Battle Frenzy
1166 Liaoyuan Demonic Spear
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1166 Liaoyuan Demonic Spear

Chapter 1166: Liaoyuan Demonic Spear

The divine cells exploded instinctively the instant Wang Zhong felt an oncoming danger. Even ordinary people had the instincts to avoid danger even before their minds could react to it, let alone the powerhouses whose attacks were way faster. Lao Wang’s instincts and reaction, when faced with danger, were much faster than his thinking speed. He subconsciously raised the Hidden Dragon Sword in his hand to block the attack.


A huge force rushed forward. Although the explosion of the divine cells allowed his peak Spiritual Energy Value to soar to the realm of Solid Core, it was still insufficient. The Hidden Dragon Sword was even almost knocked out of his hands. The huge force made Wang Zhong fly back like a shell shot out of a cannon.

It was lucky that he held the Hidden Dragon Sword. If he had been using Fallen Star, the level-7 sword artifact from before, it would have been directly shattered by the sheer destructive power contained in the spear light. They were on two completely different levels. Not only were his opponent’s combat experience and skills rich, but his realm was also higher.

However, in the next second, Wang Zhong who was blasted against the protective wall suddenly took advantage of this force, with his whole body disappearing instantly. In the next moment, a sword was slashed towards Phumetheus. However, Phumetheus did not even look at it. He sidestepped the slash and returned it with a fierce fist. Wang Zhong’s pupils shrank sharply, and he had to change to defense instead. Although the opponent’s attack seemed slow, it was aimed towards one’s weak point, making one unable to resist it.


Wang Zhong retreated more than ten steps before he managed to regain his footing. This was the first time he suffered a loss in close combat. His previous opponents were all suppressed by him with his rich close-combat skills. Phumetheus took the route of understanding the natural laws of order. He managed to perfectly integrate some laws of destruction into his fighting style.

On the other side, Phumetheus was floating in midair. His spiritual power and spiritual oppression spread throughout the entire life-and-death-challenge space. He could fully feel Wang Zhong’s explosive power and close combat prowess. It was excellent, but he had killed many of such people, and there was no shortage of such talented fighters in the lower realm. However, if he managed to enter the Celestial Honors Class as a Void Core with only such combat prowess, it should be considered a disgrace!

Although the Fire Demons and the Heavenly Shell Race were not on good terms, Phumetheus would not underestimate the superintendent’s judgment. Wang Zhong definitely had something in him to be looked so highly upon by the superintendent. Since Wang Zhong was so passive, he would take the initiative instead.

“Try this!” Phumetheus smiled slightly, waved his left hand, and pierced the air.


Spear lights appeared like a rain of fire, with endless flames filling the air. There were no sounds, and one could only see firelights appear one after another, completely enveloping Wang Zhong in an instant!


Debris and blocks of dirt were flying from the ground of the life-and-death-challenge space. The ground was destroyed by the terrifying rain of fiery spears. Wang Zhong’s entire figure seemed to be completely engulfed by the fire rain, and no signs of life could be seen.

Has he died? He did not even make me use my Real Form? Phumetheus thought.

The hearts of Jonas and the others had already gone up to their throats, anxious as never before. Suddenly they saw that in the endless fire-spear lights, a golden glow appeared, and after that, the golden glow exploded in brightness. It faced the endless spear lights head-on and rushed up!

Divine cells! Hidden Dragon Sword!

The explosion of the divine cells at this time had reached a peak, and Wang Zhong’s aura was so strong that he had the demeanor of a Solid Core powerhouse. However, this did not surprise everyone. How could he be selected into the Celestial Honors Class without such strength?

The Hidden Dragon Sword now seemed to be completely integrated into Wang Zhong’s body and soul. Not only was the rune on the sword vibrant in color, Wang Zhong’s body seemed to also be soaked in the secret patterns of the Hidden Dragon Sword, making himself seem like a human sword. As he became one with the sword, his strength soared! The golden sword light was condensed into a beam, and the spear rain that had previously felt insurmountable became child’s play in front of this golden sword light. The sword light broke through the fire rain as if riding on the waves against the current.

A strange light flashed in Pumetheus’s eyes. The energy burst of the other party was a bit similar to some special energy storage creatures. They usually used their bodies as a storage container for spiritual power and slowly accumulated it. By doing this, not only were they able to strengthen their physical body, but it also allowed them to release spiritual power that far exceeded their level when fighting. No wonder Wang Zhong could withstand his blow by relying on the physical strength of his own body. Because of the physical energy storage, their defenses were often extremely powerful. However, such creatures often had fatal flaws. When the spiritual power stored in their bodies ran out, their combat power would immediately drop back to their original level.

At this time, Phumetheus felt that the sword attack that Wang Zhong had unleashed could faintly threaten him. He thus did not choose to face it head-on. His curiosity was also aroused by Wang Zhong’s battle performance. If the Earthling had directly been killed in his last attempt, that would have been it. However, with the constant surprises this junior brother of his kept giving him, it would seem as if he lacked skills if he still suppressed Wang Zhong purely with brute force.

People in the lower realms always advertised themselves as being good with skills, thinking that the warriors from the higher civilizations in the Land only knew how to fight with brute force. But what they did not know was that the real top and elite fighters of higher civilizations fought all year round. They paid a lot of attention to combat skills and knew how to use them efficiently. It was just that overpowering with strength was sufficient for them, and there was no need for them to unleash their skills. Coupled with the behavior of some second-generation wastrels, it had caused an illusion that the powerhouses from the higher civilizations were not that skilled.

The flames in the air flashed slightly, and all the spear lights were collected in an instant. Phumetheus, who had been fighting Wang Zhong, made a perfect sideways movement in the air. His use of defensive techniques was not less proficient than that of Wang Zhong. While avoiding Wang Zhong’s sword attack, his toes kicked in the air, and the tip of his spear turned back.

Wang Zhong’s sword attacks were fierce, but his opponent was experienced and strong. He never thought that a genius from a higher civilization who was used to suppressing everyone with brute strength could use such intricate skills. He immediately evaded the attack, but cold sweat suddenly filled his body. He had been tricked!

An attack that had seemingly been evaded continued coming towards him! Fragmented Spacial Laws!

The spear was pointing straight towards his heart!

He had made a subconscious mistake. He was used to reacting according to the skills shown by his opponents, but he had neglected the fact that his current opponent was one who focused more on natural laws and was unprecedentedly strong.

All his strength had been used up. How could he avoid the attack anymore? Relying fully on his increased strength due to the forced ascension of his divine cells and draining all the available power he had left, he managed to turn his body slightly.


The sharp Liaoyuan Demonic Spear penetrated Wang Zhong’s left shoulder as if it was just passing through a piece of thin paper. Under the force of the spear, his whole body was forcibly penetrated, and it remained in his body. Lao Wang finally stopped his upward rush. However, he didn’t seem to care about his injury at all, and the Hidden Dragon Sword in his hand suddenly lit up in a dazzling golden light and slashed forward.

Phumetheus did not want to exchange injuries with him. With the surplus of strength and exquisite skills that were not inferior to Wang Zhong’s, he was able to comfortably deal with such small tricks. His body immediately leaned back, and while avoiding the golden light sword, he kicked his legs forward, hitting Wang Zhong’s chest fiercely.


Lao Wang’s body flew backward like a meteor, and Phumetheus’s Liaoyuan Demonic Spear was also taken out. A rain of blood made a long red arc in the air, and his body slammed onto the ground dozens of meters away.


The ground shattered once again. What seemed to be an equal fight previously turned into a one-sided one immediately after Phumetheus became serious.

There was blood on the ground, and the figure crawling on the ground seemed to be powerless. Even the spiritual response became extremely weak in that instant, Wang Zhong seeming to have lost the power to fight again.

Phumetheus did not pursue either. No one knew the power of the Liaoyuan Demonic Spear better than him. Once it hit someone, the fire poison on the spear would burn the wound. Even the slightest graze of the spear would cause a Void Core to lose his life.

The Liaoyuan Demonic Spear was a fascinating weapon. The spear was able to attack the soul of the enemy. Not to mention a mere Void Core, even a Solid Core that had undergone the second soul transformation would be harmed by it. Once hit, one would fall into a complete daze. One did not need to think about having any more power to fight again. Whether one could even live depended on luck. The spear in his hand was much stronger than his opponent’s sword.

The last time Wang Zhong was put in such a difficult situation was when he was being chased and almost killed by the Octopus Warlock Saint in Mizobudapi World.


Jonas and the others couldn’t help but stand up, their faces full of nervousness. Now, even Celeste was not sure of how Wang Zhong would end up. She knew that he still had a true form with two wings. That should be his hidden card, but he had thought too much of himself. When facing an opponent like Phumetheus, choosing to keep his cards hidden was undoubtedly suicidal. Because if one was not careful, all could be over before the trump card could even be used.

“What a poor little fellow…”

“Being able to fight Phumetheus in the Void Core Realm already makes him a top talent, but unfortunately, he had thought too much of himself. If he had directly revealed his true form earlier, he might have been able to last longer. ”

“Hehe, Phumetheus probably hasn’t even broken a sweat.”


The low buzz at the scene stopped abruptly moments after it had just started. A powerful aura rose to the sky, and violent fluctuations of elemental laws appeared in the space.

Two spiritual powers revolved around Wang Zhong who was supposed to be near-death. The spiritual powers then spiraled up towards the sky. They were originally extremely weak, but by complementing each other, they grew rapidly, and within seconds, they had become strong and powerful.

The body slowly rose from the ground and stood upright. Currently, Wang Zhong could feel his blood boiling. Compared to the Octopus people, who had few skills, the opponent currently in front of him was not only powerful and experienced in combat, more importantly, he also had his own set of fighting styles.

His left shoulder which was originally pierced by the Liaoyuan Demonic Spear started to heal at an amazing rate. The fire poison had disappeared, and the wound was now recovering at a speed that was visible to the naked eye; flesh and blood were being reconstructed rapidly.

Fire poison was part of the fire elemental laws and was thus not much of a problem for Wang Zhong.

The smile on Phumetheus’s face froze slightly. This was a surprise to him. What kind of body did the Earthling have? To dare stand on this ring, he might have swallowed some medicine previously which allowed him to recover from his heavy injuries quickly. But how was he able to resist the attack of the Liaoyuan Demonic Spear on his soul?


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