Chronicles of Dawn: Unity
7 Chapter VII: Imminence - The Holy Trinity
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Chronicles of Dawn: Unity
Author :ZeoN
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7 Chapter VII: Imminence - The Holy Trinity


After the Unity, people lived their normal lives as before, and the angels now known as the "Trinity" continued their hunt for the remaining monsters and for that they obtained titles: Argus now called the Light of Dawn, Alice now referred to as the Queen of Divinity and Rafaela now known as the Wings of Holiness.

The Trinity was triumphant in pursuing the monsters, eliminating them in a non-violent way.

One day, there were reports of strange phenomenons in the outer Moniyan boundary; the Calignous Jungle. They then ventured to the outlands not knowing the conflict they are bout to face.

Upon entering the woods, they felt the presence of dark energy. The wind shifts as they went deeper and deeper through the jungle perceiving the presence of the dark forces.  At the midst of their journey through the jungle, they found a massive split in the earth.

Argus: Rafaela head back to the Moniyans and warn them...

Rafaela: May the Light guide you always.

Argus: May the Light guide you as well.

Rafaela flees leaving Alice and Argus on the woods...

Argus and Alice agreed that they would wait for Rafaela's return and for the reinforcement to arrive but he didn't overcame his temptations...

"Alice, forgive me" Argus said... "What do you mean?" she answers. Argus swiftly casts a Petrify spell on Alice immobilising her. "I can do this alone, I can annihilate them all." Argus spoke as he leaps fearlessly into the void. Argus draws his sword and alone he fought. @@
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    《Chronicles of Dawn: Unity》