Am I Alone?
4 Chapter 3
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Am I Alone?
Author :YaoReTian
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4 Chapter 3

After walking for an hour, we instantly regretted leaving the farm, even if a psychopathic murderer is there, he won't kill us if we work! The boy and I have already completely forgotten how to return to the farm, this is because we decided not to use the road and change directions whenever we feel like it. This was meant to stop the boss from following us, however, it had completely backfired. We are now walking on an endless path towards God knows where.

"At least we brought food with us," I said, wanting to break the silence.

"We already a-ate half of it s-sir," He answered back worriedly, I am still confused about why the boy is so worried around me.

"Why do you stutter a lot, boy?" I asked him.

"W-what..." the kid said back, obviously surprised by the question.

"Seriously, I am so confused why you can't just speak normally, it's not like I'm a monster who would kill you without thinking like the boss."

The boy looked even more afraid than he did before I said that. Am I really that scary?

"Do I seriously look like what I just described?" I asked him, to my surprise, he slowly nodded.

So, according to the boy, in other people's eyes, I look like a murderer released from prison.

"I seriously need to change how I look..." I muttered.

The boy just looked at me and laughed, "I guess you aren't that bad on the inside though."

He sounded unsure about that fact.

I just learnt that I looked like a demon, why wouldn't I want to change how I looked? Well on the positive side, it the conversation stirred up a bit of comedy.

"Sir, look there!" I heard the boy shout at me.

"I'm right next to you, you don't need to shout!" I complained. "Wait, it's a river!"

Once I looked at the position the boy told me, my eyes instantly lit up. Walking the last few miles had rid us of all the water we had brought. Looking forward, however, was what in our eyes a paradise.

The boy instantly charged down towards the river and started drinking the water.

"Hey, the water might be dirty, let me check it!" I shouted at him.

"Who're you, my dad?" The boy said the first smart comment he ever said since I met him. He seemed to regret saying it as soon as it came out of his mouth.

"Don't worry, I told you didn't I, I'm not a beast waiting to be released," I told him.

Looking back at the water, I suddenly remembered something from before the crash.

"Rivers are pretty much clean most of the time!" I mentally hit myself, since rivers are constantly moving, unless the place where it started running is a garbage dump, it shouldn't be a huge problem.

Looking at the clean water I had to admit, my worrying is completely pointless. The water was even cleaner than the water we get at the farm.

"Can I drink it now?" The boy whined, obviously losing patience.

"Fine, it looks fine to me," I muttered, completely defeated.

As soon as the words left my mouth, we raced each other to the river.

Once we reached it, we rapidly started drinking as much water as we can, as well as saving some of the water for reserve during our trip to nowhere.

The river was a maze of water, one path leads to three other lines of rushing water. Anyone looking down the winding path, if they had no one else to control them, would certainly lose themselves by moving down the river. Of course, we won't make the same mistakes they did. So instead, we would...

"We should move down the river," The boy interrupted my thoughts. "That way we would still have water and fish no matter how long we walk for!"

That was actually a good reason for moving down the river.

"Sure, that was exactly what I was thinking..." I answered, unknowingly to the boy, he had just won me again.

We started advancing across the maze that was a river. always moving towards the left most stream if the river splits, we could have been walking for days, neither of us knew, drinking water when we feel like it; scooping up fish to eat when we got hungry and sleeping when it hits night time. Our current lifestyle is basically designed to make you lose track of time.

We both knew that the river was eventually going to end, maybe when we finally earnt some money, we could buy the piece of land at the end of the river. That way we could sell fish to make money. Thoughts such as those cross our minds every night, our dream just adapted itself to fit the life we have now.

Day after day, this was our life: Wake up, eat, walk, eat, walk, eat and sleep. Every now and then, we would play around in the water or tell stories that either actually happened or we just made up. The longer we walked on for, the closer we get to either the end of the river.

Of course, living a life like this for days, we would start to hope, or even think that the river will never close, that way we could continue our life. However, we knew that was not possible. If we don't move, bandits will find us and steal what little money we brought, if we keep moving, the river would eventually end. We both knew that.

Finally, our hopes and thoughts were shattered into as many pieces as we can find.

The river ended and what lied at the end was another peaceful looking farm.


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