Battle Frenzy
441 each one more arrogant than the las
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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441 each one more arrogant than the las

She already had no way of understanding his reaction. In the past, she indeed had a crush on Grai. However, as time passed, she came to appreciate the strength of Grai and Wang Zhong. At the same time, she also discovered that they were people of a completely different world from her. Although she always hung words like "I'll not give up on you" in her mouth, Hymin had already stopped wrapping herself around Grai.

Closing his Skylink, Wang Zhong took a look at today's competition schedule. There was still half an hour to the Stuart squadron's match. "Grai, are you interested in watching the match of the next S rank squadron? We should be there in person to get a closer look."

Nodding his head, Grai replied, "Okay, I also want to get a closer look. Stuart in 30 minutes, Grozny squadron at 1 pm, Heaven's Fate squadron at 2 pm."

Wang Zhong nodded his head in agreement. Even he had not taken note of the matches in such detail. Clearly, if he had not mentioned it, Grai would have headed out to watch by himself.

This feels... interesting.

"I'll go too!"

Hymin suddenly spoke out.

"Okay. I'll call Ma Dong too." Wang Zhong naturally would not object to Hymin's decision. He hoped for every member of his squadron to be able to benefit from this great competition. Although the victory was admittedly their goal, it wasn't everything.

Hymin nodded her head as she followed behind the two. As she quietly scrolled through her Skylink, her forehead started to bunch up.

Not giving any care towards the various comments left in the Skylink discussion forums, Wang Zhong only focused his attention towards those posts with embedded videos as well as some of the preliminary analysis done on them.

However, Hymin spotted the various debate threads located beneath those.

"Gui Hao has stood up today to give Tianjing a show of his might, using his strength to prove that All Mouthy King only so-so."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Gui Hao's final statement was, in fact, telling everyone that a genuine expert would absolutely not do those ridiculous and childish acts All Mouthy King had done! Finding happiness from crushing noobs is indeed garbage of a move!"

"I agree! After doing some real analysis on All Mouthy King's actions, I can say that it's proof that his ability is still inadequate! All of you brain-dead people who keep blabbering about him being invincible, it's just because he has yet to meet any experts!"

Hymin was extremely furious upon reading those comments. Of course, Gui Hao's extremely strong! However, why do people have to compare him with All Mouthy King? Why do they have to forcefully drag Wang Zhong into this?

Were they not convinced? What's more, was All Mouthy King weaker than Gui Hao?

What kind of a joke was this!

An ocean of people had already filled the competition grounds for the Stuart match. The liveliness of this competition grounds was indeed more impressive than the others, as the emblem of justice still had the home ground advantage. Upon arriving, Wang Zhong and the others immediately caused a wave of clamouring to ring out; after all, he was now a famous person.

"You guys, look! Isn't that Wang Zhong?"

"He looks extremely ordinary."

"His strength is the real deal. However, there really is no need to turn him into a legend. A genuine expert will act like him!"

"He's just a commoner that wants to make his mark. There's no need to care too much about him. Focus on the match."

At this moment, Carolyn was pursing her lips. Wang Zhong had actually turned up to watch her match. That was somewhat of a surprise to her, as she had expected for Wang Zhong to stay away from her ever since their previous encounter. The low self-esteem of a commoner would always compel them to do such things; on the other hand, some would go to the extremes just to get noticed. Did he come just to show himself to her?

Thinking about this, Carolyn could not help but laugh out in helplessness. This was the bottomfeeders' problem, and was impossible to unravel. In that case, why should she bother?

However, when she looked towards Wang Zhong, he just so happened to be talking cheerfully with Grai and the other members of his squadron. In private, the atmosphere of the Tianjing squadron was extremely relaxed and lively. There was no reason to dwell in bitterness and hatred every single day. Before arriving in the competition grounds, he felt that Stuart was extremely powerful. As for others teams, he wasn't aware of them yet… even if he were to think about them, that would just be a fleeting thought, disappearing in an instant.

Being all too intelligent, Carolyn was able to glean this fact just by looking at the expressions present on Wang Zhong's face. All of a sudden, the soft slivers of emotions present in her heart instantly became incomparably hard!

Walking onto the stage, Carolyn forced herself into Wang Zhong's line of sight. This time though, she didn't send even one look towards Wang Zhong. With an indifferent expression on her face, she looked towards the opponents of the Stuart squadron, the KD Tashi Delek squadron.

"Therefore, I feel that I should give you all a chance…"

Hymin opened her eyes wide as she looked towards the stage, where everything was playing out as she expected. Just a while ago, she had seen many people speculating if the Stuart squadron would follow in the same footsteps as the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor squadron, and offer the same conditions to their opponents for a 5 VS 1!

Indeed, Carolyn had proposed the exact same offer.

This proposal caused the entire Tashi Delek squadron to feel extremely uneasy, as Carolyn daring to offer such a fight was clearly indicative of the assurance she had. However, without this proposal, they had an even lower chance of defeating the terrifying Stuart squadron. This way, they would have the advantage!

"Let's do it!"

"At the very worst, we'll just lose in a slightly more unsightly manner. We already knew the result after picking that ballot. If we're so afraid of defeat, we shouldn't be here in the first place." 

"That's right!"

"However, we'll choose Yi Luo!"

"Yes! Choose Yi Luo!"

The Tashi Delek squadron's main five quickly made their choice. In such a situation, they had no other option left but to accept Carolyn's proposal. That's because the offer was already the most advantageous situation for them. Furthermore, after seeing the lesson taught to the Waltz squadron, they believed that as long as they didn't choose Carolyn, they still had a very high chance of victory. Nonetheless, every single member of the Stuart squadron was not easy to deal with… after thinking it through, Yi Luo seemed like the most viable weakness to exploit.

Although she had been ranked as one of the 5 great heavy soldiers on the Mo's List, after a detailed investigation, her reputation was relatively unknown. There was basically no record of her ever taking action. During the elimination rounds, the Tashi Delek squadron had just so happened to be allocated to the same city as Stuart squadron. During then, Yi Luo had taken action several times, with all of her performances being extremely average and unsatisfactory, and her combat style seemed to be extremely weak to boot.

It wasn't just the Tashi Delek squadron who felt this way, as even the other squadrons felt that Yi Luo was the weakness of the Stuart squadron!

As for the Mo's List... it's possible that Yi Luo was extremely strong in the single aspect of defense. During a group battle, an unkillable cockroach-like constitution would indeed be a major hindrance. However, when it was in a 5 vs 1, it would become an extremely easy matter, as there's no heavy soldier present in the entire world who couldn't be blown apart by 5 ranged soldiers!

The Tashi Delek squadron was still an A+ ranked squadron, famed for their ranged soldiers.

Very quickly, their captain made their personnel selection: three of the ranged soldiers from the original lineup, as well as 2 ranged soldiers from their substitute lineup.

If they wanted to go all out, they too had to fulfil the requirement of a strong squadron!

You only live once! Five ranged soldier maximum output stream!

With a faint smile, Carolyn said, "Since this is the case, as per your choice, Yi Luo."

Without uttering a single word, Yi Luo walked out to the stage. Due to her extremely dull and sturdy physique, Yi Luo's gait caused everyone to feel as if she was slow and dumb. This wasn't an act, as she really was the type of person who lacked any deftness.

A stupid and blocky female. This caused the flames of hope in the hearts of the Tashi Delek squadron to surge!

A chance! A huge one to boot! Stuart had really burnt their hands in this play! Their weakness had been grasped! They've allowed their pride to get over their heads! 

"Stuart is really too arrogant! No matter how you look, this lass doesn't look like an expert! Look at how clumsy her movements are!" Ma Dong could not help but comment. In any case, he did not like Carolyn, and it would not help even if she were a fairy descended from heaven.

Wang Zhong gave a slight chuckle before saying, "That's just her usual state. However, no one on the Mo's List is easy to deal with."
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    《Battle Frenzy》