Antomea's Chronicle - Nina
12 Wave of the damned
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Antomea's Chronicle - Nina
Author :Bricker
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12 Wave of the damned

(By the command of the Fifteenth Legion - Wave of the Damned)

Beneath a sky of ink that only a few yellow rays emitted by a last quarter moon shyly pierce, an enormous sphere even darker than the darkness itself takes birth.

Below this small star from which terrible lamentations escape, Nina completely hysterical bursts out laughing.

With her two thin, deep red lips open, the mad-eyed girl unveils two long, repulsive newly emerging canines, whose herself still ignores existence.

In this form of fighter that she didn't know existed, the way of using many abilities that she didn't think she possessed runs through her head.

In the sky, the star that any observer would swear to belong to the darkness, is constantly expanding. It grows extremely rapidly until it reaches a diameter of approximately 330ft.

When it reaches its maximum size, the ball, which seems never to have been where it was, disappears and reappears 1150ft higher.

As if she was connected to it, Nina who felt all the changes of the sphere draws the heavy sword which at the moment, doesn't seem to weigh more than a small iron knife.

Too impatient, not being able to bear to wait for the beginning of the show, in order to command the curtains up, she raises her huge black sword towards the heavens.


At that moment: Whether it is the deeply asleep inhabitants of the neighbouring villages, in the nearby farms, in the small town so sad that she visited with those soldiers whose only remains are now hot ashes, or the animals of the forest who open their eyes and prepare to flee the danger, all wake up in panic when they hear a shrill scream that tears their eardrums.

Responding to the command of the descendant of the one who invoked it, what is but a simple containing from limbo intended to lead the tortured souls to the battlefields, tears from part to part, then having reached its breaking point, it finally shatters into fine fragments that are swallowed by the void before even touching the ground.

In response to the order of the immobile fire being, the thousands of screams of the souls trapped in the star echo before scattering in all directions.

These red spheres no longer interest Nina at all. Not that testing her abilities on them wouldn't be fun, but in her present form, she can feel that the aura emanating from these things has some kind of similarity to her own.

In a nearby village, a woman rushed out of her clumpy mud house.

Guided by an indescribable terror, this thoughtful mother forgot to wake her children, delivering them thus to the monster that has just broken through the wall of her bedroom.

Overwhelmed by the fear that has crept deep into her bones and into her heart, she runs straight ahead without paying attention to all those who like her, run away as fast as they can in various directions.

The little saving church is right in front of her. All she has to do is pass through its heavy doors and the woman is sure to be safe there.

16ft, 14ft, 11ft, 8ft, the woman smiles involuntarily and already she reaches out her still trembling arm to grab the big metal doorknob of the place protected by the gods.

6ft, 5ft, 3ft, 35inches, she puts her finger on the big round metal handle and between euphoria and anguish, she is about to pull the oak door.

23inches, her soft hand is letting go of the big handle that was fixed not a month ago.

20inches, a woman drained of her blood collapses on the last step of the small country church.

Like the many corpses that begin to form a carpet of stinking flesh, her complexion is whitish, and she is so thin that her weight should not exceed 70 pounds.

Soon only stunted grey things in vaguely human form float above the eight nine fifteen bodies which they have selfishly deprived of their lives.

These immaterial translucent beings, no longer finding a source of nourishment in this place, scream in rage. All of them groan and, as one, all turn their disproportionate heads in the same direction.

Answering with a nightmarish howl intended for the one who leads them, all follow the little hysterical ball of fire that flies over them, whose objective is to go and sow death in a hamlet that, with the help of her improved vision, she has spotted not far away.


In a place that does not appear on any maps and is not part of any world.

Sitting on his immense black and white throne in the great hall of his castle that dominates a valley made of lava lakes and desolate forests, a giant being with two immense dark wings suddenly raises his head.

Lately, this Grand Duke is deeply bored. His Majesty has been getting a little lazy and he himself does not really feel the need to go and sow chaos in the lower worlds.

So he spends his time playing chess with his advisor or simply sleeping on his throne made from the bones of his most valiant opponents.

Yet, at this very moment, the Grand Duke, wide awake, points these four enormous horns towards the blood-stained sky that overlooks his too vast dwelling.

What he has just felt in that moment. He cannot be mistaken. It is one of the commandments of the fifteenth legion that only his brother could use.

However, this is impossible, Bemoth died two thousand years ago after being executed by the Lord Himself. Impossible, it does indeed seem to him to be a completely aberrant idea, and yet...

...and yet, would it really be totally impossible?

If the rumor that so long ago claimed that the soldiers of her brother's legion managed to escape by saving the little Princess was true, nothing says that she would not be the one who would use this ability that only Bemoth or his descendants are able to activate.

"Counselor, I want all my Exterminators ready to go in twenty minutes. As if I think my niece is alive, I don't want to see them again until they find her."

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    《Antomea's Chronicle - Nina》