Battle Frenzy
1165 Comprehension of the Rules
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1165 Comprehension of the Rules

Chapter 1165: Comprehension of the Rules

Jhonas’s voice was immediately extremely attention-grabbing in the quiet arena.

At that moment, the Flying Pig’s face was filled with a shade of red that had never been seen before. His entire face was red, and he was so agitated that even his scalp was trembling. This was definitely the most out-of-line and the bravest thing he had ever done. However, the feeling from the moment he freed himself was simply too pleasant!

Damn! Who dared to call me a coward?! I am Jhonas! I am the bravest Babi in history!

The tree person and Tsarisiya were slightly dumbfounded. Even though they did not necessarily show it, they had put away the disdain they had before. Meanwhile, among the crowd, the two Illusion Race elders were furious, including Jhonas’s father who he feared most; they had been completely dumbfounded by this moment. When they went back, they would definitely beat him to death! Also, since the gazes of those associated with the Fire Demon Race were unfriendly, it meant no one had believed his speech.

“Pupil Phumetheus from the 56th Batch of the Violent Demon Era and Pupil Wang Zhong from the 58th Batch of the Violent Demon Era have willingly agreed to fight in the Life and Death Arena!” A mighty voice reverberated throughout the sky and instantly suppressed the surrounding noise completely.

At the same time, layers of abstruse runes appeared out of thin air over the Life and Death Arena, forming a massive protective barrier that covered the sky. “Life or death depends on fate. Success or failure depends on the heavens. Regardless of the results, the two civilizations must not further investigate!”

The moment he finished talking, the protective rune barrier had shrouded the entire Life and Death Arena. Countless runes dazzled with a bright white light. Immediately after, the lights gradually vanished, and the barrier disappeared. However, everyone knew that the protective barrier that could resist the attacks of a Gold Core expert had taken effect.

The clamor from the surrounding spectator stands fell silent. Regardless of what they thought about the difference in strength and the outcome of this battle, and regardless of whether they felt that the Earthling would even be able to endure for five seconds, at the very least, everyone’s attention was captured by the two people in the Life and Death Arena at this moment.

Phumetheus smiled as his hand moved. Then, something that resembled a paper person appeared between his fingers.

“I happen to have a useless toy in my hands. Let’s test out how good you are.”


He waved his two fingers slightly, and the paper person instantly burnt into ashes. However, a wave of spiritual power was surging from the rapidly burnt ashes. By the time the ashes fell to the ground, the spiritual power had formed a humanoid figure. Its clothes and even its expression were exactly the same as Phumetheus’s. It was as if a shadow that was exactly the same as Phumetheus had appeared, and this seemed to be some form of cloning technique. Most importantly, this shadow had the spiritual power of a Solid Core!

It was the Fire Demon Ghost Body!

“Go!” Phumetheus pointed his finger into the distance.

The entire clone instantly burst out with flames. There was no accumulation of spiritual power, but countless waves of fire elemental power in the surroundings rapidly gathered around its body. The moment this began, it had turned from an ordinary dazzling spark to a blaze that resembled the sun. It contained massive spiritual power and charged as fast as lightning towards Wang Zhong. Heatwaves soared to the sky with shocking might!

This attack came extremely quickly. There was a flash in Wang Zhong’s eyes, and he raised his left leg slightly. Then, it was as if the battlefield suddenly dazzled. He disappeared and reappeared out of thin air. In a flash, he had dodged the attack from the fire person.

Phumetheus observed, looking as if he was bored. To him, this was a game to fulfill the demands of his family. Usually, he was self-willed when doing things and would even use unscrupulous means to fulfill his objectives. However, that was in the outside world. When he was in the Heavenly Gates, it was beneath his dignity to suppress a fellow that was two Realms lower than him.

The rapidly charging flame puppet had changed directions. It could manipulate its surging momentum at will simply by relying on controlling its spiritual power and senses. In the blink of an eye, it had switched from a forward dash to a rear attack. It changed techniques too quickly. Amidst its scorching and vague figure, the sparks that accumulated white flames were dazzling. They were like sharp claws that were about to rip Wang Zhong’s entire back!

Many Celestial Honors Class pupils in the sky who understood the Fire Demon Race very well silently furrowed their eyebrows.

The Fire Demon Race was skilled at controlling fire and refining equipment, but they also produced various Puppet Masters. Phumetheus was not widely known for his puppet techniques, but at that moment, he had given a small demonstration of his impressive puppet skills. When he used these puppet techniques, he displayed the easy bearing of a master that possessed perfect command of these skills. It was said that all techniques in this world were natural and had commonalities, so one could infer exactly how much his strength had improved from the fact that he was able to use puppet techniques that he was not very skilled in to this extent.

“That Earthling thinks too simply of that puppet technique. This is definitely the power of a Solid Core.”

“When facing a truly powerful puppeteer, one should not think that they can go around the puppet to attack their commander. What awaits you is nothing but a trap. You have to face the puppet head-on.”

“Those from the peripheral worlds love being opportunists. They make do with some of their nimble actions and think that their techniques are invincible. However, when they encounter true experts, they will naturally suffer.”

“The gap between them is too large. Even though the Fire Demon Ghost Body only has half of Phumetheus’s spiritual power, this gap is already something that Earthling cannot overcome…”

The moment these discussions arose, there was a glint in Lao Wang’s eyes. He did not seem to intend to dodge the attack behind him and did not even turn around. He simply swept his left hand to the side. Then, a golden light flashed amidst the charging flames and disappeared.


He sheathed his sword, and the golden light disappeared.

Wang Zhong stood still and did not move. He did not even shift his gaze from Phumetheus’s face, who was standing in front of him. Meanwhile, the fire puppet that was charging from behind Wang Zhong, who everyone thought he could not avoid, was suddenly stopped by a slash of golden light. The countless condensed sparks paused for a moment. Then, it was as if they had suddenly deflated and chaotically surged into the surroundings. As a result, sparks soared to the sky behind Wang Zhong, and the ends of his clothes fluttered loudly!

“You’ve tested my ability. Now then.” Wang Zhong’s calm voice sounded in the sky. Although it was mixed with the violent waves of fire, it was piercing enough for everyone watching the battle in the Life and Death Arena to hear him clearly. “Can you do something more meaningful now?”

“…” Phumetheus’s smile slowly froze.

Meanwhile, the spectator stands instantly fell deathly silent.

That Earthling… had actually blocked the attack? Furthermore, forget about blocking the attack. He had done it so indifferently, so easily, and so casually!


Even the most excited Flying Pig could not react at this moment. He opened his mouth wide but forgot to cheer him on.

This was supposed to be no more than a game of chess between high-leveled civilizations, and Wang Zhong was simply a gift that was attached to this game. Regardless of how Phumetheus trampled on him, no one would have felt it was strange. Now, it did not seem that easy or simple.

“That’s a good sword.” Phumetheus’s gaze finally stopped on the golden sword in Wang Zhong’s hands.

The long and thin sword did not have the crude and powerful style that was a constant in the Land. It was more suitable for the sword techniques used by the low-leveled civilizations in the peripheral worlds who focused on little tricks. The entire sword shone with a golden light. Just by looking at the numerous complicated golden rune lines that were gradually turning dim, as well as the material that was as hard as jade and its crafting, one would know that this sword was definitely not of a low level.

“Using a mulberry tree branch as the sword body, this is the style of the Fire Demon Race,” said Phumetheus calmly with a smile. Wang Zhong’s performance was slightly unexpected, but this gave him a pleasant surprise as well. He had only wanted to fulfill a task from his race and use this battle to let the entire Heavenly Gates know that he was back, but he never expected to have such a surprising gain. As a genius, one of the things Phumetheus was most interested in was destroying another genius. Before this demonstration, Wang Zhong did not have enough qualifications for him to truly take action. But now, he was qualified enough. “I heard that Junior Brother is very close to Senior Lavel. This should be Senior’s work, right? What is it called?”

Lavel. This name might not be as resonant among the new pupils in the Heavenly Gates, but regardless of whether it was the Heavenly Gates Internal Gates, the Celestial Honors Class, or even the representatives of the various great powers, this name was like ear-piercing thunder!

She was Lavel the White Witch! Perhaps she had recently started to conceal her abilities due to her goal of passing through the Heavenly River Tide. If not, her reputation and status in the Celestial Honors Class were enough for many level-6 civilizations to tremble when they heard her name; this had been true even when Phumetheus and the others were still wearing diapers!

Many people in the silent spectator stands instantly turned to look at Lavel, who was observing the fight high in the sky, with reverence as well as curiosity in their eyes. A female had helped a male who was an enemy of her race to forge a sword. As a result, those with vivid imagination could definitely conjure a passionate drama if they thought carefully about it.

However, Lavel’s expression was ordinary, and she paid no attention to the curious gazes. Nonetheless, if anyone dared to speak poorly of her behind her back and make her unhappy, she would definitely not mind killing the person.

“It’s called the Hidden Dragon Sword,” replied Wang Zhong calmly.

“It suits your personality very well. It looks like you have high expectations of yourself.” Phumetheus laughed. Then, he stretched out his left hand slightly into the air, and a slit suddenly appeared out of thin air. Next, a spear that dazzled with countless sparks slowly appeared. “However, it’s a pity that Dragons have gone extinct!”

Phumetheus’s spear had completely taken shape, and he gripped it in his hands.

It was the Liaoyuan Demonic Spear!


He did not even need to activate his true form. As long as he had his spear in hand, everything in this world was his! It was as if he resembled nature. A wave of blazing demonic aura instantly surged from the spear to Phumetheus’s body as they integrated into one. Then, an arrogant aura soared to the sky, and a boundless atmosphere of spiritual power rapidly rose. Phumetheus’s fiery-red hair was standing on end, and massive might instantly shrouded the entire Life and Death Arena.

Just the aura formed from this might pressed against Wang Zhong like a storm. As a result, Wang Zhong could not even open his eyes! He was almost sent flying by this stormy pressure and took four or five steps back before he could stabilize himself!

The strength of their aura could immediately be determined. This difference…

Perhaps the fact that Wang Zhong had destroyed the Fire Demon Ghost Body was so extraordinary that everyone had almost forgotten that this was an unequal competition. If it were not for the conflict between the Heavenly Shell Race and the Fire Demon Race, a minor character like Wang Zhong would not have the qualifications to stand opposite Phumetheus. Phumetheus had been playing around just now. Once he truly took action, there would be a world of difference between the two of them!

“He is so serious when dealing with a Void Core Junior Brother…” Someone from the Celestial Honors Class laughed silently. “Phumetheus’s puppet was easily destroyed, and his image has taken a beating.”

“With this difference in power and fundamentals, there’s no way they can fight. He does not even have the chance to attack. They are on completely different levels of power.”


Wang Zhong stopped, and he resisted the backward-flowing storm. He gradually straightened his body and was adjusting to the strength of this air current.

Many aspects of natural endowments in combat could not be reflected just through surface statistics. One example was one’s toughness in resisting pressure. The bodies of some experts could continuously accommodate and adjust to pressure. Furthermore, they could rapidly surpass their limits through processes like this. This was not just a form of strength, but also a natural talent. Wang Zhong was obviously someone who was particularly outstanding in his natural talents in withstanding pressure. However, it was a pity that his opponent obviously would not give him a chance to slowly get used to his.

The corners of Phumetheus’s lips curled upwards. Then, his body flashed past, and the Liaoyuan Demonic Spear attacked!

Wang Zhong’s pupils rapidly contracted. The Hidden Dragon Sword was unsheathed and immediately faced the attack. However, the difference between their power was evident. Phumetheus moved at will but attacked with great power like a dragon. On the other side, Wang Zhong was completely passive.


The moment they clashed, the powerful spiritual power from a peak Solid Core pierced through Wang Zhong’s defense as if it was cutting weeds. The explosion of spiritual power that accompanied the clash of their weapons brutally sent Wang Zhong flying backwards like a cannon. He slammed against the protective barrier, but the transparent barrier did not move. Furthermore, layers of golden runes appeared on the part Wang Zhong had slammed into, producing a light buzzing sound when the runes circulated.

The battlefield was silent. There was a light thump as Wang Zhong slowly slid down from the protective barrier. Even though he landed with one knee on the ground, a trail of blood slowly flowed from his mouth. It seemed as if he had not recovered from this heavy blow.

It was very obvious that Phumetheus was completely different from the enemies that Wang Zhong had previously encountered. There were variations in Phumetheus’s spiritual power during the previous attack, and it was simply impossible to defend against this attack. Furthermore, Phumetheus’s spiritual power was at least twice his. This was the most powerful enemy that he had ever encountered since he entered the Star Alliance.

“The weapon in his hand is very significant. For it to directly resist that spear attack, it must be at least level-5.”

“I heard that it is Lavel’s work. At least level-5, how interesting. She really isn’t giving Phumetheus any face.”

“Senior has always done what she wants to do. This is not the first time either. However, the fact that this Earthling could resist an attack and not break into pieces is slightly interesting.”

“Celestialoids are all like that. Their external appearances are not outstanding, but the difference between their appearance and their internal strength is very large. This Earthling’s physical body and natural endowments are worth researching. His performance far exceeds his strength as a Void Core.”

“But if he only relies on his endurance to face Phumetheus, the difference is just far too large.”

“He is also a pupil from the Celestial Honors Class. That can’t possibly be the case. Look!”

Several Celestial Honors pupils in the sky did not even look at the battle. Phumetheus had arrived in a menacing manner and dealt with Wang Zhong with only a small display of his outstanding skills. When he accumulated his Gold Core, he might be able to oppose those seniors.

On the battlefield, Phumetheus did not attack. When Wang Zhong stood up, the spear suddenly surged forward. There was a light at the tip of the spear that resembled the previous attack. As compared to the powerful typhoon just now, this light was not dazzling, but it was extremely fast and sharp. It simply slashed at Wang Zhong.

Wang Zhong did not even see any light from the spear. However, a sense of darkness suddenly surged in his heart. Then, his gaze instantly turned cold.

This was not a problem of speed or power. That spear was like a black hole that seemed ready to devour Wang Zhong’s soul. Most importantly, it also felt like a web of darkness. No matter where Wang Zhong hid, it would be futile.

This was… his[a] understanding of the rules!

[a]Wang Zhong or Phumetheus?

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