A Grimm Fantasy
1 Omitted Memories
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A Grimm Fantasy
Author :Yui_Suzuki
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1 Omitted Memories

ーMemories. An idea that enables one to reminisce of a time of happiness; or even that of hatred. Memories can call for one to remember loved ones, pets, and even events in history.

ーBut... What if these so-called precious "memories" were stripped of ones mind? What would happen? ...What could happen?

ーForgetting your family. Forgetting your friends. Even forgetting that of your whole life up until that point.

...How would you feel? Would you feel sad? Would you feel hatred? Would you feel...relief, perhaps?

To put it simply... No.

You wouldn't remember anything, and at that point, why would it matter? You're no longer who you were.

So...why would you bother shedding emotion over it?


"...Brother, let's go."

A soft voice demanded, belonging to a young white-haired maiden.

With her voluptuous scarlet red eyes, she gazed out at the scene before her in admiration, her lengthy hair catching the flurry of sudden breeze, flowing elegantly.

"ーTch. This one was no fun." Her brother replied hastily, his matching short white hair rustling in the breeze, along with his eyes glowing a faint crimson. "This was a waste of time if you ask me..."

He grunted looking out at the demolished graveyard of urban buildings before them. Each looking as if they had been struck down by God himself. Beyond them all, a ginormous blaze of flames shrouded the distance, enveloping anything in its reach.

"We're done here, brother. That's all that matters."

She had finally replied after a few moments, taking in the scenery.

To her, the rising of ash and flame was a beautiful sight, especially if the flames gleamed a red and purple glow.

She sheathed her enormous blade, resting it in a small pocket of space; essentially a portal. Following afterword, she raised her arm up and opened a black gate behind her, the bars riddled with ash.

"Fine, fine..." Her brother replied, disposing of his weapon as well. "We better get a worthy assignment next time."

With everything settled, and the world behind them reduced to remnants, they both stepped into the gate. Disappearing into the darkness, the gate closed shut and faded away into nothingness, leaving the world behind to decay.

ーHow do you think the citizens of that world felt? To have all they know stripped from them and burned like nothing.

They must've felt hatred, anguish, and despair. If, of course...they were still alive. One could assume that, maybe, just maybe, a few had survived.

ーBut no. Fate simply denied their pleas, and denied their cries for a savior. After all, what could have Fate done? Those two were that of the beyond, ones who lacked that of a fixed mortality.

They are what we call "Demonia", those who reek havoc upon a world for an unknown bounty without a second thought. They live to eradicate. To destroy us.

And with that...Fate simply could do nothing about it, at least in that world. Fate had abandoned its people, forcing them to suffer and die meaninglessly. Losing all of what they knew, with something as simple as a snap of a finger.


ーNow, Let me ask you again...

How would you feel?


Shortly after the two Demonia left, two individuals stood atop one of the terrorized buildings, gazing out at the destruction the other two had caused. They, too, were a boy and girl group.

"They've tackled yet again another low-class world... Don't they realize they're wasting their time?" The boy complained, obviously frustrated.

"Well, it's not like they have a choice." The girl explained, "As long as they get remnants for it, they'll do it."

To the Demonia, destroying worlds was a job, as well as competition. Their job was simply to destroy the memory of a world and gain compensation for it. Plain and simple.

"No use standing around here then. Come on, let's get going, or Our Lord will get suspicious."

The boy turned around and opened another black gate, taking his partner with him, stepping inside.

"We'll surpass them soon enough." The boy claimed, grinning.

ーLife is a game. A very, very simple game. But...do you see anyone winning it? No. No one can win this "game of life".

Demonia use these "remnants" to keep themselves alive. Each remnant gifting them a good decade or two.

So while those who inhabited that world did lose, that does not mean those Demonia had won. All they had succeeded in was expanding a meaningless life that will one day perish.

ーRather sad, isn't it?

Well, that's just how this game works. Scavenging and conquering are some of the only ways to efficiently keep your piece on the chessboard. But, in the end, you will inevitably loose.

Life only lasts so long, and one day your piece will be checked off the board. Leaving your memories, family, and life all behind.

ーAnd now for your answer...


You will forever be a pawn in this game of life, so why bother trying? Shedding such emotion will not benefit you, you will die and lose who you were eventually, whether you like it or not.

Unless of course...you're given a second chance. Either choosing to become a Celestial or a Demonia.

ーBut...that's not your choice, is it?
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    《A Grimm Fantasy》