have to turn around,I know he is smiling.

I then feel his hand on my shoulder and his voice in my ear. "how about it, cultivate in the Day of Money, and earn a profit. rise above." he says. I then feel an object in my pocket, with my coins, and he disappears.

with him gone, I make my way back to my family's shop, the carriage we operate from and go to my bed, drawing the curtain across. "did you get what you wanted?" my father asks as I passed him. "nah, they sold it like an hour before I got there." I say shrugging. "hmph, tough." he says before going to the next customer.

as I sit down behind my curtain, I pull out what the old man had given me. "Golden Eye Technique: mortal" I open the technique book and find it interesting.

'First Stage: Value, Golden Iris

Second Stage: Profit, Golden Pupil

Third Stage: One with Money, Golden Veins

Fourth Stage: Luck of the Coins, Golden Hair

Fifth Stage: Mastery of Money, Golden Aura'

"Wow....." I says quietly as I keep reading.

'The first three stages can be achieved in the Mortal realm, the fourth in the Earth realm and fifth in the Sky realm. the Mortal realm has nine levels, the Earth realm has five layers, and the sky realm has three colors.'

Mortal: levels One - Nine

Earth: Core, Soil, Coal, Emerald, Diamond

Sky: Blue, Red, Black


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