Am I Alone?
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Am I Alone?
Author :YaoReTian
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1 Pre-story

Since 1922, there was a massive increase in possibilities for the countries economic side. As the country helps Europe with reconstructions for the great war, companies raise more and more money due to shares.

The shares' values increase by the day and everyone wants more and more shares.

Year after year, the values increase, everything is looking wonderful, everyone feels like they would have a very rich future.

However, with high hopes and happiness, despair is sure to follow.

Then comes November 13 of 1929. With people having too many goods, banks supporting them buying goods, by this time, the banks are all completely bankrupt. Most people in the country ended up became unemployed. The crash happened.

With all their hopes crashed, people could only dream for a single dollar, dream for any sort of job. The final version of the dream could only be known as the American dream. Those who dreamt this dream wish to make it come true, as they come close to grasping that future, they realize it's all a dream.

James is only one of many people who dreamt that same dream.


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