Battle Frenzy
938 General Trend
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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938 General Trend

There seemed to be a tacit understanding in the north and south battlefields. The north battlefield silently agreed that Wang Zhong was the creator, while the south battlefield silently agreed that Solomon was the creator. The only similarity was that there was no official confirmation.

This time, after Wang Zhong had returned, several core members of the Wanderlust Team had expressed their complaints and worry about this in front of him more than once. However, Wang Zhong simply smiled. He did not seem to be concerned, nor did he seem to care. The impression he gave everyone was that he did not have good solutions either. Thus, everyone was rather depressed.

As for Wang Zhong himself, he was very clear about his own thoughts. He would definitely get even with Solomon for everything, including old and new debts. However, with the Holy Battle ahead of them, the higher-ups would be thinking about this problem. If an internal conflict broke out, no matter whether Wang Zhong or Solomon won, it would not be good for the Holy Battle. There would be repercussions even after the Holy Battle ended.

Of course, the outcome might not reflect the truth. There were many instances when the truth was not necessary. The victors would write history.

Now, he was more concerned about Grai.

With Ma Dong's introduction, Scarlet's narration, and his own understanding of Grai, although there might be some difference with the true reality, Wang Zhong was very sure that he was most likely seeking death.

Things turned into their opposites when they reached the extreme limit. It was said that Virgos were perfectionists, and Grai was one of the most extreme Virgos. As a result of his overly perfect personality, he was unable to betray Wang Zhong but could not accept himself betraying Solomon either. However, when he had to betray one of them, no matter who he chose to betray, he definitely would not be able to overcome this barrier in his heart. Wang Zhong could imagine the two options that Grai had to choose between. He could either launch a suicide attack on the Octopus people or go to the southern base to look for Solomon and atone for his crimes with his death.

When Wang Zhong returned to the base, the first thing he did was to look for traces of Grai. He turned this into a mission to find missing personnel and sent it to the Exploration Team Department with a reward of 30,000 Holy Coins. Furthermore, he did not restrict the exploration teams who could accept this mission. Thus, they did not necessarily have to accept the mission, and whoever found Grai could go to the Exploration Team Department to claim their reward. They would have to find a missing Heroic Soul and bring him back safely. Thus, there was no doubt that a reward of 30,000 Holy Coins for this level of difficulty was extremely generous. More importantly, the missions issued by the Exploration Team Department would be shared among the north and south battlefields. If Grai had gone to the south battlefield to look for Solomon, the likelihood that the other exploration teams in the south battlefield would discover him would be rather high. As long as the exploration teams from the south battlefield were involved, the probability that he would succeed in stopping Grai before he found Solomon would be high.

This was like looking for a needle in a haystack. It was extremely difficult and would rely on his luck, but this was the best method that Wang Zhong could use for now.

It was a mission with a generous reward and low level of danger. When the mission was issued, it spurred the excitement of many exploration teams. But as the days passed, there was no news regarding Grai from the north or south battlefield. No one had discovered any clues. No matter how much money was offered, they would only be able to claim it once they finished the mission, but there were no clues. As a result, the enthusiasm the various exploration teams had towards this high-reward mission gradually vanished.

The Wilson Bar had become the 'headquarters' of the Wanderlust Team.

This group of people had a skill. No matter where they went, alcohol was the most important. After all, the Wanderlust Team had first gathered through alcohol. Even though they had experienced countless changes and had made large adjustments in their members, this tradition continued to be passed down. Recently, there were not many missions from the Exploration Team Department either. They spent most of their time training the Soul Power Circuit. When they had some free time, they would gather at the bar and chat among themselves and release the stress they had accumulated from the Holy Battle.

It was in the afternoon, and there were not many people in the bar. It was rare that slow and gentle music was being played in the bar. Wang Zhong was there with some dimensional humans who had joined the Wanderlust Team. They were surrounding Wang Zhong and asking for help with some difficulties they had faced while training their Soul Power Circuit. As they chatted excitedly, two surprising guests silently arrived.

A man and a woman arrived. The man was wearing traditional Chinese clothing and had a neat crew cut. He seemed rather normal. Meanwhile, the woman was extremely delicate and pretty, without any hint of arrogance. She was like an immortal who had walked out of a painting. She seemed graceful and pure. People could not help but look at her.

Many people in the bar had noticed this pair. They were a strange couple, but only a few people recognized them. Many people quietly talked about them, but before anyone could recognize them, the man stood at the entrance of the bar and smiled. "Wang Zhong."

The voice was slightly familiar. Wang Zhong turned around. Before he could see who the visitor was, the person immediately snapped his fingers. An invisible pressure instantly appeared at his fingers and shot at Wang Zhong.

Wang Zhong's enemy?!

Wang Zhong was respected by everyone in the Exploration Team Department, and his strength was bizarre. However, there were still people who dared to attack him. Furthermore, it was a young person who was around twenty years old, just like Wang Zhong. Everyone in the bar was dumbfounded, including the dimensional humans who were sitting with Wang Zhong and did not even have the time to react.

Wang Zhong did not even look at the person. He stretched out his palm and stopped the pressure with just his palm. When the pressure hit his palm, there was only a faint bang. It did not even leave a wound.

There was a flash of approval in the man's eyes. Immediately after, his figure swayed. No one in the bar was able to clearly see what he was doing. In a flash, he appeared right in front of Wang Zhong. A kick imbued with massive power aimed straight at Wang Zhong's head.


This was a terrifying amount of power. The wind pressure alone caused the dimensional humans sitting with Wang Zhong to find it hard to breathe, and their expressions immediately changed. On the other hand, Wang Zhong crossed his arms and protected his head against the attack from above.

The man did not actually kick Wang Zhong. He seemed to be able to use massive and terrifying power in his hand as he pleased. The high-pressure kick instantly shifted as his body rotated with great power, and his left leg swept past like a whip.

He changed his position quickly, but Wang Zhong was even faster. He quickly withdrew his arms that were crossed above his head.


There was a terrifying sound. At the same time, the man rapidly snapped his fingers using his left hand, which he had hidden behind his body. Several dozen air-pressure bombs were fired in a frenzy.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Countless palm shades appeared from Wang Zhong's right palm and blocked the attacks. There was a series of clashing sounds, along with the massive sound that was produced when the man's leg came into contact with Wang Zhong's left hand. These explosions were ear-piercing. However, they only heard the sound but did not feel any shock. As the terrifying power from two sides clashed, they were able to absorb and suppress the power they released at the same time. Even the cup full of alcohol on the table in front of Wang Zhong had not moved at all!

The two of them moved very quickly. In a flash, they had exchanged several dozen blows. However, to the observers, it simply looked like a whirlwind of clashes.

They clashed and immediately stepped back. Wang Zhong had already left his seat and naturally took two steps back. The man also took two steps back. Everyone could sense the terrifying power that filled the surroundings when the two of them clashed. However, they were both highly skilled and had great control over their attacks. Furthermore, their high speeds caused everyone else to be unable to see them clearly.

The bar instantly fell silent, other than the inappropriate slow and gentle music that played.

After three or four seconds of shock and silence, the dimensional humans beside Wang Zhong finally recovered from their shock. They could sense the massive difference between them and the two people, but the frank dimensional humans would not possibly withdraw with their tail between their legs. How could he attack Wang Zhong, the person whom the dimensional humans respected most, right in front of them?! The dimensional humans flew into a rage and jumped up. "Who are you?!"

Although the two of them stood facing each other, there were smiles on their faces as if they were old friends who had not seen each other for a long time.

"It looks like you have made the right decision yet again." The man smiled. If he had lacked passion for training in the past, the moment he saw Wang Zhong again, his goal became extremely clear. He was brimming with vigor.

On the other hand, the graceful and beautiful woman had walked to the man's side. The most beautiful people among the Holy Disciples were Carolyn, Scarlet, and a few other people. In particular, Carolyn was silently regarded as the top beauty among the Holy Disciples. Humans had no clear standards in their pursuit of beauty, and to each their own. However, the woman in front of them was evidently a notch above the rest.

Who was she? She could not be an unknown person!

"Captain Wang Zhong, we meet again." The woman flashed a bright smile that lit up the entire bar.

They were Mo Wen and Mo Xingchen, who had come from afar. Their personalities were easy to determine; they were both resolute people. Furthermore, the Mo Family no longer interfered in their development. The Mo Family defined the foundation that each family should have. No matter how much power they had, it was meaningless. It was no longer like the old times, where capital and resources were king. A soldier could now defy the heavens. Families without any experts on guard were no more than sitting ducks.

"Such rare guests!" Wang Zhong burst out laughing. Although Mo Wen no longer covered his eyes and had changed his appearance, Wang Zhong still recognized him immediately. After all, he was once a very important enemy to Wang Zhong. Wang Zhong thought that among the CHF participants, he was the fastest to train, but by luck or coincidence, Mo Wen had also reached the Semi-Heavenly Soul Stage. No wonder the Mo Family had the confidence to send Mo Wen to the Holy Land.

The smell of gunpowder completely disappeared from the scene in an instant. The dimensional humans, who had been shouting loudly, felt slightly awkward. Meanwhile, Wang Zhong smiled and walked over to Mo Wen, shaking his hand. "Why are the two of you here? Are you going to officially come to the Holy Land?"

"Yes. Not only will we join the Holy Battle, we also want to join Captain Wang Zhong's Wanderlust Team." Mo Xingchen's voice was intoxicating. Although it was not bewitching, it seemed pure and magical. Eight out of ten men in the bar would feel like their entire body was floating and would not be able to say anything once they heard her voice. She smiled and said, "Would you be willing to take us in?"

Wang Zhong was dumbfounded. He did not know whether to laugh or to cry. "Are the two of you serious?" Although he had gotten rid of the Zhao Family, how could the Zhao Family, which was already on the decline, compare to the Mo Family, who was at the apex of their power?

Mo Wen smiled. "The day we defeat you is the day we will leave. Before that, we will help you with manual work. How does this deal sound?"

Wang Zhong could not help but smile. "This deal is worthwhile. Just be careful not to become laborers!"

"That will depend on whether you have the strength to turn us into laborers!" Mo Wen exclaimed.

The people at the bar understood that this person was probably Wang Zhong's enemy. As a matter of fact, he probably wanted to observe Wang Zhong at the closest distance possible. Ever since the incident with Mu Zi, no one dared to look down upon anyone related to Mu Zi. The social circle of a monster would definitely not have normal people.

The addition of the siblings from the Mo Family did not cause any large waves in the Exploration Team Department. There were definitely members of the Mo Family among the higher-ups in the Holy Land, but surprisingly, they were very mysterious and low-lying. This was also in line with the Mo Family's style. As for Mo Wen's standard, they would have to wait for the Holy Battle to find out.

However, when this piece of information reached the Federation, the chaos could almost cause mountains to collapse and the ground to crack.

The Mo Family, who had not participated in the Holy Battle all this time, had sent two of their young core experts to take part in the war. Furthermore, they had directly joined the Wanderlust Team… What did this mean? Was this a sign that the mysterious and powerful Mo Family was about to work together with the New World?

Due to the battle with Aiolos outside New World City, the great families in the Federation had their misgivings about the organization that Wang Zhong almost singlehandedly supported. They viewed the New World as their future enemy and were even pondering methods to get rid of them. But before they could start weakening the New World, an extremely serious piece of news had come from the Holy City. They were driving the great families to their deaths!

What kind of presence was the Mo Family? They were a superpower who had always been standing at the peak, even during the Dark Era that had plagued human history. They did not strive for fame and gain. Thus, they allowed the Stuart Clan to occupy the position of top family in the Federation for 100 years. However, putting aside the Stuart Clan's reputation, even if the Stuart Clan had led the families in the Federation for 100 years, if you asked anyone in the Federation to compare the strength of the Stuart Clan and the Mo Family, 10 out of 10 people would feel that the Mo Family was more powerful! Moreover, the Mo Family had remained absolutely neutral in any power struggles and did not take sides. Their sudden action would destroy the tradition that had been maintained in the Mo Family for hundreds of years. Were they about to defy the natural order?

How could Ma Dong miss out on this opportunity? He wanted to let his enemies, who were lying in ambush, do the guesswork. Humans loved to guess and infer. This situation could be the outcome of one of Ma Dong's decisions, but who could say for sure?

This was the first time the great powers felt threatened, and their position would be shaken. Winds were rising in the peaceful Federation. This was a sign that chaos was about to break out.

It seemed like Teacher Lan Daier's 'work' had been effective. After just one idle week spent at the Exploration Team Department, Wang Zhong had been called in by Sacred Teacher Leyson.

The news was issued publicly. This was different from their original plan of using his personal identity to see Sacred Teacher Leyson. Wang Zhong had some doubt, but when he went over, he discovered that Sacred Teacher Leyson had not just called him in.

There were another five people present. When Wang Zhong arrived, the five of them were already waiting at the waiting hall. There were four men and one woman, and they seemed to be discussing something in a low voice.

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    《Battle Frenzy》