Am I Alone?
6 Chapter 5
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Am I Alone?
Author :YaoReTian
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6 Chapter 5

A few months after...

"James!" a farmer shouted. "The boss needs you to fix a stove!"

I sighed, putting down my cards after losing to the boy for the hundredth time.

"I guess that's it for now then, kid," I said to the boy.

"That's a shame, I wanted to win more!" The kid said, annoyed.

I marched towards the stove the farmer referenced and started on fixing the stove. Of course, this action constantly reminds me of the pain we had before we arrived here. Fixing stoves is literally what I'm famous for. I fixed so many stoves in my life that I think I already set a record.

It took me exactly 5 minutes to fix the damn thing, people passing by are always mesmerized by how fast my hands worked. I am pretty much remembered for fixing stoves.

I made my way back to the bunkhouse. The kid has already head of to his job, sending messages from the boss to the farmers and fishermen.

I looked around the relaxing room that actually looked like a room (Unlike our old bunkhouse), walls were still wood, but the door and windows look like they are real doors and windows. The bunkhouse was not much bigger than the bunkhouse we used to live in, however, it doesn't look like it's about to break down. The bunk beds are still made of wood but have a sturdier ladder and had thin mattresses. (They had REAL mattresses!)

I heard the lunch bell ring and made my way to the main room where we had our food.

I ate the food that was only made because I fixed the stove. It reminded me of when I first arrived here, then, the food tasted like the best food I ever had! We mainly had fish as we lived right next to a river, but sometimes we have chicken or beef from the farms, along with bread and clean water.

"Hey there James!" I heard the kid say.

"Of course you arrive first, your stomach is as big as ever ain't it," I told him, I walked over to the table he was sitting at. (There were only two tables that each allowed 6 people to eat at)

"Life here is amazing!" I heard the boy whisper to me. "I am so happy that we didn't have to stay in that hell!"

"I agree," I whispered back, life here sure is more relaxing than that place. The pay we get here is not much more than we had there, but life here is still much better!


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