Battle Frenzy
84 Chapter 84 – Wang Zhong Versus Grai
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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84 Chapter 84 – Wang Zhong Versus Grai

Chapter 84 – Wang Zhong Versus Grai

Hymin definitely had a quota, however, which was given to her as the president of the Abilities Society. She was also a rarely seen water system ability user, with her speciality in the path of healing. To be honest, she would be brought along even if she didn’t have any combat capabilities. A person who could heal injuries to soul power, after all, was too hard to come by. Such a person could increase the overall endurance of the team.

Other than her little quirk of universal love, Hymin was good at everything. This was easily noticed during the past three days where she continued to stare at Grai. It was obvious, however, that she wasn’t Grai’s cup of tea.

Due to their restrictions on soul power use, the differences in physical capabilities started to be apparent within the hour. Reeves took the lead and led them forward at a steady pace. They were prepared to take first place, and Reeves wanted to perform outstandingly in various areas. He felt that the role of captain should belong to him.

Adams, Colby, Terrence, Lily, and the other members of Holy Judgement naturally followed behind him.

Finally unable to bear it, Lily asked, “Captain, shouldn’t we look after the people behind us?”

“Lily, this is special training. Didn’t you hear what the instructor said? No one is allowed to help others,” Adams replied. Lily is such a fool. She dislikes the fact that there were so many people, and yet, she still wants to help our opponents.

Reeves smiled faintly and said, “Lily is just taking into consideration my leadership role as captain. I’m fully aware of this, but the training itself tests the capabilities of an individual; now is not the time to recklessly help others. They will have to rely on themselves to cross this mountain pass, while we of Saint Judgment have to show our strength as the top society of the academy!”

Colby and the rest nodded their heads, accepting that Reeves had the required demeanor of a captain. The group started to increase their pace and pull further ahead of the people behind as they tried to complete this training in the shortest time possible.

Wang Zhong, Grai, and Barran didn’t have much difficulty with this run, but Emily felt it was getting harder to endure as she continued. She was the typical example of a person who relied mostly on their soul power, so her physical endurance was akin to that of a normal person. There was also no doubt that this kind of training was even tougher for an assassin like her. Yet, this little lass was very obstinate, asshe clenched her teeth while she struggled on.

“Emily, let me help you carry that,” Barran said after seeing how much effort Emily put into her run.

“No need. This little matter won’t pose a problem for me. Don’t slow your speed just because of me. Go and take over that group of fellows at the front. I’ll go along with the larger group behind us.”

Emily could feel that she was dragging the group back. After considering how large a distance there still was, she decided to give up on her unrealistic notion of sprinting to the endpoint.

“Senior, why don’t I stay behind with Emily. In any case, I can’t run very fast either,” Barran suggested. The competition this time involved societies, and Wang Zhong really couldn’t overlook this point. Ma Dong could originally have participated. It’s not to say that he was a coward, he had actually gave away his slot on the quota so that the Prodigy Society could be in the limelight and gain more publicity.

“Grai, let’s increase our speed. If there are any matters, contact us over the skylink.”

“Relax, I’ll protect Emily!” Barran said as he patted his chest.

When she heard that, Emily rolled her eyes. Like I’m the one needing protecting. However, knowing the simple and honest Barran, she understood that he said it with good intentions.

Wang Zhong and Grai started to increase their speed, but there was already no sign of the leading group in front of them.

“Senior, how about we have a competition between us?” Grai said with a smile. Ever since he saw Wang Zhong in the gravity room, Grai had always been thinking of comparing notes with him.

When he heard that, Wang Zhong also felt a bit of interest. “Alright, let the competition begin then.”

The two of them adjusted the position of their backpacks, before accelerating suddenly. It was as if they couldn’t feel the weight of their backpacks at all.

Markis and Markos were currently observing the events unfolding on their surveillance monitor, while sitting with their legs crossed. “These two fellows are trying to court disaster. If they continue to run at full strength, they’ll be paralyzed within the hour.”

The sun had already risen high into the sky. Due to the effects of that black hole, the daytime temperature grew hotter and hotter. Under the conditions where use of soul power was restricted, one’s energy consumption would intensify. During such a long distance run, one had to maintain a pace that wouldn’t harm the body.

After an hour, Reeves already felt he had the most outstanding performance and was running at the forefront. He definitely wanted to attain first place and prove his capabilities before Grace. His desire to be the top stemmed from his belief that Grace wasn’t satisfied with him. He wanted her to acknowledge he was the top candidate to choose. Even if she was a legendary figure of the academy, she wouldn’t be able to deny this point if he could be in first place.

Wang Zhong and Grai hadn’t shown a single sign of slowing down during their race. They continued to unceasingly overtake the members of Holy Judgement.

Adams and Terrence had stuck together during the run when they heard rumbling footsteps behind them. From the sounds made, it seemed that the footsteps were very hurried. Someone is catching up to us from behind?

“Fuck, it’s actually those two fellows!” Adams and Terrence shot a glance at each other. “Let’s take care of them!”

“Wouldn’t that be bad? What about the instructors?”

“Nothing to be afraid of. The instructors don’t have the frame of mind to care about other people’s business. Don’t tell me those two are these fellow’s godfathers, right? We’ll just tell the instructors that even during training, one has to maintain vigilance,” Adams said with an evil grin.

The two then went to hide themselves with a rock in hand. If one was to be suddenly attacked, they might get careless and use soul power, resulting in a disqualification for this training session according to the rules. If one didn’t counter using soul power, then the hit would render them semi-conscious.

Adams had long felt that these two deserved death as they were an eyesore. Moreover, by taking care of them, Vice-captain Lu Zhan Tian would definitely be ecstatic. This would make his status in Holy Judgement more stable.

Terrence and Adams were Lu Zhan Tian’s people. Even if Lu Zhan Tian couldn’t participate, he was still able to ensure that these two would be sent here. This was especially true for Adams, as he had lost the competition and was only able to come here due to Lu Zhan Tian’s support. How could he not repay the captain at this moment?

Grai and Wang Zhong’s speed didn’t slow down, with their breathing still steady and smooth. Although he had a calm expression, Grai was secretly shocked and amazed that a person with such physical prowess had actually appeared before him… and that person was someone of Tianjing.

Wang Zhong also felt curious. His body was very strong due to the nourishment it received from the Fate Stone coupled with the immense attention and diligence he placed in training. Yet, the slender Grai, whose body was seemingly built for just speed, also had such good endurance.

In that moment, a warning appeared in their minds—sneak attack!

Both of them reacted at seemingly the same time. Wang Zhong’s right foot suddenly swept out while Grai rotated his body around, catching the stone with one hand, before sending it flying back after a revolution.

Bang bang bang bang!

Two miserable shrieks rang from the underbrush as Terence covered his eyes, standing. His right eye had turned into a black eye while Adams was holding his groin as he rolled around on the ground.“You two have such interesting tastes; battling in the wild!” Wang Zhong quipped after seeing the two pieces of trash.

“Senior Adams, your injuries are too severe so you should go back and get it treated,” Grai said, his voice as gentle as usual.

Yet, when the two statements were combined, something didn’t seem right…

As they spoke, Wang Zhong and Grai took large strides forward and continued on. The two left behind were shrieking miserably, cursing with such a colourful language. If this hadn’t been special training, Grai and Wang Zhong wouldn’t have minded teaching them a lesson.

Reeves had set out early, making most of the best period of time in the morning where the temperature was just right. From what he could see, no one could chase after him, and yet, there seemed to be footsteps gradually catching up to him from behind.

Could Lily and the others have caught up?
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    《Battle Frenzy》