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Author :steal_the_beauty
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At the edge of a cliff, a young man with blond hair and green eyes stood at the end of the cliff at the edge of an endless abyss. There were wounds on his person and there were two arrows planted in his body, one on his shoulder and the other on his leg. He was panting and under his feet was a pool of blood.

His breathing was heavy, showing his fatigue and his chest was rising violently. Each of his muscles was shaking due to exhaustion and lack of strength. It lacked little to fall apart. However his eyes were cold and wild, he expressed hatred and madness without limits. His lips showed his white teeth which formed a mad smile filled with hatred.

Before him was a large group of people and behind them was a silent dark forest.
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"Heretic you are stuck! If you obey us and surrender you can still stay alive!"

"Today we are going to apply divine justice! For having dared to insult the gods and to have betrayed them you must be punished! If you repent in your heart we can let you die without pain, otherwise, you will be endless torture and you will die painfully!"

"Heretic! Stop being so stubborn! You are at the edge of the entrance to the underworld! If you surrender you will have at least one whole corpse! "

Waves of roars came from the crowd, with everyone shouting words of divine justice and heresy. If anyone in the Etheria world could see this scene, he would be stunned until he lost his soul. This crowd of people in front of the youngster were dressed in white robes and golden linings, they were priests of the Church of the 6 Gods. Each person in the crowd was a renowned person who would be respected by human people.

Yet they were all in front of this young man, besieging him like an animal. All looked at the youngster with murderous and cold eyes but at the bottom was indifference.

"Dirty fanatics ... you want my life ... is that it?"

The boy spoke coldly with his teeth clenched because of the pain. At every word, he said he felt his lungs burn and even his mouth was tired. Hearing the young man's words, the crowd in front of him remained silent but everyone kept their gaze fixed on him.

"Before, I want to see the assassin in black ..."

The young man looked up at the silent dark forest behind the crowd of priests and he cried out with a look filled with hatred and anger.

"Bastard! Come out for me! I know you're hiding in the forest! You're not afraid of a poor, weak kid, are you? Huh?"

In response, the forest remained silent and only the sound of the night breeze was heard. "Houhouu" The youngster smiled arrogantly and madly which did not suit his situation.

"Hahaha! It looks like you are scared bastard! After all, with this fragile body that you have, it would be normal to be embarrassed, hahaha!"

The crowd looked at the youngster with surprised eyes, he knew who the youngster was referring to and everyone was afraid of him. As the silence followed the youngster's words, twisted and perverse laughter echoed in the dark night. A silhouette measuring at least 2.30 meters envelopes in a shredded black cape. The person has a very thin body and his face is covered with a white mask in the shape of a skull.

"Hyahyahya ... You seem to be missing the way I tortured you ... Toriumi Tatsuya ..."

"Shut up! I don't want to hear my name come out of your mouth, beast! You're just a dog, bastard!"

The crowd watched in horror as Tatsuya openly insulted the person hiding in the shadow speaking. The person emerging from the forest is a subordinate of the pope of the Church of the 6 Gods. He is known as Archon and his role in the Church is to kill all enemies of the order whether inside or outside the order. Archon has already killed over a thousand people, at least half of whom were innocent.

"Hyahyahya! You are the first person to insult me ​​and live so long ..."

"Of course. Each of the crooked fanatics of your Church is a coward. Including you, dog."

Hearing Tatsuya insult them, the priests in front of Tatsuya felt humiliated. Among the human people they have always been respected and adulated and yet a kid from another world humiliates them with arrogance and contempt. They all looked at Tatsuya with a murderous look.

"Let's kill him! We have to kill him!"

"Yes, my brother. We must kill him so that he can atone for his faults towards the Gods."

"Death is the only deliverance for this lost soul. May the Gods have pity on his soul."

The crowd of priests calmly approached Tatsuya because they had trapped him so they were not afraid that he might flee. Seeing the end approaching for him, Tatsuya looked at the priests and Archon with a hateful and mad look.

"Do you really think you can kill me? I choose the way I die dirty dogs myself! However remember, if I survive in the underworld you can be sure that I will take revenge!"

Tatsuya looked at the crowd of priests and Archon with bloodshot eyes filled with revenge. Suddenly before everyone's incredulous eyes, Tatsuya used every last bit of his strength to jump back and forth to drop into the unknown abyss of the underworld.

"Stop him!"

"Don't drop him! We have to bring his head back to holiness!"

"Catch it! Quick!"

The crowd rushed in with the intention of preventing Tatsuya from falling into the underworld. Suddenly a dark blur overtook everyone and tried to catch Tatsuya. Archon rushed in with the intention of catching Tatsuya and managed to catch part of his outfit preventing him from falling. Archon laughed and taunted Tatsuya.

"I caught you ... Hyahyahya!"

Tatsuya smiled and replied in an arrogant and contemptuous voice.

"Dog! Remember. The assassins kill. They don't play with their target. You should have killed me and not played with me. If I survive you will be my first target, DOG."

Suddenly Tatsuya brutally tore off this part of his clothes and Archon lost his grip on Tatsuya who fell into the abyss. The last sight of the crowd and Archon of Tatsuya was his bloodshot green eyes filled with revenge and his wild smile. All of them felt bad for an unknown reason.

In its fall, the star sky faded more and more as darkness replaced the light of the stars, and a single thought crossed Tatsuya's mind.

"I hate ... hate myself for being so useless. I swear if I survive, then I will become the most powerful being in this world. Whoever gets in my way will be ... KILLED! Whoever gets in the way of my freedom will be ... KILLED! ALL MY ENEMIES WILL BE MERCILESSLY KILLED!"

When he fell, surrounded by the sound of the wind, Tatsuya remembered his life for the past few months and how his life had completely changed. Tatsuya saw how his «friends» abandoned him and how he ended up in this dramatic situation. Looking back, Tatsuya smiled disdainfully.


Tokyo, Monday

In the early morning on the roof of the school, a young man was comfortably reading a novel on the roof of the school, his arms at the back of his head with headphones in his ears casually.

This young man was Toriumi Tatsuya. Tatsuya was a rather handsome young man, 6 feet tall, with short, spiky blonde hair and green eyes. His school uniform consists of the black school jacket draped over his shoulders and a dark blue sweater with a slightly unbuttoned white shirt. He wears it with black uniform pants and black shoes. Her dress style was really nonchalant. Tatsuya is a very laid back and relaxed person, he is generally calm and very carefree.

Tatsuya's habit was to fall asleep in class and read his light novels with his music during breaks between classes. Despite his indiscipline, the teachers could not do anything because Tatsuya could always have the average despite his lack of interest in lessons. This amazed many teachers, because of it he was nicknamed by others "the dormant genius".

As Tatsuya read his light novel with music in his ears, his headphones were brutally torn off and a cry followed.

"Toriumi-kun! You get up now or do 40 rounds of land when we get back from Kyoto!"

Recognizing the voice, Tatsuya jumped up with sweat on his forehead. In front of him stood Yuko-sensei, aka "Hannya".

With a furious look, Hasegawa Yuko was the teacher in charge of Tatsuya's class. Yuko-sensei was 28 years old and she was a social science teacher and very popular among the students. Yuko-sensei is a beautiful tall woman measuring approximately 1.78 meters with a slim waist. She has amber eyes and long light brown hair that reaches her knees. Her right bangs are long and stand behind her right ear with the rest of her hair. Her left bangs are shorter than her right and she falls along her neck. Due to her enormous rack, the males of her class obtained photos of her cleavage and worship her.

Yuko-sensei is an incredibly kind, friendly and responsible teacher who is open-minded and believes in the future of each of her students. She cares about all of her students, even problematic students like Tatsuya, who is a lazy man. She also likes to have fun with her students and observe their interactions, which makes her very accessible to students. She is quite wise and gives advice when needed. She is always ready to give advice and guidance to her students like a loving mother.

However, she is also feared throughout the school because of her other side. Yuko-sensei can be incredibly violent, especially since she is an expert in martial arts. She is the advisor to the Kendo and martial arts club and offers "lessons" to students who end up crying in pain at the end. The taboo with her is her age and marital status, you should never tell her about her age and her status as a bachelor if not ...

Looking at Yuko-sensei, Tatsuya, who was not afraid of anyone except his parents, had cold sweats. Yuko-sensei was one of the few people who could put pressure on him.

"Yuko-sensei! I'm standing, what do you want me to do?"

Tatsuya didn't want to piss off his teacher because the last time it happened, she forced him to go around the soccer field 50 times. As a result, he fell asleep on the beds of the high school infirmary when he was finished, while his clothes were dusty and torn.

"Toriumi-kun! Did you forget ?! We have to go to Kyoto today and because of you, we had to delay the start by 30 minutes! The whole class is looking for you!"

Hearing Yuko-sensei's words, Tatsuya remembered that his class had an excursion to Kyoto and he cursed himself for having forgotten it. He swallowed because he knew he was going to be in trouble. Tatsuya took a sip of saliva and with an awkward smile, he rubbed his head and with a nervous voice he spoke.

"Ha ... Hahaha ... It looks like I forgot about it ... It's incredible, isn't it? ..."

Yuko-sensei looked at Tatsuya with a deadly expression and she grabbed Tatsuya's ear to forcibly drag him to the school parking lot where the bus was waiting. All along the road, Tatsuya exclaimed in pain with tears in his eyes.

"Ouch! Ouch! Stop Yuko-sensei! You're going to rip my ear off! Please, let go of my ear!"

"Hmph! That will teach you to be on time, this is your punishment."

"It's not a punishment! It's mistreatment!"

Tatsuya was dragged by Yuko-sensei over three floors. All along the way, Tatsuya had the impression that his ear would come off. The worst was dragged before everyone's eyes towards the bus.

When they finally arrived, Yuko-sensei let go of Tatsuya's ear before looking at him coldly. Tatsuya quickly grabbed his aching ear and looked at Yuko-sensei with revenge. The other students watched the exchange with humor because it was a routine for them. Since the beginning of the year, Yuko-sensei and Tatsuya have been playing this cat and mouse game.

As Tatsuya watched Yuko-sensei go talk to the bus driver to sort out the final arrangements, Tatsuya was approached by high school celebrities.

"Tatsuya-san. You should be more serious and responsible."

"Hahaha! Tatsuya, you're really fun. I can't wait for our next fight!"

"Toriumi, you should be more responsible. You annoy the class and you take advantage of their kindness."

"Hmm ... Toriumi-kun how are you? We were looking for you everywhere."

The first to speak was Yajima Reiji, a very handsome and attractive young man. He has burgundy, messy hair that falls on his forehead. He wears square glasses which give him a wise look despite his wild side. Reiji is a calm, almost cold young man with a sophisticated and polite manner of speaking, however, each of his words is harsh. Despite his rigid appearance, he still has a sense of humor, although dry.

Reiji has always considered Tatsuya a nuisance because he spends his time hanging around instead of working seriously. He finds Tatsuya in disorder. However, he does not deny Tatsuya's abilities and calls him a "lost genius".

The second to speak in an amused tone was Tanaka Yuujiro. Yuujiro is an extremely muscular young man and generally stands at least one head higher than most of the other characters. His hair is reddish-orange in color pushed out of his face.

Despite his wild appearance, Yuujiro generally behaves very calmly and on the contrary, he is in the Top 75 in high school exams. However, he is known for his love of good fights. For his battles, Yuujiro will think very little of the consequences that his actions could have, that Tatsuya has personally experienced.

One day, Tatsuya confronted delinquents who harassed a young girl of her class, Yuujiro who passed by there was frozen when he saw the force of Tatsuya which demolished the delinquents one after the other. The next day, at the entrance to the school, Yuujiro attacked Tatsuya. During the fight, Yuujiro laughed happily and enjoyed the battle when everyone was worried. Finally, the teachers had to intervene and Yuko-sensei showed that his title "Hannya" was justified. The two had to clean the toilet for the next two weeks. Tatsuya found himself crying in the face of the injustice committed, he had asked nothing.

Reiji and Yuujiro's best friend is Sakamaki Akira. He is a young man with dark blue hair generally separated with a lock reaching his nose and the tip of his hair reaching the top of his ears. The back of her hair covers her neck. His height was 1.80 meters and he had a toned physique. He has turquoise blue eyes that almost match his hair color. He wears his uniform in a strict and neat manner as would a model student showing his perfectionist attitude. There were at least a few dozen girls who fell in love with him and confessed, but he rejected them all.

Akira has an idealistic personality. He says that just helping is a reward in itself. It helps everyone who needs it. This mentality makes him very manipulative and prevents him from having self-esteem. Akira is extremely stubborn when he begins to accomplish something, such as protecting a classmate constantly harassed by other high school students. In the end, the bullies lowered their hands and gave up. Akira is nicknamed "the Prince" by the girls of the school because of her personality coupled with her beauty. For some reason, he still opposes Tatsuya.

Finally, the last person who worried about Tatsuya was Yoshikawa Yui. She is the high school princess. Yui is a very beautiful young woman, she is so beautiful and so pure that she is known as "the White Rose". She has a very frail appearance, she has long black hair with square bangs and black eyes. She also had a light pink lipstick. She was the personification of the Japanese princess, a real "Yamato Nadeshiko".

Yui is above everyone, she is famous all over Japan because of her artistic talent. She is able to create works that can attract the soul of spectators. For this reason, their school has won the title of "best art school" for two consecutive years. She is the undisputed pride of the school.

Seeing the celebrities speak to him, Tatsuya sighed in his heart and replied casually.

"Ai! Ai! Now I'm just going to sleep. Wake me up when we get to Kyoto. In the meantime don't bother me."

Tatsuya wanted to avoid talking to this group, because of them he always wasted his time to relax. He quickly got on the bus wanting to run away and relax. When he got on the bus, he saw Yuko-sensei looking at him with dangerous eyes. Tatsuya dodged his gaze and in the bus, he took a seat in the back where the seats are larger and the sun's rays are scarce.

Tatsuya put his headphones in his ears and crossed his arms before closing his eyes to fall asleep. When his eyes were closed, a pleasant voice awoke him.

"Anoo ~ Toriumi-kun."

Opening his eyes, he saw Yui in front of him. Yui had a nervous expression but her lips formed a thin smile.

"What is it Yui?"

"Eh ... I want to ask you something?"

Tatsuya looked at Yui with a calm look. For Tatsuya, Yui behaved strangely with him. Tatsuya never thought for a moment that Yui had any feelings for him because Akira was by his side. Logically she should feel emotions for Akira who is a prince charming and not a lazy man, like Tatsuya. He replied to Yui casually without embarrassment.

"What do you want?

"Well ... Toriumi-kun ~ ... In Kyoto, we could ... visit the city together ... alone, right?"

Hearing Yui's question, Tatsuya felt trouble coming. He knew that if he went out with Yui alone in Kyoto, the guys in the class will make his life hellish, he will not be able to relax in high school and in addition, there is Akira who is the most problematic guy. For someone like Tatsuya who favors his hobbies than his social life, it is a nightmare. Tatsuya didn't have to use a second to think.

"Sorry, but no. I have ... other projects in Kyoto."

Hearing Tatsuya's response, Yui felt embarrassed and her eyes showed sadness. However, she did not give up.

"Then I can accompany you. Anyway, I didn't have a program."

"Sorry but no. It's ... pretty private."

"I could wait for you. Besides, I won't bother you, I'll help you if you have a problem."

(You're the problem!)

Sweats were starting to flow from Tatsuya's forehead. He felt like he was losing to a Boss. Each strategy was pushed back and canceled. Yui's eyes were fixed on Tatsuya and he was starting to get nervous.

"You know Yoshikawa-san ... sometimes in life people like to be alone."

"This is wrong. There is no one in the world who can be alone in the world."

(I like to be alone!)

Tatsuya wanted to cry, he knew that Yui would not give up because, for some reason unknown to Tatsuya, she tries every time to spend time with him. Yet Tatsuya wanted peace and his solitude offered him that peace, but Yui destroyed his peace. Finally, he had to surrender and agree to visit the city with Yui with a long sigh.

"Haa~ ... Okay, why not?"

"Yay! Hihihi, we meet again after the guided tours of the school."

A smile appeared on Yui's lips and her purple eyes seemed to shine because of the joy. She returned to sit happily with the other girls in the class with a thin smile on her lips. Her friends laughed happily with her, congratulating her.

Tatsuya sighed, closing his eyes. Tatsuya put his headphones back on and he leaned on the bus to sleep. Yet he did not notice two eyes staring at him nervously and sadly after agreeing to go out with Yui.

Finally, after a while, everyone got on the bus and they left for Kyoto. At the front of the bus, Yuko-sensei explained the program of their visit to Kyoto, but out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Tatsuya sitting in the back of the bus, eyes closed and headphones in his ears ignore his words. Yuko-sensei gritted her teeth in frustration when she saw Tatsuya ignore everyone for the hundredth time.

(This idiot ... I hope he will get lost in Kyoto and come back crying.)


In the middle of the journey to Kyoto, Tatsuya was awakened by screams. Opening his eyes the first thing he noticed was that everyone on the bus was enveloped in blue light. Looking at his hands, Tatsuya noticed that he too was enveloped in this mysterious light. Taking off his headphones, his ears were overwhelmed by the panicked cries of his classmates.

"What's going on ?! I'm scared!"

"Yuko-sensei! What's going on ?!"

"What is happening to us ?! Why is everyone shining ?!"

"Help me! I don't want to be kidnapped by aliens!"

Among all these screams, Tatsuya was relatively calm despite the nervousness. However as the seconds passed, the light surrounding them became brighter. As everyone continued to panic, the light soon became blinding and everyone closed their eyes because of the intensity of the light. When the light disappeared which disappeared after a few seconds, the bus was empty, the only things still present were the objects of the students.


The next day, all Japanese television was shaken.

A bus full of students was going to Kyoto, but passing near Mount Akaishi, the bus capsized and fell on the cliff. However, it was not the most shocking, the most shocking was the disappearance of the 23 students and 2 adults, their teacher, and their driver, in total 25 people disappeared.

This event caused a huge outcry around the world because the incident left no trace of the missing.


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