All It Takes Is One Night
120 Chapter 120: Put a face to the name
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All It Takes Is One Night
Author :Tybabs
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120 Chapter 120: Put a face to the name

"Do you still want to meet my parents? I promise you it'll be better." Katie asked anxiously.

"Of course I want to meet your parents. Samuel was just being protective." James assured

"But you didn't react like that with Catherine and Samuel."

James couldn't reply Katie because he was about to blow up on Samuel before Catherine spoke. Catherine must have realized his anger towards Samuel and the cause for it because she not only defended James but she also prevented him from lashing out on. Samuel about the pregnancy.


After Catherine stormed out of the penthouse. Downstairs waiting for Catherine was Liam in a black low-key van.

"Get out!" Catherine said opening the driver seat.

Feeling the storm forming around Catherine's head, Liam steeped out of the car moving to the passenger door. Just as his hands reached out to open the door the van speed off leaving Liam in the dust.

"Oh, you can go. I prefer walking anyway." Liam whispered after the car still afraid of Catherine hearing him.

As Liam turned to disappear into the night in ran into Samuel who was also coming out of the penthouse looking just as bad as Catherine. Liam instinctively turned but not before Samuel's sharps eyes saw him.

"Where is she Liam?" Samuel barked at Liam.

"Who?" If this was Catherine, Liam wouldn't dare mess around especially when she is angry but it's Samuel, he definitely wasn't afraid of Samuel.

"Don't mess with me Liam." Samuel approached Liam in a domineering and threatening manner.

"But o quite enjoy messing with you?" The more Samuel spoke with rage the more inclined to annoy him Liam felt.

"I need to see her." For first time since they started speaking this night Samuel spoke with sincere and genuine regret and guilt.

"I don't know, she just drove off." Liam answered not finding this conversation fun anymore. "See you later." And before Samuel could respond Liam was gone.

With his tail between his legs Samuel dragged his body to his car. He wasn't sad because of how he lashed out at James but he was about how he left things with Catherine in the morning.

The next days leading up to the weekend were uneventful.

James and Katie moved on from that night and continued to prepare to meet Katie's parents.

While Catherine and Samuel didn't cross each other's parts.

Catherine waited anxiously for the weekend because like James and Katie it was also an important weekend.

She was going to meet Lea and Lina for update on their mission, she needed to be sure before she told James.
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It was Friday night and James and Catherine set off to join Katie's parents at the Zhou beach house for the weekend.

Katie had never been so she was excited to take the weekend off and relax with the important people in her lives. Although initially she wanted Samuel around but she didn't think it was a good idea now.

After driving for two hours James and Katie finally arrived at the beach house and they were blown away.

Beach house was an understatement it was more appropriate to call it a three storey beach mansion. The walls were mainly glass, the first floor was purely glass with a title portion of white wooden walls.

The second floor had fewer glass walls and the glass was slightly tinted.

James and Katie walked to to the entrance of the house where father and mother Zhou were waiting for them.

"You are finally here." Mother and father Zhou exclaimed giving Katie a hug.

"Mum, dad, I'd like you to meet James Ning." Katie introduced

"It's so nice to finally put a face to that name."

After their greetings it was already late, they called it a night to let Katie and James settle in.


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