22 You Are Mine
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Author :heaven_angel
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22 You Are Mine

Mei drove back to her apartment angrily, she went upstairs to her room and started breaking things,she screamed and pulled her hair and threw herself on the bed, tears rolled down from her eyes. She finally calmed down and went up to her mirror and looked at herself, cleaned her face and smiled mischievously, she said to her self.

"he's mine"

Back at the Lu Estate, Zhang Wei and Li Na walked back to their mansion holding hands.

"where are you going?" Zhang Wei asked Li Na.

"my room"she said pointing to her room. Zhang Wei swept her off her feet and took her to his room and laid her on the bed and said

" this is your room now". They both stared at each other for a while, Zhang Wei bent his head and kissed her lips gently, he moved down to her neck and started pulling her clothes, Li Na closed her eyes enjoying the moment.


The next morning, Li Na woke up tired, she sat up and realized that Zhang Wei wasn't in bed, she looked around and finally saw him coming out of the closet well dressed and prepared for work, he saw her awake and went to meet her and gently kissed her.

"Oh my boss is going to kill me" Li Na said when she realized she hadn't gone to work. Zhang Wei smiled at helped her get on her feet and kissed her again.

"then you better get ready, I'll drop you" he said.

"No way, I don't want any attention and besides you're already late, she said and kissed him good bye.

After attending various meetings, Zhang Wei was already very tired, it was evening already, he decided to go home when his phone rang.

" Zhang Wei can you please come over?"Mei begged crying

"listen I'm not in the mood for your games" he said harshly

"please" she begged and begged, he finally agreed and drove to her house. He pressed the doorbell and immediately, the door opened, Mei stood in front of him with eye bags under her eyes, her eyes were red, her hair was scattered, she looked thin and weak.

"Mei are you okay?" he asked with concern. She didn't answer him,she turned and went inside, he followed her.

"Mei" he said as he grabbed her hand

"are you okay"he asked again.

" I'm sorry" she said crying. Zhang Wei didn't react at all, he was already used to her saying sorry.

"I'm sorry I tried to break your relationship with Li Na" she said, he was moved when he heard her say that. He nodded his head.

"have you eaten?" he asked

"No" she answered

"I'll order" he said as he took his phone from his pocket. A while later, the food came. They unpacked the food together, Mei sat down at the dining table with her plate in front if her

"will you please join me?" she asked politely. Zhang Wei didn't want her to feel unforgiven so he didn't reject her offer and sat down to eat with her. After taking not more than two bites, his phone rang, it was the office, he excused himself and went outside to answer the call. Mei quietly got up from and seat and went over to Zhang Wei's chair, she dropped a tablet in his water and did the same to the juice, after making sure the tablets had dissolved, she quietly went back to her seat and waited for him to come. Finally , Zhang Wei came back and sat on his chair and ate his food quietly, he drank his water halfway and continued eating before finishing the remaining one. As soon as he finished eating he got up leave when he staggered, he held the chair and started feeling dizzy.

"are you okay?" Mei asked

"My head" he answered holding his head. Mei held him and helped him up to her room, he laid on the bed,Mei shut the door and laid on top of him and started pulling his clothes,the tried to stop her but he was too weak,Mei forcefully kissed him and said with a smile on her face.

"You are mine".


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