Battle Frenzy
309 chapter 309 - hug of death
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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309 chapter 309 - hug of death

Chapter 309: chapter 309 - hug of death
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However, this did not mean that everyone had such a level of understanding about Alasi. Compared to Sharmie, there was obviously a huge discrepancy in his aura as a member of one of the Federation's ten great families. There was an abundance of people who asked for assessments of his strength in the live chat feed. Among the various members of the great aristocratic families, there were those who loved to display themselves ostensibly, and those who preferred to maintain a low profile. Alasi was one of the latter.

Naturally, Alasi was instantly brought into the heart of the struggle with the publishing of the Mo's Rankings. In this era, strength had the greatest influence once again.

The third person who appeared was the trump card of the Potter Family. At this moment, anyone could see that the various great aristocratic families and academies were exceedingly committed to this CHF, having brought out their hidden aces. Furthermore, the various great academies have all summoned back their third and fourth year students. These academies had not considered their fourth years in previous CHFs, however, they exhibited no restraint this time as there was only one unified goal, which was to achieve first rank!

Obtaining victory here meant having fame that would last five or even ten years down the road. Such an opportunity led every great academy headmaster to let go of their pride and arrogance.

The next person in the video, Karkel, did not have quite the same level of fame as Alasi. Without even mentioning the other cities, there were not many people in the Potter City who knew about him as much as the latter. The only information they had was that he was a part of the Potter Family. If it was not for this year's CHF, he most likely would not appear in the spotlight. Although one would stand to gain many benefits by being famous and in the limelight, this was not suitable for everyone. At this moment, this was something that the Copperfield Academy and Potter Family needed. It was far from sufficient to rely solely on Laura, as she had yet to possess the same level of charisma and maturity like Molton Potter.

As a long ranged soldier, Karkel was considered unorthodox, as he had inherited the ancient Body Tempering Techniques of the Potter Family. This gave him extremely powerful close combat prowess, however, the problem was that he was a long ranged soldier, and an incredible sharpshooter. In the video, Karkel appeared incredibly calm and composed, without showing any bit of an overbearing attitude or posture. A look of concentration was present in his eyes, yet one could spot the intense thirst for a fight burning deep within.

As a youth, this was no doubt the opportunity that he had been waiting for. If not this this, he might have had to obey the arrangements of the Potter Family and remain forever obscure and unknown to the masses. This time, he had obtained the chance to break through the heavens…

Yes! The only thing he cared about was the battlefield! This was the burning core of youth!

As discussions flew around the live chat feed, the video moved on to the fifth great long ranged soldier. The more obscure and unknown that the person was, the more definite that they would have some sort of powerful trump card. If not, they would definitely be unable to appear in this video. The Mo Family would absolutely not put someone in their video just for show. Therefore, there would definitely be a debate popping up in the next few days from the audience, questioning exactly what kind of long ranged soldier that Karkel was.

While they were in Copperfield City, the group from Tianjing heard not even a single piece of information about this Karkel. One had to say that Laura and the others had truly done well in keeping this hidden. However, it was a pity that they could not conceal this from the Mo Family's information network. At this moment, the fourth long ranged soldier started to grace the video.

Without mentioning the fiery and provocative Sharmie, the stern and cold Karkel, and the handsome Alasi, the only word that could be used to describe this long ranged soldier was 'ugly'.

No, it wasn't just ugly. It was simply outright incomparably ugly.

With a bent waist, hunched back, weak and frail figure, he gave people a feeling of malnutrition and disease. Furthermore, that face… simply should not appear on a youth. His sharp nose and monkey like cheeks could be ignored, yet he had actually grown two long, thin whickers in the shape of an "八" that triggered a gag reflex in the audience. Moreover, they were dull yellow in colour!

One only needed to look at his appearance to become instantly shell shocked, with even feelings of wanting to gag on tomorrow's dinner!

Wretched! Vulgar! These were the first words that appeared in everyone's mind upon seeing him! There was absolutely no other word to describe him!

He held a gigantic cross shaped crossbow, with a completely unfashionable, horrendous cloak draped across his body. Looking at the camera, he had an abhorrent smile, one that was indeed even uglier than his crying face.

Compared to the handsome, cruel and cool five great assassin lineup, these long ranged soldiers truly appeared to be oddities. Bella Dean Academy, Gaden Bella Dean! 19 years of age, 155 cm in height, 43 kg in weight.

He was a person who caused the entire world to lose colour. Naturally, there was no need to doubt his surname. He was indeed a member of the Bella Dean Family. Appearing as though he was more than 30 years old, he was actually only 19.

It is said that this person is the embarrassment of the Bella Dean Family, without much of an appearance at the beginning. For a very long time, the people of the Bella Dean Family hated him to the point of death. However, he still appeared in this CHF, and was even able to climb into Mo's Rankings. If it were not for these two factors, the Bella Dean Family would definitely be unwilling to let him appear like that.

The contrast between Gaden and Sharmie provided an incomparably fresh change to the entire video. Although everyone hung the phrase "don't judge a book by its cover" on their mouths, people would always judge others by appearance in first impressions.

"Don't speak, let me talk first!" Being a member of the Fashion Society, Hymin was one of the people who was at the curb of losing it. Fortunately, she was only a substitute for this CHF, otherwise she would likely vomit for an entire month is she was to come into close contact with such a fellow on the battlefield.

Luckily, the last fellow in the video had a somewhat acceptable appearance. Despite his normal appearance, and even somewhat rough and barbaric character, he was like a brilliant light floating within a sea of bitterness for the public whose eyes had been scarred by the previous fellow.

The figure was a stubble faced male who appeared to be brimming with hormones. Hairier than most people, he wore a set of clothing generally associated with nobility, making him look somewhat uncouth and unsophisticated… He was young, yet dressed up like a middle aged uncle who had been through the vicissitudes of life.

As a long ranged soldier, the weapon of this "youthful uncle" seemed rather complicated. A firearm with the appearance of a cross between a handgun and a cannon hung on his waist, which was relatively normal. Yet, nothing could be said of the unexpected long, curved blade with its tip protruding out from behind him. With such a mix and match in his appearance, only god knows how he had managed to squeeze into the ranks of the top five long ranged soldiers.

A smile cracked open the mouth of this youthful uncle, giving him a somewhat heroic appearance. At this moment, the screen began to rapidly display information about him.

Stuart Academy. Rennes Stuart. 20 years of age. 188 cm in height, 78 kg in weight.

No more words were necessary. He was a fourth year student from the Stuart Academy, having returned specifically for the CHF. However, the great fame and reputation of Rennes was like thunder in everyone's' ears even before this video. He was a genius long ranged soldier, it was merely that there was an additional blade that had appeared on his back.

The level of this person should have long exceeded that of any academy. However, the Stuart Academy had still summoned him back. However, his appearance made it clear that the Stuart Academy was determined to win this CHF.

The Stuart Academy, Heaven's Fate Academy and the Martial Ghosts and Gods Royal Academy were the Federation's first rate academies in the CHF, as their combat results indicated.

Counting Wu Li who had appeared in the lineup of assassins yesterday, the participating students of Stuart Academy consisted of the greatest assassin, the strongest long ranged soldier, and Carolyn who would definitely appear amongst the soldiers. This powerful lineup incited fear and dread in the hearts of people. Regardless of the generation, the first family had seemingly dominated the entirety of the Federation.

The video of the five great long ranged soldiers chosen by the Mo Family changed into a gigantic glass screen, before shattering with a bang. Countless cracks formed as the glass shattered, before an all too familiar voice rang out, "Deciding the heavens with single gun, who will be the strongest long ranged soldier?"

One had to say that this list had much less debate than yesterday's five great assassins.

The judgement criteria of a long ranged soldier was universally acknowledged to be difficult. As everyone knew, there was no first place in intelligence and no second place in martial strength, since the value of a long ranged soldier would not be fully expressed in a solo duel. Although this name list by the Mo Family had already become rather accepted in the eyes of the public. After Joseph Cole's loss to Wu Li yesterday, anyone who wanted to challenge those on the list would have to re-evaluate themselves in detail once again. One could not spout words recklessly. As long as there were voices of ridicule and disdain towards Joseph in the discussion forums, anyone would know that a result of a challenge might not be something that anyone could endure.

Shortly after the end of the video, the three great Summoning Masters of the CHF appeared.

Truthfully speaking, Summoning Masters were Soul Beast Masters. Within the Federation, this was considered to be an exceedingly unique profession with one of the most rare cores. The chances to expand their fame and reputation was even more limited. Of all the people currently in the various academies of the Federation, there were only three people who made lasting impressions.

The first was Laura. The aura of this Ball Goddess absolutely suppressed others in all aspects. Couple with her 'rivalry' against Sharmie, her fame and reputation had risen to heights even greater than those in the Sanctuary Division.

It was simply unnecessary for Laura to strike a pose, as her mere summoning of her little bear by her side was enough, giving her a rather casual appearance.

Copperfield Academy. Laura Potter. 17 years of age, 167 cm in height, 46 kg in weight.

"There are too few Summoning Masters in the Federation. I heard that if Miss Laura's little bear was judged according to the standard of Soul Beasts, it's considered to have yet to reach maturity."

"It's not mature yet even though it's that large?"

"How can you compare dimensional beasts with humans? Have you short circuited your brain? Why else do people call it a little bear?"

Choosing Laura to be a part of the three great Summoning Masters was not a suspenseful matter. The profession of a Summoning Master was a rare occupation in itself. Within the first class experts, Laura was considered to be sufficient, second only to those at the peak of the quasi Sanctuary Division. Added with the supernatural levels of fame and her fanbase, there would not be much opposition even if she was voted as the number one Summoning Master within the CHF.

In unprecedented fashion, the voices within the live chat feed were united as one. This did not apply only to Laura, as the majority of the public could already guess the names of the next two Summoning Masters who had yet to be announced.

"It should be **."

In accordance to the public's will, an exceedingly petite figure quickly appeared on the screen.

From his appearance, he seemed to be a little boy that had yet to reach puberty, giving off a relatively docile and harmless impression. Hoisted on his thin shoulder was a rake more than twice his height in length. Regardless of his earnest and solemn expression, or his childlike facial features and petite figure, there was only one word that came to mind; Adorkable.

However, just as everyone was attracted by that pair of innocent eyes, the boy used his rake to gently scrape the ground. Immediately, numerous dense runic patterns extended across the ground. In a short moment, a giant, terrifying prehistoric beast burst out of the ground. From its aura, it appeared to be even more ferocious than Laura's flaming explosive bear. Suddenly, its gigantic paws came together and immediately shattered an enormous stone pillar to smithereens. This was the signature move of the Torres Family; the hug of death.
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